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Source: PhlyDaily

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MISSILE TANK | AMX-30 ACRA (War Thunder)


  1. Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

  2. 9:05 I dont wana sit their the hole game and eat rocks -Phlipflop I dont wana eat rocks -Phlipflop Im done eating rocks -Phlipflop

  3. Trés bien!

  4. I am still waiting for german IFVs….

  5. Play the Yak 1 its amazing

  6. expect detention

  7. Plz do the doomturtle

  8. Phly Challenge time AMX30 HE Rockets 3 kills or more to complete it only tanks kills are allowed

  9. Phly u should reall make a tank rb tips video and how to get better at tank rb. I’m decent but I easily do things that get me killed and it makes me frustrated and not wanna play. Can you make a video on this?

  10. Baguette same-minute delivery service.

  11. 9:09 Next T-shirt: “I’m *done* eating rocks!”

  12. Why this video is so laggy?

  13. That’s one ugly ass tank

  14. I feel so bad for the Americans in this BR. M103s and T32s are completely outclassed by no armor, high speed APFSDS users.

  15. It should depend where the ammo actually got hit depending on the ammo type

  16. Honestly if you black out someone’s ammo it should detonate 100% no rng bullshit, like if your cannon breach or turret ring or your engine turn black there’s no rng for them they just stop working

  17. Another account? Why so often?

  18. Next combo, M4A3E2 (the 5.0 Jumbo) and F-82E

  19. The first time I have skipped the last half of a phly video. Sorry it’s not you phly it’s just that tank is kind of boring

  20. You seemed to have fun on urban map, you should have shturm-s play you on urban map.
    Attempt #9242019133769

  21. Ammo should explode only if you black the ammo. No red, orange, and especially yellow. But black should be 100%

  22. kill a heli with the HE round from amx 30

  23. I think I’m the only person that’s playing war thunder on console.?

  24. Attempt 185
    Challenge play either an armored car or a mbt of your choice using your thrustmaster setup

  25. Proud_CIA_White_Man

    I will never understand why Phly says War Thunder instead of Guijin.

  26. Not sure if it was intended, but many of the German vehicles equipped with 88mm cannons have time-fused HE shells. Care to comment on this, Phly?

  27. I, Giorno Giovanna, will protect you from the F2H

  28. It’s crazy that people still play this game. The archaic visuals, rampant cheating and outdated gameplay modes you’d think would have finished this game off by now.

  29. Bagetwerfer?

  30. *Phly like’s big mm on his scope* 😉

  31. Damn you Olive Garden people

  32. Sebastiano Richardio

    I think you meant french rocket propelled baguette launcher

  33. It should blow out maybe not instantly a kill, but it should cripple a tank (tracks, engine, barrel,turret drive,etc.) except if person is loaded with solid shots only, that would give advantage to people who do not have rounds with explosive filler.

  34. Phly, take out the British 7.0 jet, the ph(F)b1. You only have 1 vid and it’s out of date. Btw Happy Phanksgiving.

  35. I miss the old phly intro

  36. Make it so that if you use the damaged rounds, depending on how much damage that has been taken to the rounds, the higher the chances of self detonation in breech, and/or canon barrel, that would be COOL

  37. That last game had so many lower tier vehicles

  38. Can u play the cheriorteer because u never played it atleast I can’t find it.

  39. arvind ramachandran

    Hey @phlydaily I challenge you to get ACE with HE round with this tank

  40. The_Immortal_Jellyfish

    Hey Phly, could you play the puma but only in reverse. So driving backwards the whole time?

  41. Yes! I’ve been waiting for a video on this! Now, this or the american gun/launcher?

  42. what’s the music playing from 12:54 ?

  43. Is it me or the video render quality seems low? I would assume Phlabby has a monster rig that can encode better videos.

  44. Real life is full of RNG shennanigans so I’m fine with RNG shennanigans in WT. Although I think ammo should pop most of the time.

  45. 11:43 made me laugh

  46. + for the possibility to choose size of maps (especially for hightier they are needed)

  47. Was playin those days…around 3-4 BR russians, saw the FLAK 88 bus, after the third shot in his ammo box my eyes were all red, my blood pressire was so high that it can squish the whole FLAK 88 into the size of a Rubik cube and I wanted to eat my keyboard and my mouse cuz the guy was only losing ammo….no detonation no nothing….so yeah…RNG is good for the ammo rak.

  48. U know you can set preferred maps right?

  49. 6:43
    *piano music intensifies*
    I Giorno Giovanna have a dream…
    *dies to a AH-1G*
    *30 seconds later gets in a MiG-15*
    This is requiem…

    (Im sorry i couldnt resist)

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