FRENCH TANKS Are HERE | CHAR B1 Heavy Tank & MORE (War Thunder French Tanks 1.75)

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FRENCH Are HERE | CHAR B1 Heavy Tank & MORE ( 1.75)


  1. *To help support me and get that sweet “Phly,” insignia here are the links*
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    Pre-order – AMX 13 SS.11 pack —

    • You forgot to pin yourself

    • PhlyDaily The AMX 13 75/90 has two drums each of 6 shots ready on either side of the turret. The commander could switch between the two drums and thus switch ammo type if needed. Only inconvenient was that the drums had to be reloaded from outside due to the very small size of the tank which is why AMX 13 75/90s always worked in pairs. Thousands we produced and sold around the World. They’re is even a British who’s got a ROAD CERTIFIED one : go check it out 😛

    • @Michal Trněný
      I think some ones butt hurt that he got his ass kicked in WoT by Amx 13-75’s and 13-90’s and ran to WT to try to escape it but now has found his worse enemy staring back at him though the shadows once more. see you on the battle field with my AMX in the future o7

    • PhlyDaily I would say 3.0 because it has less armor than the Churchill

    • PhlyDaily yo man you the best

  2. Why the French don’t play Pokémon: *makes it to first gym, thinks this is the end so presses that trustworthy button: You cannot run from a trainer battle. *Proceeds to throw white flags and presents at the lv 2 staru.

  3. Do you have a public Discord?

  4. Churchill 1 vs this char which wins

  5. That French Sherman is so ugly

  6. It’s awesome how there are basically three nations in war thunder, America/England/france, germany/Italy/japan and Russia. Russia is all alone because it has bias.

  7. Phly do u think that the people who bought the French aircraft thing gets access to the ground or no?

  8. While great in AB, those ATGMs suck in RB

  9. Most exited for the speedy paper lights, hope they have the ELC AMX

  10. The duck tank is back

  11. I need a real video on the vampire fb.5 please. After 3 year will you accept the challenge? Attempt 14

  12. Do the AMX13 and M4 have the same cannon? The turrets look similar


  14. The char B1 seems to be a mini Churchill mk 1

  15. The T114 has a 3 shot auto loader clip as well

  16. yeah French still have some really good tanks

  17. Historical Chi-Ri had a single tray loader which is more of an assisted loading system for quickly loading a single shell and not truly automated. The other plan was a 100 round belt. yes a belt of 75mm rounds as if a machinegun. That was abandoned as too complicated. A 100 rounds of quick firing high velocity 75mm gun… yea quite OP.
    Still I think 3 rounds is reasonable for the tank, its not that well armored and only average speed. The gun’s quite good but that’s bout it. I guess for its BR it is a bit on the strong side. Still Japanese tanks don’t have that much actually powerful tanks.

  18. plz review md 452 mystere

  19. R.I.P chi ri

  20. As someone who has French planes up to/through jets, which tank would be a good one to grind out the tree?

  21. Phly, the French did not use AP they used Crunchy Baguets. :3

  22. Because big boom boom Sherman (105mm) with b17 L? The 5.7 one….I wanna see u face Ferdinand’s with the 105mm


  24. I wish I can cry But I can’t wish a had PC

  25. -6 degrees depression and no, not 1943, the AMX 13 was designed in 1946.

  26. Why don’t they focus on Italian tanks and then go play with bagets and wine

  27. now the question when is the update coming

  28. Oscillating means left and right like an oscillating fan.
    It doesn’t revolve fully 360°.

  29. Hey Phly, would you add the IS-6 to your IS series plz? I would like to see if it was more balanced in-game since Gaijin finally “fixed” the “bug” of its gun mantlet. I don’t have the tank, but I would like to know if it is playable after this nerf. Thx!

  30. Yay the French tanks are coming:)))))))))))

  31. I was waiting for the ‘and this will be autoloading’ for so long, and now I heard it, I’m so excited!

  32. Jesus… headphone warning on this one Phly.

  33. While the chi ri ll did get changed to 2 shells, its reload was also cut from around 30 secs to around 15-16 stock crew, cant remember perfectly but around that area

  34. Also I think you forgot one thing about the B1 serie, at least on the first B1 and the B1 bis , one of the major issue was that the 75mm canon could not turn left or right, it could only go up and down , so the gunner of this cannon was basically the driver.


    No, because they had to load it from the outside.

  36. Ten milion of fireflies

    hey what is this french first has the technologic tree? where is poland. poland was fighting in world war 2 and there isnt any polish tanks or planes but french with white flag is in game

  37. The M4 one lokks disgusting

  38. Yayyy…Autoloading Bullshit coming to WT too -.-

  39. CHALLANGE TIME!! Get the Jagttiger or the Maus and get kills, but only with the HE granade. attempt #1


  41. The French will have the best reverse speed tanks, cause they were very good at escaping from battle.

  42. 9:40 no because there is no loader normally so the shooter is the one who need to reload the gun

  43. emirhuseyin coskun

    Challenge: Take a Maus and Me 163 get into the Me 163 and try to spawn the Maus also refueling is not allowed
    (attempt #1)

  44. I already bought all French packs before noticing the links.Could you make links to buy like gold to have also your insignia?

  45. enfin ils arrivent ! thx for this vidéo

  46. nah. fuck this french baguette launchers
    Tiger 2 FTW!


  48. get ready for tanks designed by 4 year olds

  49. *fap fap fap*

  50. When the Fuck is the Naval Forces open test?
    if they dont release it in the beginning of january
    i will..yeah.. you already know

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