From Loot Portal to Garage – New ASTRON Rex 105 Review in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks ASTRON Rex 105 Gameplay and Review, New Tier American Medium Tank from Return of Waffenträger Event. Return of The Waffenträger Special Event 2021 in World of Tanks as Waffenträger Auf E- and E-220.

It is time to check out our latest premium tankin World of Tanks – the ASTRON Rex 105. Tank, what you are able to get through the newest Vehicles Gates or Loot Gates or Loot Portals or let's simply say Loot Boxes… But is i even worth it? Let's find out!

What do you think?


  1. Not the loot boxes pls

  2. Fast as EBR boii!

  3. Pretty early

  4. i pretty much nailed my own words, either oversized T71 DA Or American Version of Bourasque with extra 3 shells :v

  5. Well in these cases are rly great tanks

  6. Nice kill on the Lorr. XD armor not hit

  7. I might just throw my keys at the complete list instead of trying to get this one. Specially since the complete list has a chance to give a 3d camo as well.

  8. Nah I’ll wait until Christmas to get this

  9. To me its a worse version of char futur 4.

  10. commander’s dome a bit too big

  11. Can you do list of all mods you are using rn,it looks simple and clean..i downloaded aslain mod pack you made video about but can’t get it to look like yours tho

  12. 2.4 drop chance of one from a list of 12 premium tanks means 0.2 drop chance nice…LMAO.

    • if you open 50 boxes and you didnt got a Premium the next box will have one and astron rex is in the list too.

    • you can buy the astron REX lootbox with 60 keys, for a guaranteed astron rex, but ZERO other rewards. So I would just buy 50 for a random premium + other rewards.

  13. At least (in Asia not sure about other servers) this time WG have guarantee of 50 boxes one of the tier 8 tank is your. plus you cant get the duplicate tank from that so that is a step up from the footlocker of the previous year.

  14. Comment for youtube algoritttthhmmmmmm

  15. I got in within 10 keys.

  16. In one full magazine reload you lose half of your team xd

  17. at least i buyed 50 keys to get some premium tanks but at second key i got this tank and also at second battle with Astro i got Ace ._.

  18. World of Premium Tanks

  19. The intra-clip reload should really be around 2.5-3 seconds and/or the damage should get bumped up to 360-390. At this point it just seems like a sneakier Lorraine 40T with a bit more pep in its step.

  20. “Armor not hit” = kill. That moment when wg do something that’s not top priority of broken things to re-work, and ofc it’s not working as intended. Da comrade He rework gud

  21. 12:12 I think that’s only if you’re using stun rounds, otherwise it should have no effect on your teammate whatsoever. This one WAS using the stun rounds, just saying arty can now affect a fight without a chance of screwing up a teammate.

  22. its like char futur 4

  23. I rather get the 3d skins than the tank. Guess what happened when I bought the largest pack? Got the pile of shit but no 140 3d skin. godamit

  24. I used to have rotation mech on my T-71DA. Like a spinning-top.

  25. That tank view range is extremely big

  26. ASTRON rex is useless when meet tier 9 even the gold is useless against t8 like tiger 2

  27. dezgames want our money for wg

  28. Hoo mother of God the servers are already dying

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