FRENCH PANTHER | The Kity is Le tired (War Thunder Ground Forces Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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FRENCH PANTHER | The Kity is Le tired (War Thunder Ground Forces Gameplay)


  1. The banjo got me lol

  2. I thought it was Dollar Plays video for a sec

  3. Bien vu pour la vidéo mec tu représente bien la France c’est cool super ahah j’aime le camembert et la baguette.
    Cheers mate

  4. When do you think the US tech tree will get the Stryker?

  5. most of the french panthers were cobbled together with wartime spares, it’s entirely possible they used a turret rotation mechanism (the hydraulic motor it’s self) from a larger german tank, like the King Tiger.

  6. The faster turret rotation come from the power of the “baguette” !

  7. Arrête les clichés français

  8. phly, you should do a tutorial of how to play GOOD with tanks. because i see you playing realistic and killing a lot of tanks, but i play arcade and is a miracle if i kill 1 tank

  9. Buntownik nie hetman

    The French panther is slightly better beacuse it was captured by French in ww2 and then used by then after ww2. They made some upgrades to it and that’s it. They wanted to train crews in them if I remember correctly but don’t quote me on this.

  10. cause its premium so faster

  11. I wish we had the option to remove the panther side sheet armor. Looks better like that then with the sheet armor

  12. You can one shot the VFW by shooting it’s ammunition.
    Edit: It’s at the bottom of the hull near the engine. You shot him in the engine and then ammo after firing a bunch of shots in the video. Just make sure you aim for the ammo first.

  13. God I hate my panther d. It’s like a tank destroyer with no turret. You have to move the whole hull to bring the gun to target. I can’t count how my times I have died due to the fucking turret. Hellcats are my nightmares.

  14. 1:43 La petite fromage ??

  15. Neprina der Vogelweid

    “the worst thing to do is to rush ‘D Cap point’ but then you killed before you get there” “D Cap point” “D Cap point” 17:55

  16. The biggest weakness on German tanks was the slow electric turret rotation which they tried to improve on later tanks. The best Panzer commanders like Michael Wittmann would turn the whole tank rather than rotate the turret.

  17. 40mm hurricane in tank RB.

    Attempt 2

  18. Loving the Unloved!! Play the Soviet I-185 M-71 with the best climb rate at 5.0! Attempt #1

  19. Play Ho-229, attempt #2

  20. i like the one cap games to. it brings more people in close

  21. Please do a challenger 2 video . The only one you ever did was on the dev server at its release

  22. I love toooo one point maps

  23. The VFW, a completely fair and balanced vehicle for its BR.

  24. hes better panther AA than with real AA well thats nice

  25. `hu is that `ans `e is talkoung abou` ? Does `e mean Jaqeue?

  26. Try Polish Panther captured in Warsaw 😉 It’s called “Pudel” 🙂 +100 to glamour 😉

  27. its faster because its not a german tank.
    Russians have had an affinity for the french since the french mistakenly invited Peter the Great and his entourage to France, which the French actually regretted due to the Russians being a completely backward people who make southerners in the States look cultured and educated to put it mildly.
    They do not like the Germans for obvious reasons dating from WW2…
    just more bias. No technical reasons just Russian national bias’

  28. please play the Russian BR 2.7 tank the t-50
    greatest tank for sheer enjoyment ever.
    speed on the good level, only 5mm less armour than t-34 and a pretty good gun.
    just love it while I zip along at 42mph

  29. *Phly take out the American F-89D with the Mighty Mouse armament in Air RB*

  30. How to build OP tank?
    Cover the whole thing in tank tracks.

  31. I too love the Panthers, especially the A which is what the french one is most similar to

  32. 13:26 “I’m telling you dude I’m trying to get out of here”

    Drives into enemy spawn.

  33. Panther F sees French Panther:
    you were the chosen one.. it was said you would destroy the French not join them!

  34. Phly i have a REALLY hard challenge for you. Get in either a super mystere OR a g.91 and use the atgm’s to get in air kills.

    P.s if u accept pls post it either on twitter or YT and leave a link so people can see you doin it.

  35. Hey Phly, I doubt go ill ever even see this but, I have a request, one simple thing I need. I have been playing war thunder on my PS4 for a little under a year now, and I love it! But I’m switching to Xbox, and now I realize I gotta pay to play online games that are free! It’s litteraly stealing, so i was wanting to ask if you, being the biggest, most wholesome youtuber i watch if you could spread something, for people boycott Xbox live so maybe they might realize that people arent interested in paying for free services! So, maybe like spread the message around on social media or something because I think its a worthy cause! Thanks for keeping up the good content!

  36. @PhlyDaily The French used the Panther for a brief amount of time after WW2 because they were very short on tanks. As a result some of the kinks with the turret was fixed but the French still hated the thing because it was a logistical nightmare to maintain.

  37. Play some good ol WW2 American or British tanks

  38. Finally you come back to the low tiers BR’s and make a good quality video, the old good ww2 is the best! The high tier, modern era is sucks ^-^
    I really liked that french Panther, its looks cool in 5.7
    Make a video with the Tiger Porsche with bushes cover the cheeks and all the hull front ^^

  39. Why? Course Gayjins secret documents, that’s why… Also, Ctrl+C Ctrl+v? Again Gayjin ? Rly?

  40. Can we call it steve french?

  41. The turret rotation was enhanced by lubricating the ring with brie and using eclairs as crank handles. The reverse gear was improved with baguettes, of course.

  42. Panther G hull with a Panther A turret hmmmmmm

  43. Can anyone explain to me why the chinese m18 is 4.7 while the american one is 5.3?

  44. Phlydaily DO YOU agree with me in saying gaijin needs to add the a6-intruder to warthunder

  45. I’m so damn confused the French had a panther???

  46. In war thunder you rush B. In battlefield we RUSH C. Lmao. War thunder mentality doesn’t work too well on battlefield because everyone goes to C, not B.


  48. Civil Betjentende

    Phly play the Swift f1 or f7 attempt #3

  49. play 10.0 American tank RB and get a kill with B-10B 2000lb bomb (1.7 American prem bomber with 2000lb bomb) attempt #1

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