French Tiger Tank? – AMX M4 45 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Le tiger?


  1. Nvm the russian bias , french bias are better …..

  2. RNGesus blessed you. The Holy trinity, RNG, High Roll and Luck would you to ascend.

  3. Rewards for marks is a brilliant idea, not only would it incentivise people to play more, but also to play better, do spotting, tracking and even to kill the last enemy tanks instead of capping.

    • you mean more toxic and stat padding?

    • If they gave ppl rewards then wargaming owes me alot for all my 3rd Mark’s lol

    • pomaranc747 I always thought it would be a great idea to give a special camo for marking a tank. Maybe a gold camo for 3 marks and it should be locked to that tank.

    • fix the mm will get people playing more not rewards for marks like putting unicums in ther own skill based mm so they only see each other insted of getting full red stat enemy teams every game so they never have to try

  4. Here in the US of A its morning . Wakes up to see circon video well time for some coffee and memes,was not disappointed.

  5. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    Love your content and glad your back. Hope your mom is better !

  6. Circonflexes adds his own balance to the game….
    (Cool idea)
    (Common sense)
    (Cool idea)
    (Busts a rhyme)
    (More blasphemy)
    (More profanity)
    I mighta missed a few, but you get the gist.

    Well played!

  7. I miss u my boy 🙂

  8. Rewards for marks is an interesting idea. It would feel much more like an accomplishment to get more than “just” a fancy ring/star… on the gun.

    Boosters, camo, credits, equipment or something else, just like these random rewards you get by playing.

  9. Since you already made your chat smaller and moved it slightly to the right, may I ask you to enable the event damage log over there below total values? It would be much easier to figure out which gun you are using.

  10. You watch Dragon Ball? Nice!

  11. after watching this I think, killing an engine should also count towards “tracking” damage, since it basically does the same.

  12. This gun is so balanced, just like used to be the Type 5 gun was 😀

  13. how much of a effect do you CC guys have on wargaying ? if you suggest something to them with like an email or something will they consider it ? you should give it a try man.. i mean you are making money from playing the game and they are making it worse with every patch they release, save your job, suggest ideas to imprpve games and everyone is happy.. good luck Pal. keep rocking!

  14. I can’t look at this vehicle without remembering the horror yet to come in that line – the 65t…

    • Damien N I’m stuck on the 65t it is a shame too in my opinion it is the coolest looking of the French heavies but the one thing it was supposed to have frontal armor and it does not work

    • toaster microphone it’s the hull of the AMX 50 120.

      The correct tank for tier 8 for that branch is the AMX M4 49, it has armour that can work.

      Good luck – the Tier 9 is the best in the branch

    • @toaster microphone yeah, I’m on it as well, and it isn’t really enjoyable…
      The T9 seems very very far

    • @Miloš Poštić Fucking hate that tank. So much that I sold it, and used proceeds to go down the autoloader line instead. Not a terrible decision, I reckon, going from Bad Tiger II to Super Panther was definitely the right move, I’m very fond of the 50 100, particularly when I’m out brawling 65t’s by sheer merit of the gun system. I don’t think the 65t has anything going for it. The stock turret is good, but it’s a stock turret, so if you like hit points and seeing things, you have to go for The Tumor. It’s hull armor is basically an IS-3’s on the front, but with less effective thickness, so it’s trash. And the side is literally a Panther II, won’t stop a harsh word, let alone an anti-tank shell. And you know what? I could tolerate _all_ that, but then they had to bugger the thing hell with it’s ground resistances, which are so bad, it suffers more on hard terrain than most heavies do offroad. And offroad, it’s like any other heavy on sand or in water. It’s pathetic. I only got the thing because I was stupid enough to trust that a high horsepower to weight ratio, combined with questionable armor and a meaty bang stick would reward me with a professional peek-a-boomer.what I got was pre-buff Löwe levels of sluggishness, while bafflingly having half again as many horses per ton. WG really didn’t have to break the tracks(which should have good ground resistances anyway, they’re very wide and would spread the tank’s weight marvelously), they really could’ve let it be a below average tier 8 heavy with a nasty 120mm shotgun and nippy reverse gear.

