FROM LOW TIER TO THE TOP TIER // Destroy Me And I Will Steal Your Tank (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

Destroy Me I Will Steal Your Tank Part 4 .

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Intro: Wonder Boy – Syncro

Background: Lifestyler – Gerhard Feng
Courage And Strength – Tilman Sillescu
La Belle Jolie – Trabant 33
Destination – Oleksii Abramovych
The King of Thieves – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
Metamorpheus – Hampus Naeselius
Need to Get Drunk to Get Out of This Funk – Glove Box

Outro: After Midnight – Luke Melville

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  1. This time we will reach top tier 100%. The next video should be out in ~2 days

    • Slight change to setup (maybe for another series down the line). +0.3 BR per game, alternating vehicle type and maybe even nation… or just something interesting you killed/barely use that was in previous match. so, JPN TD -> BRI meej tonk -> FRA heavy -> and so on
      Allow a BR+0.3 vehicle (can’t be used) in lineup to eliminate BR stagnation/reduction.

    • Thank you so Much for used my idea

    • I love how you sprinkle in some more obscure memes, here and there, truly a cultured savant.

    • It’s been two days now. You disciples are still waiting, master Betty

  2. Alessandro Izacz G Concepcion

    I have to ask what show is betty from dollar?

  3. This is actually quite fun to watch lol

  4. It’s been 2 day dollar wheres our video

  5. Play sturer Emil ?

  6. I was the B1Ter leading newbie friends, didn’t even realise it was you rolf

  7. Just realized I played with you the other day

  8. play realistic battle with tank anti-airplane only

  9. Your videos are still the best 🙂

  10. Pls part 5

  11. I’m a simple man, I see a DOLLARplays video and I click on it.

  12. oh man look at the absolute Chad (dollar) not being a shit teammate and actually playing more than the 1 tank!

  13. That Intro once more tho! Killed me once more! Kepp it up buddy! Your Vids belong to the best in my opinion!

  14. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    in that Intro, Betty, became Flatty.


    Man British crusader looks like a sport’s car don’t you agree 6:15

  16. wath the german meme music pls

  17. Dollar where are u from?

  18. Oh god Batman driving the BESA tractor…

  19. 8:50 180 noscope

  20. viirus Pter1dactle

    Dallor this is part 3

  21. Crazy tanker

  22. The best editing so far, imo

  23. The University of Oxfourd Found that most of the Pizzas are being stolen out of the R3 (With out Turret)
    But our new High Smart modern Technice Made a 50mm Machinegun that can shoot Down terrorists and Thiefs

  24. 11:06 You actualy play stuG lll F not stuG lll G

  25. Be honest…. Did you pay for that amount of silver or did u earn it legit? I find it hard af to even make 200,000 silver and even when I do, I just go back into the 100,000s or even the 60,000s when I unlock a new vehicle or the modifications.

  26. Had a lot of fun with this video! thanks dude!!!

  27. 12:14
    why did you use this meme lol
    i didn’t know it was known worldwide….

  28. The enemy goes…boom my ears

  29. May the bias protect us and lead our shots. Gets t-34 and wrecks shop.

  30. 13:39 song name pls? When german tank riding

  31. T34 1942 is really fun to play hope you enjoyed playing it dollarplays

  32. He’s funny
    He’s talented
    He has good skills
    But most importantly
    He hits that 360 no scope with the Stug 3 F

  33. Why not send all crew to holiday and bring out just that one tank

  34. XD Le bonjour monsieur

  35. this is by far my favorite series!

  36. This man right here gets insta subbed for the way he talks lmao

  37. The first tank: i fear no man
    But that thing..
    It scares me

  38. Tanks of Zelda, Breath of the war

  39. Outro song listed is wrong. D: What’s the actual outro?

  40. i love ur videos holy shit

  41. Make more war thunder vids brooo

  42. 5:30 so agresivoo

  43. Stug III F is amazing

  44. Warthunder grinding but its totally different

    Nice video dollar

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