FRENCH LANDSHIP | Char B1ter Heavy Tank (War Thunder 1.75 Gameplay)

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FRENCH LANDSHIP | Char B1ter Heavy Tank (War Thunder 1.75 Gameplay)

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  1. its unfair how the french are never with the allies but they have shermans and other american tanks in their tank tree

  2. Hey phly why don’t you take the P-47M out and Massacre some German teams

  3. Love your videos you get into them so much

  4. Trololololololo Sing Along

    B1ter “ter”=”Terminator”

  5. Where are the boats

  6. i like the Char B1ter “goose” ^^

  7. Jersey Spencer Mallorca

    I cant even play WT because of these OP baguettes running around the battlfield even my Tier 3 M4A2 Sherman cant kill a FL-10 Sherman

  8. Plat the pz 111 m. Show they what that machine gun of a tank can do.

  9. Hello my name is ________

    In wot the b1 is a piece of shit

  10. nipples the enchilada

    It’s just a longer better armored m3 Lee with a ten mm bigger cannon

  11. wtf? i thought this map mas removed or or something i can never get in a match in this map

  12. 5:38 “British have very good guns at low tier”

    Are you stupid or something?

  13. looks like phly hasnt heard of the auto-camo for maps that came with 1.75

  14. Every time Phly you put the little captions in the video every so often, then why I like the video cause those little captions just make the video so funny to me for some reason!!

  15. Take out the M60 and pretend to be a prop in the Fulda map.

  16. Well I started Japanese tanks and and this is pretty much unkillable unless someone enlightens me I’ve heard the turret ring is a weakspot

  17. Aww Phly just discovered Scatman John. Its like hes 14 how cute

  18. The Char B1 is brutal when its on its own teir, but even a slight teir up and it gets shreaded

  19. “IM STUCK IM STUCK!” proceeds to turn right and get more stuck. Phly is great at observation, and absolutely horrible with common sense.

  20. ItTheReal DonaldTrump07

    I really hated when people edit there comment

  21. Joke: In WOT, you’d be dead in a second!
    For those who don’t play WOT: KV-1 would insta-kill that B1.

  22. The B1 Ter is fine at 2.3, the problem is the number of them on a team. If even half the team is B1’s, the enemy will be tied up engaging them. I suggest that instead of uptiering the B1 Ter to potentially face things like the KV1, they instead just limit the amount in a game

  23. Is now the time to ask for some sweet Crusader Mk3 action?

  24. It’s op in wot too

  25. 6:00
    Whuut?! For a moment there, Phly sounded like lil jon. ???

  26. What is that song at the beginning?


  28. *laughs in m3 lee*

  29. Yes the DISAPPOINTED meme!

  30. Hey this may be out of topic but i wanted to suggest a really fun map i didnt make it but if you go to custom battle and chose nani!? it is really fun you get like unlimited bombs and crazy things idont know if it still exists

  31. The year is 1946, Operation Downfall has slowed to a crawl and we cannot afford to loose this foothold on the Japanese homeland. Take out the M26 and B-29 to bring this war to the gates of Tokyo!

  32. I want that many ge

  33. Phly, take out the British Sherman II. I’ve had multiple double ace games in it. It’s got a good solid shot which compliments its otherwise crappy 75mm M3 cannon. Attempt #1

  34. xxxuselesspricksxxx

    Make an arcade gameplay (attempt #2)

  35. Watch the newest Thunder Show and that’s how you kill a Matilda.

  36. phly try out the BRITISH BIAS COMBO…Cent mk1 and Mosquito 57 mm…..and try to get a kill with the 57 mm on a phanter or tiger 1 (it works! side shot on the ammo and game over !) because TEA TIME NEVER DIES

  37. Phly I have been watching every single video you have uploaded for about a half year or so. And I got to say that your quality of your videos and the content has been much better and fun to watch lately! KEEP IT UP!

  38. It’s OK Phly. I had three Char B1 Ters unable to take me out one game, so they corned me into the side of a building and then had an SAU 40 LITERALLY EXECUTE ME.

  39. Char B1 Ter Army

  40. The Char B1 Ter is a OP French version of the M3 Lee

  41. Those thinks are pretty op in 2.3 if they are atleast two together… only possible pen with 37 mm at 100m or more is only the turet ring and that kills only one of five crewmembers… But with muricas 12,7mm airplanes i love to strafe their engines exhaust with only 8mm of armor and stop them or even detonate the ammo if they are fully loaded

  42. Love the I need a hero part lol

  43. You are so good can you pls give me lessons in WarThunder :D? 3 love your content

  44. B1 actually means Backwards 1.

  45. Intro i loud :3

  46. Dont buy the french now u fucking retards
    Just wait for it to all come out you inpatient money wasting dirty vagina spider basturds ???

  47. 8:20 Damn, you cannot pen’ a Lee, how confusing 🙂

  48. 5:50 thats me running to Rebel for their new runners ?

  49. Just loved that intro. (but for the outro xD)

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