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Source: DOLLARplays

We're back playing War Chinese tech vehicles. This time I'll be doing from max to ultra low graphics settings challenge. Each time I'll get destroyed, I'll reduce my settings.
I'm playing with Chinese WZ305(anti-air), PTL02(light tank), ZTZ59A, 59, and type 69(medium tanks)in ground realistic battles. War Thunder Danger Zone gameplay.



Intro: Never or Right Now (Instrumental Version) – ELFL

Background: Backyard Salesman – Mac Taboel
I Gotta Hunch – El Flaco Collective
Gaining Season – Lupus Nocte (80% SPEED)
Cotton Factory – Hunter Quinn

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

On this DOLLARplays Youtube channel you will find highly edited funny moments, memes War Thunder(free-to- vehicular combat multiplayer video game similar to World of Tanks with more realistic gameplay), Escape From Tarkov (a multiplayer first-person shooter video game), SnowRunner( off-road simulation video game),Elden Ring (the first open world Dark Souls game), Cyberpunk 2077(an action role-playing video game), Enlisted (squad-based first-person ww2 shooter game),Star Citizen(multiplayer space trading and combat simulation game),and others most popular video .

War Thunder is a free-to-play vehicular combat multiplayer video game developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment. It has a cross-platform format for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Android TV.
War Thunder similar game to World of Tanks, and World of Warships, but with more realistic approach. Similar to games like hell let loose, post scriptum , squad, and others


  1. What nation is he playing? (Tank noob here)

  2. Dstapp BootStrapp

    man you missed a major opportunity to change the music to lower and lower sound bit rates. i wanted to hear 8 bit music towards the end. oh well.

  3. Great videos, always very funny and entertaining. I was wondering if you could do a reverse low tier -> high tier series, where every death you do the same but you are heading downtier, could be a cool idea

  4. im a low spec player too the gest of it is if the pixel is moving shoot it !! if a pixel is not the same color as the one next to it shoot it !!!
    then you will find out what it is

  5. Dollar i wonder why i never saw you Play dogfight planes or bombers only tanks and ships come on play planes please

  6. What does what mean

    Love how he can easily one shot cold war and modern tank but struggling to kill a BT lol

  7. * me playing with lowest graphics but still doign 25 fps *

  8. where is the Chinese WZ305(anti-air) i can’t find it in the tank tree ? did it get rename or retired ? @DOLLARplays

  9. C. Dawson Pelfrey

    Really appreciate your videos – dealing with a bit of the big sad today and this made me laugh a few times, your editing is awesome. A really funny idea for a video lol. Anyways thanks, can’t wait for the next one!

  10. My will to live after seeing the ricochet bugs,

  11. The white Pyramid

    Y will laugh, but i playing on this settings for a year now, and now I’m on 8.3

  12. You killed a CrewGTW subscriber 2:18

  13. Fps stonks

  14. 57/2 is the best of )))

  15. This channel is probably my youtube discovery so far this year. A real gold nugget. Excellent editing, screenplay, good films and films characters references, exquisite music, and an entertainer who exudes sympathy and humor. Please, continue your work!!

  16. When I first time play this mode I forgot to remember nations and accidently kill my teammate (because he is shooting me). Also I can’t play plane in this mode.

  17. sovietgeneral4796

    at the end he isnt playing war thunder anymore he is playing war thunder mobile

  18. from pc graphics to ps4 graphics to world of tanks

  19. 3:36 What music was that?

  20. L33 boi at top tier

  21. I had to play War Thunder with ULQ for couple of months So I know this feeling

  22. Now reverse. Start with minimum graphics and every time you get a kill, set better graphics

  23. 5:54 I used to get excited when I get 5 kills in a game, but 2m 55seconds into a match??? WHAT!! Clearly dollar is playing on a MUCH lower difficulty that I am playing

  24. im used to this my pc is shit

  25. What would happen if the War Thunder were blocked like the brawl of a stars, but not vice versa in Russia

  26. Even with a powerful PC, I play on medium settings.

  27. Average Opfor side enjoyer

    This went from War Thunder to T-72 Balkans on Fire

  28. You should of added the supper low quality game ending for the video. It would of been super funny!

  29. 20:26 literally the way I see

  30. Захари Парушев

    now everyone know how hard is to play on low set

  31. This is how world of tanks looks ngl

  32. WT on lowest looks like its 2002 again…. ( Battlefield 1942 )…… Nostalgia hit hard, ngl <3

  33. Robotic Intelligence Unit 1A

    low settings at atsart, but you put them up over time butr go lower teir

  34. that “gone” meme is hilarious

  35. isn’t that how the quote unquote good kids were cheating by turning settings all the way down?

  36. I play on extra low grafics. And id say its muck easier to see enemies. Tho my fps r still like 20-30

  37. Konrad Orzechowski

    This is how last gen console players feel

  38. Le Celte Énervé

    I understand how I can be hit by long ranch shoot behind trees or bushes….
    This is a kind of cheat, hope Gaijin fix this issues

  39. Every time you die you drink a shot of beer

  40. For those who are wondering how PTP86 flies miles away from the center of the reticle- someone in the devs think this gun is the same as the one on the “nice” tank (ZTZ69) and used the same shell disperse as it (which is more than a disgrace as T-12 or PTP73/86 should perform way better than 69’s 100mm gun); reported for a bug fix with some documents from PLAGF but still waiting for the fix (said to be fixed at internal dev servers but never dropped into official client)

  41. hi am name is brdskt

    oooooh hell some dollarplays videos

  42. I play on lowest bcs my potato pc xd

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