FRENCH TIGER | ARL-44 90MM (War Thunder French Tanks)

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  1. Wait I’m pretty sure this arl does not have an auto loader.

  2. Regarding complaining about the French map…. worth mentioning the irony of people bitching about a map that allows for realistic engagement ranges in the REALISTIC BATTLE mode… because what they want is arcade like engagement conditions….

  3. Phly. Play the is-6 and the Pe-8. The ultimate Russian bis. Attempt-1

  4. Use the T-95 to carry the whole team, attempt 1

  5. Fun game but i got fucking chatbanned for a weak for saying “fuck”

  6. I really wish I could get into this game. I end up spazzing out and quiting before I’m able to get any good research done. How do you keep this game fresh Phly? What about you guys in the comments?

  7. How many hours does Phly have i really want to know on war thunder

  8. That thing has a decent gun, but over all, it is a bad tank. huge target, weak armour and ok-ish mobilty. Nothing for CCQ, only for mid-far range

  9. Can I read it as a Karl-44

  10. Hey Phly, next time take out the Japanese JagdTiger, the Ho-Ri production.

  11. 사기꾼소방관

    Hello.I’m a Korean subscriber.I really enjoy watching the video.Please upload many interesting images with leaves.♥

  12. its must be the ugliest tank ever

  13. Use the the T-29 like your buddy slick bee!!!!

  14. Lol 450k SL, Phly broke again xD xD xD

  15. challenge attempt # 6. leo A1A1. get 3 kills going at least 25 kph.

  16. this tank should be 7.7 not 6.7 xD It should be vs late war German tanks, not 1942-43 tanks.

  17. I made a short named the exact same thing.
    Parallel thinkering.

  18. This game is done for German tank user, just Done. better hull Ap does more shrapnel than german APHE, auto loader, more penetration more velocity but same BR as Tiger well done Gaijin, of course it’s not Bias. it’s just noob friendly

  19. Phly, on February 24, it will be 5 years since the original Me-163 very honorable phlight. Your mission is to bring honor once again to the skies in the Me-163.
    Attempt #2

  20. Alexander Schikor

    The i in the german word Tiger should more sound like the american …ea… (for example in eagle)

  21. Cool, more videos on horrifically unbalanced french tanks. The French tank tree is an utter joke, as in there wasn’t a single attempt at balance. Honestly quite disgusting.

  22. How to get past tier 1 french tanks?

  23. MightyPeppers Gaming Channel

    Man, i love playing the German tanks, but they get shafted on games as far as allies go. Seems like only occasionally they get the Japanese to help. And even less occasionally any of the other forces. Yet, they fight anything from primarily Russians alone, to Americans, British, and Russians. Or any other combination. Its ridiculous. And the proof is in these videos, where within the first 3 to 5 minutes of a game, the Germans and Japanese have pretty much already lost.

  24. Your german pronunciation is awful man… Google it at least

  25. I find it extremely unfair that the tiger h1 gets into battles like this, a whole br above their standard br

  26. It is a tank destroyer

  27. I love that really big map

  28. (Challange) play the fastest tank in war thunder with no ammo, do not ever stop (you can stop at least 10 second), dodge every single shot at least 30 shots, and stay alive until the end of the game

  29. You mean “The French tank that’s far better than the Tiger at the same BR”

  30. Phly please play some OP-Britain Postwartanks at Battlerank 5.7 – 6.3. Centurion & FV and club the shit out of germany haha

  31. I don’t know why French lose to Germany in WW2…French tanks are beast

  32. Henry V of England Heir of France

    I now remember why I got rid of this game.

  33. Do a never stand still challange with the puma

  34. Henry V of England Heir of France

    Watching you is just ridiculous, it’s like you’re playing with retards. I never get presented with the opportunities you do.

  35. The arl-44 has 3 50mm plates at the sides.

  36. If you look at the turret of the ARL-44 closely you could see a Tiger II turret

  37. Hi Phly ! Fist comment in 5 years I’m watching your videos ^^
    Please give a try to the AMX-30 (1972).
    I’ve just finished spading it yesterday, it was a real pain to drive… the mobility is fantastic but the HEAT… omg they put the same DM that the Sherman 105 has….

  38. The Germans were already struggling at this tier, now they have 1 more reason to struggle, GG Gaijin


  40. Play the tank RB but you can’t zoom or scope.

  41. Jesus, as if German 5.7 was not already totally fucked.

    The Tiger 1 H and E should both be 5.3.

  42. I just bought the t-35 and I love it not only because it’s a beast, but also because it’s basically a silver farm.

  43. M103 plz phly!!!

  44. Don’t quote me on this but doesn’t the panther d at 5.7 have a muzzle velocity of 1000 m/s as well

  45. Dont worry people the French arent going to have this luxury for long, once people have spent enough money on the french line gaijin will decide “balance” out the french.

  46. why is that tank 5.7? not 6.0?

  47. Phly I would literally do anything to sit by you and play a war thunder game together

  48. Ben Fugaro-Thompson

    germans need a buff ffs. allies at high tiers get so jacked

  49. Attempt 15 maybe use the tank or plane with the most armor but least damage

  50. Basically a 5.7 Tiger ll H

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