From ZERO to HERO in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m going to try and go from ZERO to HERO in the in World Tanks!



  1. I got the tier 10 sweed when it came out just because I wanted to branch out and get an auto loader just figured it would be better then the French and the Italians since I could go hull down little did I know I picked up one of the best tanks I have on a hunch

  2. Driving for the first minute and a half is “tryharding”?

    • Communicating frantically, changing decision multiple times based on tanks positioning etc. Usually I just auto forward and read Twitch chat 🙂

  3. Quickybaby is such simp turns off kobra commander but he leaves the girls and panzer on in E50 M what simp unsub 😤😤🤧

  4. Today I had 20 games in a row that was 15-5, only 2 was win, was grinding type 61 some games I got 3k -4.5k dmg but it was still 15-5 lose the top tier ht are losing so fast my dpm couldn’t keep up . Doesn’t matter how much you plan when you heavy flank dies in first 5 min or so.

  5. thks bro for sharing yr equipment setup love

  6. Wish i can get games like this
    People not loading gold the moment they saw my IS4 and Centurion AX.

  7. WG sucks
    after years the FV215b was a must have tank for Clanwars…
    Now you can fuck yourself with 113, E100 etc …and also the other old premium tanks for buying with 45 Dollar/Euro like FCm50t, Panther8.8, AMX CDC, T34 blablabla
    or you buy magic new HD Model tanks with paper less armour but magic bounce skills…

    WG logic:
    bring a new tank thats even more powerfulll
    …ahhh this shit fucks all up …
    okay now we try to buff all other 600 tanks in this game from time to time

    In this time you have to play Spaghetto, wheelys, kran and Double barrels to be competitive.
    GJ and see you next time on 11 years old mines map in Tier 10.

  8. World of tanks is like playing cash machines, also if you are skilled you can have bad rng, bad team and bad map. The solution for wargaming is introduce new OP tanks to create some hype but as you can see servers are empty, not like 4 years ago

  9. This is a tank i just wish was better, but the armor is just not good, it’s a tank i have in my garage and just want to play but every time i do i just get disappointed. The cannon really is amazing, but it really is a case of a good cannon not being enough. If it had like 40top speed or something and was a more mobile alternative to the super conq that’d be cool, but now it’s just sad.

    It’s possible to have good games in it of course, any tank with 2750base DPM, 259pen and good accuracy could have a good game.
    But that doesn’t make the tank good, it’s situational at best.

  10. FV215B with power creep is almost a tier 8 premium now

  11. I really wish this tank was a bunch more viable or WG gave some proper love to it. For sure one of the best looking tanks in the game

  12. 50k games still learning

  13. QB, what are your thoughts on the T110E5? I feel it has been power crept. Would you make a video on it?

  14. Nice to see the FV215b doing well. It deserves a buff.

  15. is T30 a good tank? i got it and i like it

  16. is this the Death Star?

  17. The Vocatious Unspeakables

    Lol is superman communist because of copyright?

  18. With the loss of arty being a dependable deterrent , teams are now deploying on one flank and then a backfield camper/ turtle group with td’s often hiding behind arty. This has been very frustrating and the games have been quicker and more lopsided, often being determined by the fate of the first 2-4 tanks. Ear;y aggressive positioning has been less successful lately as a result, depending on which flank gets chosen.

  19. Been there in that type of first game, its frustrating

  20. Intuition skill is so useful now, its a must skill

  21. I wish they’d give this tank some armor. It’s so big and the armor is so bad :< it's just covered in weak points.

  22. Well, the first problem was not selling the 215B in the first place

  23. The shot at 12:00 Is what separates great players from amazing players. Luck. You had 1% of your reticle being that tank and it hits. Meanwhile I’ve recorded my own shots where it’s 100% of an enemy tank and still misses.

    • While I understand what your suggesting, as you will have seen in my best moments video from Friday, bad luck happens to us all! On the other hand, irrelevant of how fortunate the individual shot you’re talking about is, I used every tool at my disposal to give it the best chance of hitting.

