FRONTLINE IS BACK in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

is back in World of Tanks and here’s a quick start guide to get you ready for 2021!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Andrija Milosevic

    budy they had nerf a credits reciving after the betlle cuse when i finish i got just around 6000 and rerly use gold an a not bad rank

  2. Idk bust for credis and u have 50-400 credits +

  3. 90% of players are idiots for spending real money on this game.

  4. i love fucking up these tier 8 OP prem gold spamming tanks in my tier 9 tech tree vehicles 😀

  5. Shitterbaby using premium consumables and gold rounds in FL

  6. 18:43 19:19 Glad to see I’m not the only player that has about 1/3 of their shells constantly nosedive into the ground in front of the enemy tank.

    Its the most frustrating thing in this game for me.

  7. welp. was looking forward. but with everything wargaming has done recently. its not even fun anymore

  8. It should be one tier only, one time just tier VIII, the next time tier IX, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, it would still mix it up and not feel stale I think

  9. RIP frontline. I will not play it until it is only tier 8

  10. My first Frontline. I have never see a better way to make a lots of sylver. I play T-10 on this event too because of Stockgrind. Frontline gets the note 1 frome me. You make a very good job QB.
    Great Feeds from Germany.

  11. Does inspire stack?

  12. My instinct is to complain about WG putting in a useless mode, then I remember this means I dont have to play it. GG WG!

  13. Марио Петров

    Ohh god … now I want to play WOT again …

  14. Man can you give me gold in android only 50.000 gold pliss man i begg you manp pliss only this time pliss i beggg youu man

  15. Frontline was originally made to grind credits, now no one (regular players) bothers to play it.

  16. hol up we’re getting rental vehicles????? can someone tell me how

  17. just makes no sense suddenly making losses on credits

  18. the mode broke when tier 9 enter…..but hey….mines is so awesome against those aggressive tank and even heavy with 100% damage to the tracks

  19. How to claim those premium rental tanks?

  20. Its OK for you to have a decent game and make decent credits Quackybaby. But for the majority of us that are not that great a player, this season of Frontline is garbage. Playing against tier 9’s is intolerable. But the thing that I hate the most is the waiting times if you get killed. I am just the average Joe (49.6% WR). But I regular end up having to wait 2 – 3 minutes before I can spawn again. That is so unfair. It just puts me off altogether. Plus you also end up meeting tons of players in EBR’s or tons of Gold Spamming idiots. I really have no incentive to play this game mode.

  21. The ping is horrible on both Frontline and Standard battles. I wish that WG had booted the 3rd server up for Frontline.
    And like QB said. Why should we play FL exept for creditfarming.

  22. Yesterday I had 2 funny moments in frontline. Ive unlocked mines. First situation on Kraftwerk defending base F. Planted mines on capping tanks. Got away laughing how they panicked and run over all the mines. Got decent points for it and scored highest general XP in game plus two additional medals for damage.

    The second situation on normandy on point D western part me as progetto 46 vs AE Phase 1. Planted mines under him while doing mad charge. Was giggling fora short while after he died. Its hillarious when you see players panicking when getting hit out of nowhere

  23. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Getting slaughtered by a random platoon of bachats at tier 9…it felt really nice indeed and let’s better not talk about the 3 TORTOISES in the castle protecting the damn place. That was a freaking steel wall.

  24. haha I almost opened outlook

  25. for me i wish QB would play other tanks accepted the ones he always goes to like the br and prog iv been having more fun this time round in frontline mixing it up with different tanks seeing if they work or not and found alot of tanks that are quite good in frontline from tech tree and prems and i have found a few that well cant do much or anything in frontline but like i said would be awesome to see QB mix it up in frontline and get his view on tanks if they work or not in the game mode.

  26. Kristoffer Johansson

    So wargaming realized too little premium ammo was spent in FL? NIIIICE! As usual; see you in another game.

  27. raphaël Tertrais

    Skoda t56 and bourrasque just destroyed Frontline

  28. I love how people are complaining that the rewards suck, because there is not any premium tank and then they are angry about that Everybody have premium tanks.

  29. They just want you to spam more gold. I hate that they are ruining it. The average joe player is going to be just cannon fodder for them.

  30. I feel like players need to make a mutual agreement to only play tier 8 still, as a big middle finger up to WG. Adding tier 9 to the mode is just designed to drain player’s credits.

  31. I think they seriously decreased the money you make in the frontline mode. I have never played just tier 8 prems firing mostly gold and lost money. Twice yesterday while making general I lost over 150k in a match.

  32. Was it really necessary and important to get T9 in this mode?

  33. When it was T8 only, I used to play it every Frontline till I had finished each ‘season’ mainly to max the rewards, get tthe reward tanks & it was a *great* way to make credits, often in Skorp G/Progeto 46 I could make 200-250,00 per game, which for me was a lot.
    Now, greedy WG have changed it for their own goals. Having T9 tanks join is so unfair. It means those in T8’s only, or those who have bad T8’s or those who do not have premiums will need to spam more gold to remain competitive. So per game costs will go up & now harder to farm lot of damage, so credit earning will be reduced. I will not play anymore Frontline.
    WG shame on you.

  34. Not only do we have to deal with the annoying bourrasque now we have to deal with char futurs….. amazing

  35. I noticed the global pandemic hasn’t effected the amount and regularity of Premium Tanks they keep selling…..

  36. Hey Quiqy baby,,i am curious..You dont tried to play Red Dead Redemption online? Or..Steel Division 2. 2 Games wonderful. Why you dont try?

  37. I was so hyped to try way more Frontline than 2 or 3 games played the last time and I could play my precious Skoda T50 but after two battles well… in 10 FPS it’s unplayable for me…

  38. 90% of tanks are gold vehicles. yippee.

  39. Yes putting tier 9s in was a stupid idea, but it hasn’t ruined the gamemode. The only people actually playing the tier 9 tanks are 400 wn8 bots that are excited to try out their conqueror FL and don’t know the front from the back of their tank

  40. In future use only normal tier 5/6 or7 tanks(Tigers),not premium,fantasy or sf tanks.

  41. Yeah, I’ll pass.

  42. Tier IX…..death of this mode. Sad.

  43. Well, bye bye frontline. Call me when it is only tier 8 again.

  44. What a retarded decision. They have to ruin the only game mode where you don’t have to be up-tiered, by having all games be up-tiered

  45. Frontline is back and it suck. As always wg is too busy breaking what is not broken to fix what is actually broken

  46. Skoda T 56 entering lobby – Everybody else: Oh shit here we go…

  47. Been playing FL now for two days, and the only constant is that the defending teams put on a poor show of defence until one of the second line bases is lost. Then they all take out their Teir 9’s and the game just bogs down. Not as enjoyable as last year…in fact would go as far to say its sh1te.

  48. Not happy with FL. I’m long done with Battle Pass and the prizes per stage area a joke so no benefit other than credits. Played 3 games with only tier 8 premium tanks and no gold at all. Mediocre experience. Although I finished around the top 1/3 of the team marker I found over 65% of my damage was in the first stage of the game (about 1/3 of the time played) when it was all tier 8, then started having trouble finding penetrable targets. Managed about 180k profit per game in this fashion but that’s a bout what I get in regular matches anyway. Worst moment was I came up and over a ridge line ready to unload in burst fashion and found 3 tanks roughly side on to me and facing the other direction but couldn’t do much as was showing no pen due to them all being well protected tier 9 tanks.

  49. Frontline for tier 9 should only exist in a separate queue.

  50. 28:13 I don’t even have Outlook but I still checked xD

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