Frontline Returns to World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Frontline is returning World Tanks in update 1.4! Here’s all you need to know!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. the unique tier IX will be an op russion tank

  2. Them making Frontline one week a month is not ‘great’ it’s annoying. It’s the only fun game mode now.

  3. hi QB. I’m a huge fan. I was wondering, could you post any replays from any first games where consumables went from single use to reusable?

  4. I would rather see WG polish frontlines the way it is, than try to add new stuff to it like maps and whatnot

  5. If it is just going to be one week every month, it would be great if they could make it so that there is not just one weekend during that. You know. For all of those with a tight schedule throughout the week.

  6. The Waffentrager is still available in PS4.

  7. Load the Skill rounds

    I’d like to see different tiers!

  8. I have a hard-on for this game mode

  9. Frontline Top – Wheeled Tanks Flop

  10. Look at the numbers for the rewards.
    12+15=27 for the two most expensive
    6+10*12=28 for the 3 cheapest.
    Guaranteed there will be 27 points available

  11. Finally I can afford a prem tier 8 tank but given my MM and RNG probably barely buying a sta 2

  12. i love the frontline mode of play, it is challenging to say the least. but i would like to see another map or 2.

  13. with it only having 10 episodes, I’m going to assume we aren’t going to see it until March. then they run it every month through the end of the year and there are your 10 episodes.

  14. Booooo I was excited to see some gameplay

  15. I have heared that 1.4 wilk be released 6.02

  16. Just glad to know that one week a month I will get fair match making where I actually stand a chance to do well and win.

  17. Finally a new good informal video of quickybaby <3

  18. WG aint getting a GOD DAMN cent out of me except for this event, FUCK this match maker full of ass shit where my t8 heavy tank is a sack of shit over 80% of the time

  19. Well they just ripped me 40 euros bc I have bought the sta2 fuck me

  20. LOL I was just watching the twitch stream with this match in it

  21. Mechs? Only PS4?

  22. Disappointed it is tier 8 again. More gold slinging premium tanks.


  24. Frontline mode. Where apparently standard ammo is not used and only premium is loaded out -.-

  25. I love ure vids QuickyBaby i watch evry single one of them

  26. Appart from Frontline and Chaffee Race, WG aren’t vergy good at event I think. So, I’m happy if Frontline is as good as before 🙂 No need changes :p

  27. I don’t care about the premium Tier 8s you can choose as rewards. I have enough Tier 8 vehicles already. I’ll aim solely for the Tier9 no matter what tank it is.

  28. Most players loved the Frontline game mode. WQG’s history in changing things is generally poor. Perhaps realising this they made a good decision to not alter it too much.

  29. I hope they change the gold ammo before they start Frontline again. Or we have to load 100% gold in the tanks before starting this mode.

    But the frontline mode is so much more fun to play than regular random battle.

  30. loved this mode, the only thing I would change is to have a few additional maps for it, playing on just one last year was getting a little old by the end of the event.

  31. The “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” holds well here. There are too many games who’ve taken it too far and failed.

  32. prem tanks for f2p players ?

  33. #badmath? For what we have seen, we can achieve 1 prestige point every odd prestige level? Or what? Because if it is every odd “level”, it is 30 levels x prestige, so 300 prestige points, ok. But if it as shown, it would be just 6 prestige points achieving the prestige level 10.

    I hope they will fix all the rewards. Actually seems interesting.

    The bad of FL? That will keep me apart from grinding missions for Campaign 2.0

  34. That is not 1 day of premium times 7, thats a day of premium 30 times, you get one with each level up!

  35. It is et cetera, not exetera.

  36. Nice summary, QB.

  37. they should let it run for 24 hrs not just 12

  38. Žygimantas Petryla

    It needs more maps

  39. Time to blow the dust off my account

  40. tier IX chinese TD. 560 alpha/270 pen.

  41. Was für ein gehimer Stufe neun Panzer wohl kommt


  43. apparently I can play tier 8s again.

  44. Does anyone know how much time does it take to prestige? 30 levels seems a lot, even if i level up after each game that is 30*10min=300min= 5 hours. So is this minimum 5 hours per prestige?

  45. 10 weeks in total means it will start in march

  46. First things first, we’re bound to see change.

  47. 1.4 mod pack?

  48. hopefully front line stays on the roster, & they could add just one more map. Or keep the map size & change the targets into flags perhaps. A little variety will go a long way… as this game mode will do spicing things up a bit for regular play relief. Good job bringing on the ‘new’ mode… I suppose we will always want more.

  49. Hmmm or spend some€ to get some tier 8 that are a better then the rest.

  50. Could the unique tier 9 tank be HWK 30?
    It is already in the game files as a tier 8 tank, but it really looks like a tier 9
    And it sure is unique

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