FRENCH DOOMSDAY GUN | Lorraine 155mm Derp Cannon (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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4 Second Easy Bake Oven | Lorraine 40t Drum Auto-loader (War Thunder)


  1. michael pickrel

    same map, same place on map…. Ferdinand!!!

  2. I bet this puppy is another type of “test” for the devs. Maybe the beginning of Self Propelled Arty in-game?

  3. *Playing as Arty*

    Phly: “We might get boned by Arty.”


  4. Edburt Vanguard

    Phly use the lorraine as an spaa

  5. Hangar: Place for aircraft
    Hanger: used to put clothes in the closet.

  6. Juben Domli Balandra

    oh great, a literal hanger xD

  7. What you don’t defecate daily? I do. 😛

  8. That feeling when the frenchies can’t make a shell better than a tank made years before also do French H.35 Next (have fun)

  9. If Gaijin added some enhanced spotting mechanics for light tanks and added spotting capabilities for some aircraft, I don’t see why we can’t just go all the way and add artillery to the game. Gaijin knows the “it’ll be too boring” excuse won’t work with its playerbase for much longer.

  10. ThePalatineHill

    Daily Defecation…. cool nam bra

  11. Isn’t that an Artillery Piece?

  12. Speaking of big guns, at some point are you gonna play the American 75mm GMC?

  13. do a fun st a2 or japan m41

  14. thegreatshamelessone

    This so called tank was a prototype spg. Are they making arty a usable vehicle in war thunder?

  15. Yuri Kanbaru 神原 駿河

    Arty is coming to war thunder

  16. Gustaf Brackman

    It’s so fast…. I want that speed on the Sturmpanzer

  17. That guy that stalks you

    I died when I see the hangar….

  18. 155mm smoke?yeah smokeweed everyday!!!

  19. Play the mosquito

  20. After a continuous few years of constant war, I’m afraid that we, the American Armed Forces, have utterly ran out of metals usable for armor piercing rounds. Not only that, but we barely have enough for the explosive ones, too!

    It’s your last chance to save the country, General. We can provide you with a few M27 Locusts, but, we have nothing but HE rounds! Your only hope for defeating the opposition is by firing underneath their soft bellies, and praying for the best.

    Good luck, Sir. You’re the only man who can get the job done.

    (TL;DR – Get Some Kills with the Locust by firing underneath some tanks. Use only HE shells, and good luck.)

    Attempt: 1

  21. Dear Phly, I want to see Flak 88 do its original job
    take Flak 37 SfL truck and shoot aircraft plz

  22. hummel should be added

  23. Hi! So… I just watched a video you playing AB and I play AB almost all the time .. Is there any chance you might do that again just for ‘FUN’.. Would really appreciate it.. It was really fun to watch :P.. Thanks

  24. Vive la France

  25. Come on PD, where is that Maus gameplay?

  26. best part is daily defecation

  27. French tanks are bullshit

  28. I stopped playing war thunder but ur so fun to watch

  29. Thông Nguyễn Hoàng

    I hope they are add m3 priest or m44 murica arty in some day

  30. there was a Pz at 6.51 in front of when u turn around and shot other

  31. at one point of the vid, there was three(including phly) loraine 155s in one spot. french lunch boxes.

  32. Teemu Myyryläinen

    this map has been on pool for years , and iw been messaging for gajing to fix the map for one team having full cover from their spawn to enemys spawn with hill advantage aswell. the map is so unbalanced that makes me sick to play on it. its often 5 minutes in and nothing can get out of other teams spawn. its just an race to get ennough points to spawn in plane with few bombs or rockets to try to tip the game flow and save teammates who try to respawn or is playing too slow at beginning to advance.

  33. isn’t this SPG?

  34. Holy sht… thats the first actual Arty i recognize in War Thunder that is in world of tanks too .-.

  35. Finally, a proper intro.

  36. Let the dog out Phly! Plez play the M41A1 W. Bulldog

  37. TRAVISJ2 Gameing

    i think war thunder needs to give more reserch points per kill and i think it needs drivable artillery tanks and are able to artillery strike anywere on the map (within reason) and for people to avoid being shot by them they have to keep moveing just like real life

  38. “Play WT and do homework tank” you should try world of tanks, there u can play arty, do homework, and have a wank inbetween reloads lol.

  39. Some guy from F I N L A N D

    Take that to top tier

  40. The Glorious Crusader to take back Europe

    Phly, the Lorraine should have over 11 kilograms with correct ammo

  41. its been a hot minute since ive last heard that intro music since i havent play’d WT in a litteral year and somehow im doing better than ever

  42. how do you smoke yourself with thanks

  43. why is his hangar like a wing of a plane

  44. Phly take out the sherman destroyer su-85m with the mighty yak-1 support you must kill at least 2 with yak-1 (attempt #6)

  45. Haha the frenchys gotta lov em

  46. arty in wt?

  47. A0X-Asherpro360 _

    Wait a sec does look like a spg in wot

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