      For example, I use the reticle to “feather” the tanks outline behind the bushes establishing the perimeter of the exposed area, then, using this knowledge, aim central mass to enable the shot to hit even with moderate dispersion. World of Tanks is often a game of giving yourself the best chance to succeed given the situation and the difference between players will be consistently using mechanics and knowledge to maximise your chances of success.

    • That video was actually really funny and well edited. I appreciate your response. I’ve seen all your videos and you even featured a game of mine here 4 years back. I’ve just been on a bad luck streak. I know you go through it as well. We have both witnessed the near impossible happen in this game countless times lol

    • My comment about that specific shot was not saying that you specifically are only lucky not unskilled. You hit the marks for the 3 things I count as skill. Reflex, tactical and strategic. Reflex beinh muscle memory of the game and aiming, tactical being able to look at your situation and make an optimized decision on how to best perform in that scenario, and strategic, knowing at the beginning of the battle the best plan of action and setting up where you will go first and options to rotate from there.

      On the other hand, we both know players who have none of those mentioned skills and seem to hit every shot regardless. On the move from across the map on a target that’s not spotted for example. Those were the players I was talking about

    • @QuickyBaby two days ago, I did a study in my RHM with the big gun. Testing only the +25/-25 % damage rolls. I removed all misses/crits/ammo racks and shots that killed. Only shots that could be full damage were counted. Grinded out for many hours and had 30 games played. the shots that hit those criteria were sorted, there were 99 shots. (Wish I had 1 more) keep in mind that the average damage is 750, of those 99 shots 13 of them were above 750. 76 of them were equal too or below. 4 of the 76 we’re the lowest roll possible at 563. My average damage roll for that day, with the controlled criteria above, was 622. 17% down average. I know you have been in similar situations before. We have nearly identical stats although stats don’t really matter nor show a players ability. But we have both seen people with the opposite, high roll every shot, hit every shot on the move, etc.

  24. Don’t know why wg removed this tank

  25. Actually, I thought the first match was a good FV215b match.

  26. Quickybaby use first 30 sec , me listening other videos ooh let everyone go to their first position then I will play …

  27. quicky, 90% tier x replys…. getting boring….

  28. What if you get constantly fed shit maps with retard teams? Also not get stressed about it?

  29. It is personally my favorite tank and i don’t like the S.Conqueror that much ahah unfortunately the best game i had i was left in 1v3 with 11 000 damage but did not got any round left to have a chance to clutch it ahaha it feel really sad to have a so low amunition storage xD

  30. please tell it to my teamates in today games….already in 13loses in 15 games!

  31. First 3 minutes of this video is useless.

  32. You could argue platoons need their own game mode , single play and platoon play

  33. Been so long since we had an IS-7 Video on the channel, I think that would be hella refreshing cus of the current meta.

  34. Pretty normal game ngl, sometimes you just make wrong calls

  35. Ανδρεας Ζαγκλης

    I suggest that you make a playlist of your videos focused entirely on tactical explaining.

  36. A great exemple of having a full t10 game vs a t8 game in a t10

  37. 60TP and IS-7 IS-4 is broken in world of tanks blitz always gets ammo rack by and durp tank like FV215b 183.

  38. This tank is my first t10 tank.
    Loved it back in the days

    Those were the awesome days, when this tank was highly regarded and used in the esports league

  39. Sorry WOT on USC has banned all overseas players talking on game because we are not on right one we talk differently

  40. 10:00 and 2500 hp

  41. the only reason i enjoy wot pc more than wot blitz

  42. The worst thing about the fv215b is it’s armor. It takes a lot of damage from the arties. It’s cheeks and turret can get easily overpowered by gold rounds.

  43. keep calm and carry QB!🍅

  44. I always had the impression the Intuition happened automatically. I use the first 30 seconds to figure out how doomed I am.

  45. Finally seeing u play this piece again.

  46. Hi Quickybaby! It’s everyone, and welcome back to the comment section!

  47. Royco Cup-A-Soup Gaming

    is the VK 45.02 A any good? btw love the daily uploads QB, keep up the good work.

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