French School of Hard Knocks

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Source: Circonflexes

Ah yes, the ”good” old 50 0…


  1. Great game

  2. I feel bad for not being able to donate to this guy, he brings me so much joy
    Sorry man, I am poor

  3. Stephen Nikonchik

    Early enough and few enough comments to say what’s up circon thank you for all your content bro.

  4. Me who has never played the French Autoloader HT:
    “Maybe they are kinda cool to play”
    Hears Circon Discuss with Chat
    “Eeehhh I will skip these”

  5. can you add me on tanks circon?

  6. Good to hear that autoloader whining, makes me want to play my AMXs again. Can I get the name of that first track, it’s chill af

  7. Why do you cheat with pen indicator?

    • it is not a cheat, he would have been banned a billion times until now

    • it’s not an illegal mod

    • xD It’s litterally just adding numbers to the excisting pen indicator thats in game.
      So Red – Yellow – Green, with numbers instead of just the dot thats in the vanilla client.

    • Then my mistake, I was shure it is a cheat thing. Keep on the good job then.

    • @Kristijan Tolic Well depends if it (any mod) gives a advantage, a functionality which is not available in the Vanilla Client?
      The general Rule used by ESL, Faceit etc… Ironically is also in the terms of the EULA by WG.
      If no then it’s not!
      If yes then it’s a cheat.

  8. Syahareen Sha Rani

    What a heart break but man that was an intense battle

  9. So true about the Somua SM poor french heavies need a buff

  10. Wow, last time I was this early, the Tiger 2 was a respectable heavy. Thanks for all the content, helps keep spirits up!

    • It got buffed tho

    • Tiger II was buffed and is my most fun tank to play right now – 245mm Turret armour before angles or gun depression? Sign me up

    • @Max Wyatt upperplate could use another 10mm imo, but the rest is pretty gud

    • @Jasper van Houdt I havent had an issue too much with it (I’m a light green player at best) but I’ve been averaging over 9k WN8 games in it since its buffs. I’m glad the tree got some love though – Alpha damage and DPM is competitive, armour is good now (I mean the turret might survive some 2-2 rounds but the hull not so much) and while i think 10mm would be lovely i don’t know how much it really needs it

    • @Max Wyatt i’ve gotten right-click-left-click penned a couple of times with standard ammo on the upperplate now, they already buffed the upper by 10, another 10 would at least ensure those penrolls won’t go through the upper anymore. Highertiers will always be able to shit on any part of it, but same tiers shouldnt be penning the upperplate imo. Lowerplate already is as huge as an Elc Even 90

  11. “The M103 is 10 million times better than the 50 120”
    Ah, gonna have to disagree with that one. Loved 3 marking my 50 120, was a brilliant, comfortable machine to use. Rarely let me down.

  12. Lmaooo circon guess what, This entire line was changed into mediums on wot console

  13. Reginaldo Pirrone

    someone knows that lofi? 🙂

  14. all of the french tanks are complete garbage it’s ridiculous

    • Wait until WG get rid off the entire french lines cause they don’t know what to do with them, like they did with T62A and AMX30B

  15. Yeah so far on NA 1.10 is fun; the EBRs still hit all their shots going full speed from however many light years away, Polish mediums aren’t that special, the 430U nerfs don’t make the tank any less difficult to pen because the lower plate is the same size, and only landed on Pearl River once in the entirety of the patch so far. E-75 feels really nice now though

  16. not enough gold ammo.

  17. Oh man, that ending!!!!! I had a draw like that on WOT Blitz once, but never seen another till now.

  18. Yo they changed the AMX 100/120/50b mediums on console.

  19. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I go to the bakery at 12 o’clock and get my bread for the day I get home, see Circon uploaded a baguette video Now I have 2 baguettes at home, and both are as enjoyable as ever lol

  20. That’s because the Samoa is a pay2win tank lol
    At least you were able to get to a draw, your team should have completely lost

  21. Jessie that gaymer

    Glad to know that World of Tanks Console has done it right by making these tanks Mediums instead of Heavies

    • That may be true but console is more pay to win than PC. For example, the chieftain auto loader mercenary tank at tier 9/10. Console is 10X worse than PC. It will be a cold day in hell for any intelligent person to go play the console version.

  22. Hey Circon, what’s the music you used for the beginning of this video? Sounds nice!

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