From Russia With DAAHHH | IS-2 BOOMSTICK (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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From Russia With DAAHHH | IS-2 BOOMSTICK (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)



  2. Phly you don’t need to aim at the lower glaces of a pather it goes straight through the upper plate easy

  3. Use the IS-6!

  4. HEY phly love the unloved and fly out the A-36 Apache

  5. Be the most American of us all and roll out the M3 stuart with the f86 saber I CHALLENGE U attempt #2

  6. During the very early days of the Korean war, the U.S. used many Fighter planes for defense. Planes ranging anywhere from the F-9F Panther to the F-86 Sabre. but before these planes were developed and deployed in large numbers. The U.S. was still dependent on using the P-51 Mustang as a front line fighter. The Mustangs, along with most other propeller aircraft, were displaced by jets, but a large number served in the Korean War, mainly in ground support missions. The re-designated F-51 was out-performed by the newer jet aircraft, but in 1951, two Mustang pilots shot down the first MiG-15 downed over South Korea.

    You will now do the same Phly, You are allowed to bring along a wingman to assist you, but you must score a Mig kill in a P51 Mustang and live to tell the tale by successfully returning to base and landing your bird afterwords.

    Attempt #16

  7. Time to re-experience the katyusha challenge again!

    Challenge: bring out BM-13-N and get 5 kills in total. (For anti-air vehicles, they count as 1/2 kill. Not 1)

  8. Wolfenstien???

  9. thats normal gameplay for the german tanks from 5.7 BR and up… getting destroyed in minutes.

  10. . Dude Your a beast at this game

  11. You should do some more Sherman game play

  12. Phly clearly doesn’t know the power of the 122mm gun on the IS2 it can go through a panthers upper plate

  13. 8:57
    Dat minecraft death soumd

  14. Attempt#1
    T34 1941
    IL 2 1942

  15. I wonder if tankettes would come into the game

  16. Must be a spy

  17. Man phly sometimes I wish there was z way I could get as many GE as u because the grind is extreme even with 8 or 9 tank kills in a game with premium I only get like 5k rp which when u need 100k+ takes awhile man makes it hard to keep playing so if u have any tips or something to make the grind less grindy I guess pls lemme know man. Or if there is a site that offers cheaper GE

  18. This is just my favourite tank, i just have matches with 10 kills

  19. 3:56 lol wot? I use to shot the uper front plate :l
    I being doing it wrong

  20. The sound of 122mm is amazing

  21. you r a bad bad man phly daily. …..M R Ducks!!

  22. IS-6

  23. *Anyone know what that gun barrel-looking thing is on the back of the turret?*

  24. who here just wants french auto loaders

  25. Nice reflexes!

  26. Could some1 please help me here a bit, I reset my controls and now I can not activate hit/kill camera . Maybe I’m just too tired from work or just plain dumb but I can’t find the option in controls or anywhere else. Thank you guys/gals.

  27. Does anyone find it funny that Phly’s name is Steven? XD

  28. The amount ive bounced this shit with panther 1 , 50 meters away , us too fucking high…

  29. xa 38 grizzly

  30. What about the is1?

  31. Phly IS-7 is the Pinnacle of Russian Engineering

  32. Why no 1080@60 comrade?

  33. Do russian TDs also

  34. Phly, if you do another mini series like this, do it for the Pershing family

  35. Yeah Russian bias !!

  36. Why tf this guy still use Skype? Lmao

  37. 7:00 wirbelwind crew pokes head up then back down.

  38. this russian gunsounds are strange , like someone hits an ambos. is the gunner forging metal inside there ? ?

  39. Adelin Ciprian Georgescu

    Wolfenstein 2 the New Colossus
    Where you at?

  40. PHYLEE…WHOOOOOOO! Why am I excited for your videos? lol

  41. John Aimrie Santibanez

    The Archer

  42. is-6 please

  43. Ho-1 next, le Japanese Derp tonk, attempt#2

  44. What’s the BGM for the beginning of this video,pls?

  45. also is-2 1944+add on armour

  46. dont play the is6…we all know how OP its…

  47. Its gun sound glassy. Btw @Phly Can you record more realistic sound mod videos? I just tried it and its awesome.

  48. play your old time favourite kv-2 zis6 !!!! attempt #3

  49. I’d actually love to see an evaluation of the IS-1 as well, Phly. With its fast reload and good mobility, it’s a very different beast than its successor, the IS-2. And make no mistake – a beast it is. 🙂

  50. Play the IS-6 pls

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