FRENCH TANKS DEV SERVER | French Tanks Showcase (War Thunder 1.75 Update)

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FRENCH TANKS DEV SERVER | French Tanks Showcase ( Update)



  2. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    8:50 one man in turret but that is why they have slow reload 9.8 seconds



    Airstrike module?

  4. where is the recoiless td line??? and the french hvys??? many actual prototypes were made….

  5. Shix Lo The Crusading Slav

    Even the french Char B1 is better than the Churchill Mk I

  6. MN Gaming & Tutorials


  7. That optic is a one shot spot on the Foch. The armour is irrelevant.

  8. Take the aaa out first because that thing is really big

  9. AMX Leclerc ?

  10. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    Superb chipper opening Phly.

  11. Amazing!! This gives me hope for a Swedish/Fennoscandinavian tree 😀

  12. AMX-40 and AMX-50t! Please War Thunder!

  13. Where’s BC 25t with 90mm auto loader? Or And 50 100 and 120.

  14. What a french soldier learn at this training in 1939? Surrender in 9 languages. xD no offense baguettes ??

  15. Where is the amx 40 duck meme?

  16. u cant even fast bind your guns meh

  17. How did u went from 100k golden eagles too 200k lel

  18. The Lorrain 40t is a Premium Tier 8 Medium Tank in World of Tanks with a 4 shot autoloader. The AMX 50 Foch (that was removed-ish from WoT) has a 155mm Autoloader with 3 shots. And the H35 is in world of tank a Micro Maus because nothing can penetrate it (only itself can and higher tier)

  19. I am honestly dissapointed in the last two release trees (french ajr and ground). They look empty, missing ICONIC vehicles (arl 44, amx 50b, dca 30 for the tanks; mystere IV, ms 406 for the planes…) and they just feel rushed… like all that matters is that the preorder vehicles sell well

  20. Please let these tanks launch better than the japanese tanks

  21. That CHAR 1 is going to be like the SMK. That too has a solid box of 60 mm all around that’s impossible to kill for most tanks its BR, except right into the flank at pointblank range.

  22. not even a renault ft-17 … why even play anymore even with russian magic fuel armour and shells ? i think i’l go back to wot just for my renault fun 🙁

  23. The M50 is a type of Super Sherman 😀 There was 2 types: M50 with a really long 75 mm cannon, and the M51 Sherman (a.k.a. ISherman) with a long 105 mm cannon.

  24. MN Gaming & Tutorials


  25. I usually watch these dev server overviews maybe 2-3 times because I absolutely love your reactions to these crazy and derpy looking tanks. Love it dude, keep up the good work! o7

  26. 50 foch!

  27. early french are best french

  28. Amx 50 foch please! That thing looks absolutety amazing!!

  29. Lorriaine 40t, useless APCBC… on 6.3 it can not be compared to guys from russia, which can bounce its solid shots and one shot you where ever whitout aiming.

  30. Good stuff! I’m really looking forward to the french tanks.

  31. First Frog tank video = AMX-50 Fosh please!


  33. никита павлов

    Hi Phly!) M50 SuperSherman has 75-mm SA50 gun from AMX-13. But another modificatilon M51 SuperSherman has shortened 105-mm gun from AMX-30)) And both tanks are prodused for Israel))

  34. those BR’s are so low!

  35. im going to buy AMX 13 SS11 😀 END WHAT ABOUT YOU GUYS ???

  36. Whats an air strike is it insted of Artilery?

  37. Now i get to re grind the exact same tanks i already have in world of tanks

  38. Emil Munkgaard Christensen

    “ought my ears” just when i start the vid i just here a loud welcome guys xD

  39. how can we have Access to the dev server?

  40. exactly where is the Renault, come on War Thunder.

  41. We have to see a Amx HOT

  42. anyone know when 1.75 will be live ???

  43. Phly, drive your French tanks backwards

  44. So does this includes a plain white flag?

  45. Phly, the AMX30 has no HEAT-FS because the french developed a HEAT-SS (spin stabilized) for it, the shell itself was encased in a capsule much like an APDS shell, with bearings between the shell itself and the case, so while the case spun inside the barrel the shell would remain still, achieving the same effect as a HEAT-FS, although at a much more complex way.

  46. The amx 30 don’t have stab but the amx 30 bis have one

  47. You see the drum at the bottom of the gun in the Lorraine 🙂

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