From TOP TIER to the LOW TIER (Destroy Me And I’ll Steal Your Tank) // War Thunder

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Source: DOLLARplays

After long time today we're finally back with “Destroy Me And I'll Steal Your Tank” series. One of my most popular videos on this channel.

Last time we started from the low tier tanks and climbed up to the top rank (FROM LOW TIER TO THE TOP TIER ), but in this episode we're starting from the top tier BR 11.0 and going down to the low tier 1.0BR. Le's see were we will end up. Enjoy!

War Thunder 2023 ground realistic battles gameplay, DOLLARplays.
Destroy Me And I Will Steal Your Tank Part 7



Intro: Retro Today – Alexandra Woodward
Power Punch – 2050

Background: Trail to Dolores – Sven Lindvall
In Suburban Streets – Elliot Holmes
Out of Order – The Fly Guy Five
Papa Funk – Spring Gnag

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

0:00 Intro
1:48 M1A2 SEP
4:50 T-80UM2
6:52 M1 Abrams
10:27 2S38
11:13 XM-803
12:49 Ikv 91-105
14:33 PT-76-57
17:07 Tiran 4S
19:09 Outro

War Thunder Abrams M1A2 SEP gameplay, soviet t80um2 gameplay war thunder , 2s38, Ikv 91-105, Israel tiran 4s, xm 803, m1 Abrams
War Thunder is a free-to-play vehicular combat multiplayer video game developed and published by . Announced in 2011, it was first released in November 2012 as an open beta with a worldwide release in January 2013; it had its official release on 21 December 2016. War Thunder is military, tank, naval game like World of Tanks, World of Warships, Post Scriptum , Hell Let Loose, and others


  1. Daaaaammnn I wish I had that much GE LOL

  2. Yeah… The first M1 is pain to play through. Worst stock HEAT-FS at it’s tier and even 9.7 heat, less NERA protection than Leopard A4, and finally, 775 is abysmally laughable and the final APFSDS has at best 470 in perfect conditions. Its only benefit is American APFSDS has among the smallest droprate over distance, making it far easier to aim without a laser rangefinder

  3. Imagine getting killed by sturmpaner 2 on first match and ended video at first 5 min

  4. 5:57 because it have jet engine instead of slowass russian diesel engines.

  5. Night Rider ​🏳️‍🌈⃠

    I was drive tank in romania i left it for second blink 1 time and tank gone please be careful in Romania they steal tank and wallet in second

  6. Muffin Just Not Edible 𓂀

    @ShawnF6FHellcat no i meant tankenstein.

  7. Данил Диванный боец

    Lol.Russian and USSR tanks is so crappy xD

  8. i love this series so im glad its back

  9. What if warthunder had infantry

  10. 4:38 why do you have 4 deaths in a basically no death challenge?

  11. The Peter Parker with a flat helmet, tiny head, smooth brain is my favorite part of this vid

  12. There’s so much work.. even if everyone mentions it, it is crazy to think about the time put in every minute of that video. Love you dollar, you make me laugh constantly in any video.

  13. Dollar what do you think of doing a collab video with Phly?

  14. 5:58
    Not as fast as the Stridsvagn m31 -19 km/h reverse speed!

  15. Noah’s awesome vids

    America low tier fun

  16. how do I found your decal in the store Dollar?

  17. Hello everyone I hope everyone is having a good day and no ghost shells i just wanted to say that i am trying to get Churchill crocodile and 100 days in a row to get the veteran decal so anyways good luck on the battlefield with your tank, plane , boat whatever and bye bye

  18. U should do a warthunder bingo someday

  19. You make some great content, Dollar!

  20. Алексей Юрьевич


  21. bro timestamped the intro like we gonna skip it

  22. Lol the ending was amazing!

  23. Michael Pietronico

    <3 from Oceanside, CA

  24. Has he done the JgPz.4-5 6.3 with BESH only? Playing that tank is pure joy

  25. Im getting bullied at 6.3, imagine my trauma fighting leo 1s. I shoot one for my first time, wreck his tank, kill the gunner, and then I was introduced to commander backup controls and ate a HEAT round in the face. Nevertheless, I still bear the question on my tanks, did you angle today ?

  26. Hey dollar can u do a video on Japan like the ki 200 it’s super fun. And the sta 1 and 2 plus the chi ri. The whole line is hilariously fun plus the zeroes are the most maneuverable planes in the game.

  27. i wonder have you ever used the The Complesso da 12.7mm su CM 52 if not try it out i kinda think you will like it keep making videos man love them for while now

  28. Amadėjus Kubilius

    Superiniai edit skillsai. Daugiau tokio contento!

  29. top tier players are dicks no one helps out anymore while low tier if you damage someone always there to save you

  30. One of your best topics $.

  31. came back for a second time and noticed that the hotdog he got at a burger joint had one hell of a crunch

  32. nice you can go more for starting cans 😀

  33. kinda hoped it would go abrams->sturmpanzer

  34. Could anyone get me ps 4 or something so i could play war thunder

  35. kinda poor “no i totally don’t got 53,392 golden eagle”

  36. Actually love some bully maguire at The beginning

  37. The Waffle House Has Found A New Host

  38. abrams is to powerful wrong tank to choose to start off

  39. sometimes i feel not that good as those youtubers but then i see tanks like the “shot kal dalet” while he didnt and i feel good again

  40. damn your voice in insane

  41. 4:48 “Soviet Bias”

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