    • Honestly I enjoyed my 65t although I kept with the stock turret and only trusted the frontal turret armor and would use my gun depression as much as possible. It’s by no means a good tank but I enjoyed it

  15. Krystian Olszański

    I have different idea for marks you get free exp( or exp+credits) for 1st like 3k for 2nd 5k for 3rd 10k in that way you wont stop ppl from buying camos and thats the thing on which they should try to make money not op prems.

  16. You have been missed in here Circon

  17. There is another

  18. Le french POG!

  19. Thanks for stopping being such a pussy and not posting daily.
    We love your bastard ass.

  20. Reward for 3 marking ALL possible tanks in the game – access to Serb’s personal porn stash.

  21. I always thought it looked more like a french m6 heavy tank

    • Boof Eyes Thanos the Engine is exactly the same as the one you get in the Tiger 2 tho, the same with the ARL 44 when you get the tracks and engine from the tiger 1

  22. Suction!

  23. Such gameplay such fun. It s almost like the entire game was designed around AP shells.

  24. the 3 mark reward idea is totaly great and logical.. but let’s be real.. *talks in WG voice* there is nothing WoT playerbase needs more & nothing satisfies them greater than that new premium tank getting released every other week or so.. kappa btw. irony overdose btw

  25. “suck ma dick”

  26. It seems that, in his absence, Circon has promoted himself from MemeLord to MemeGod. I approve??

  27. A bad tank, as bad as the Tiger. Hated every second I played it.

  28. Hey Circon I really like your channel and I’ve been watching your videos for a couple of years.
    Just a suggestion, is there any possibility that you stop saying you are a god, joke or not. It wouldn’t be so hard not to say it, at least try for the sake of respect ?
    I mean not that you would care but I actually want to keep watching your videos.

  29. How many tier 7 tanks you still need to 3rd mark it ?

  30. To the title: yes except worse in every way that matters. Only decent thing about this horrible piece of shit is the okay gun depression. Rest is just depression.

  31. This is one of my favourite tier 7. That gun is so sweet

  32. I like the idea of rewards for marks. And the custom camo sounds like a really cool idea too, and maybe for a 3 mark you can get 100k credits or something

  33. Camo incentives are a cool idea. Would be so easy to implement too.

  34. Your Idea is entirely to logical for war gaming to implement , I humbly applaud your forward thinking though .

  35. Where is the circon voice mod pack?!?

  36. What a game – hellooo YouTube

  37. The cooler Tiger

  38. How have you not been nerfed for being too overpowered lol.

  39. A x3 weekend ah yes loving all the uploads

  40. On a side note watching you and other streamers has helped me play alot better and understand the game more. Thanks for the help and all the best with your mom

  41. I liked the M4 45, I had my first Radley-Walters in it

  42. I agree but if they did this do the people who already had a mark before the update get rewards? If not poor skill, he’ll only get 1 reward from a tank since he’s 3 marked them all.

  43. 2:00 Remember when I had gun depression? Now I only have depression

  44. Ooh, haven’t played WoT in so long but this vid made me nostalgic for playing the crap out of my French heavies and loving the M4 45.

  45. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Marks are marks: they mark a distinguish performance with the equipment, just that. It is what it should be.

  46. A Ex-Blacksmith UK

    At last Circon finally admitted it, he is a GOD!……………..

  47. Give some bonds for marks.

  48. Hold up your calling that french disappointment a french tiger? You just insulted every tiger ever made. That french t7 is a sack of sh*t

  49. About time she gets some appreciation. Best tank in game. (Not really but I’m still fond of it)

  50. unfortunately WG is too busy implementing retarded changes, constantly austistic screeching and killing the of WoT to listen to any cool ideas

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