from LOW TIER to the TOP TIER 2.0 //Destroy Me And I’ll Steal Your Tank (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

Destroy Me And I'll Steal Your Tank War Thunder challenge is back!

This is the challenge where I start with 1.0 tank and I have to reach the top tier in War Thunder ground battles.


Intro: Werewolfdance – Martin Landh

Background: Car Park – Martin Klem
Disco in the Jungle – Daniel Fridell
Family Fun Fitness – Lupus Nocte

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

#dollarplays #WarThunder #tanks

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  1. Martim Henriques

    That’s free quick maths

  2. i think Dollar will finish withe T-80U or which one is the top tier one

  3. alexander ragnarsson

    What servers you playing on because i NEVER face this type of players. They’re all WAY better than thoose you’re facing.

  4. Did you get stuck step-Dollar?

    Sorry, could not help myself…

  5. Can you try french tanks?

  6. We have bad AP rounds and we have hope
    Just described every low tier British player

  7. This is only my second video of yours. What is your native language? I think you and Arnold might be neighbors.

    Well, this may be my new favorite channel.

  8. Man this video, the ending with all the tanks, simply perfecto Dollar!

  9. make more hello video i love it !!!!

  10. The Idubbz meme will never not be hilarious. lmao.

  11. 2:31 “You must be at least this tall to enter the battlefield”

  12. So maybe now planes edition but from 1.0 to 4.0 BR you play Arcade…

  13. I want more of this

  14. did you angel to day?

  15. Pleasure to watch dollar play. Hope you are in good health. Best of luck for future video brother

  16. watcing best content ever after like 2 years and it is still the perfection that i renember

  17. MASTER DOLLARplays can u make video how to make 10 kills torpedo With costal Fleet and target to destroy is Deep sea Fleet. CAN U MAKE IT?

  18. basedhalo 730798

    If you get killed by a plane do you get a plane?

  19. The music , just… perfect!

  20. I came being an old school dollar follower. He knows what I like

  21. why did u unlike my comment?

  22. Sherman_Stopmotion

    Quick tip, instead of using your goofy 75mm M2 Howizter on the M8 to defeat enemies on that BR, you can simply kill them with your 50. cal MG with ease.

  23. Dear dollar… us poor poor console peasents need the ability to rock the maus angle decal… sincerely us poor console peasents

  24. Where can i have this beautiful decal man ?

  25. Michał Leszczyński

    I love this series

  26. Did you wanna make content war thunder mobile

  27. Some fact: L3 crew are kids

  28. how can i get your decals

  29. The McGarthland Channel


  30. pay to win player XD

  31. Finally you start the video as my main country (best country)

  32. Chľebovy prezident

    where are you from?

  33. Would love to see this type of challenge but more literally, meaning if you died to a tank that is a lower BR you have to go use that tank even if it’s a lower br

  34. Autoservis Olovo

    Mother Ruzzia

  35. Hey man the editing is so fresh it reminds me of some movies made by DJ Bad Leroy and his crew.. if u want to check it out look youtube for Criminal Minded 2

  36. hey its master pain !

  37. mr_tanker_1 and his 121b

    I hate and love how u make sim battles look easy

  38. where can i get a nice decal like that?

  39. This is a joke btw

  40. steve play arma

    how can you depress your barrel down

  41. 15:40 is the smartest wehraboo

  42. Editing is so legendary I is jealous

  43. ogółem to jesteś mułem

    I want Gaijing to add poland only for Tks20 so L3 would have worthy opponent

  44. the best thing about this game. is this youtube channel

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