From Zero to Hero – T34-85M

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  1. Wachira Narongsack

    *Puts it on yt anyways* lol

  2. 1 M in title + 1 M in description = MM. Circon is saying that the wot mm is perfect and not flawed at all da komrades #illoominarty

  3. DrFanta - Tech - Games - and more

  5. The gun aimed perfectly as it should. It aimed at center of mass exactly as it should. They model the center different on tanks depending on their weight distribution as it is supposed to be.
    For the ARL, it’s really forward as the engine is smaller, but the gun is big, long, and has more armor on the front. See the Su100 is similar as well

  6. What a wholesome title

  7. Yo, the video somehow went live without thumbnail etc earlier today, as i was highlighting fridays stream.
    Just got back from a day trip, so here it is again with the proper info etc.
    Enjoy your weekend everyone, thanks for the 97.000 subs, on to 100k! 😀

  8. Your HE low rolled on that Hellcat tho..

  9. Another t-34-85M game? You’re just playing an overpowered premium with your try hard consumables and 50 million fucking apcr lol

  10. Fucking circon spamming gold ammo in op premium tanks. Anyone with actual skill plays artillery.

  11. I think I would have preferred m

  12. You’re just playing your overpowered tier 6 premium with your try-hard consumables and your 15 mil apcr, lol… still fun to watch 🙂

  13. circon stap playing op tonk with op consumables and op prem ammo waaaaa 😛


  15. dont know why but my cromwell b is faster than my regular cromwell. the only advantage of the regular cromwell is the agility. it can turn like a light tank

  16. Omg noob, you just playing an OP premium with tryhard consumables and 50 milion APCR loaded, u so bad learn 2 play non prem u violet stetpedder!

    Edit: sarcasm. I can already see that one person that takes everything literally.

  17. Look at that try hard ammo load )))))

  18. Cromwell is overrated. If you want some mobility then use the A43. That way you get to keep your Russian Bias. Russian bias is worth the same as 3 sets of vents.

  19. thats my long name

  20. Why are you playing a good tank? Are you trying to have fun? What a PoS.

  21. lol im on u tube!

  22. I prefer the old title

  23. yeah the t34 85 m is a great tank… my best game in it was about 4200 dmg lol

  24. Is it just me or is this tank fucking broken

  25. Marshall Allshouse

    Honestly i cant say anything about using the 85m, because I loved wrecking tier 4 plebs

  26. Circon *IS* a hero!

  27. I don’t mind the premium load out with circon. He uses it the best and shows us what could be, if someone chooses to play like him

  28. “M”. Revolutionary video titling is here. 2018 title meta – It can’t be clickbait if you don’t know what the title even is.

  29. Christiaan Carstens

    One guy on the stream said, the archer moonwalked all the way to go die there. Nice comment.

  30. got my one and only Kolobanov”s medal in the T34-85M

  31. Circon you only play your overpowered premiums with your tryhard consumables!

  32. RancidMarshmallow

    Stupid entitled unicums. “I have good stats so I should be able to pen a higher tier heavy in the front with a medium tank 100% of the time.” It’s a BP, it’s supposed to have good frontal armor, stop whining.

    • RancidMarshmallow dude do you even know what you are talking about because that is a shitty statement

    • RancidMarshmallow

      I know that every single unicum I’ve ever spoke with in WOT has this same awful attitude- that they should be able to pen stuff no matter what. they complain and whine furiously when they load premium and still can’t pen heavies from the front. unicums who say they use premium to get around accuracy issues because they can’t snipe weakspots from 500m away. you’re not supposed to be able to, in a medium with high dpm, consistently pen heavies frontally. especially at long range!

    • Lol I am not even going to argue this because it is stupid AF

    • RancidMarshmallow

      what? heavy tanks shouldn’t be able to be penned with every shot by a high dpm medium from the front, period.

  33. Uh youre just playing OP premiums with your try hard consumables and your 50 000 000 fucken apcr lol

  34. going to have to 3mark that BP now circon hahaha

  35. god this tank is op imo
    not blaming you for playin it though if something is op you should use it until wg realise its broken and nerf it (in theory they would but they’re retarded )

  36. Cry in Rudy

  37. Circon crushes the EU/RU server imagine if he played NA lol

  38. I don’t care if you run all premium consumables with full gold load and a 5 skill crew. I enjoy the tryhard-curry games.

  39. HitlerSaurus Christ

    What is your graphics settings?

  40. Top tier, still gold spam, much wow, such ace.

  41. the amount of apcr spam i can feel the cancer from it

  42. Gold noob.

  43. The 85M is just a better Rudy. Makes me feel bad because I paid 20 bucks for a Rudy.

  44. the title was “m”

  45. Great play,good player..

  46. Stathis Papadopoulos

    Can anyone tell me about the mod that shows mark of excellence during the battle?

  47. Can you do a modpack that has only the stuff you have as well?

  48. Did anyone else catch the E-25 killing himself by ramming the SU-100Y?

  49. Freaking Circon playing OP premiums with try hard consumables and 50 millions apcr kappa kappa

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