Frontlines 2020 – Tips, tricks and my thoughts!

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Frontlines is back, lets see changes give you some advice!


  1. Whats your plans? I am atleast getting the french tank ^^

    • Robin Van den Dorpe

      Iv been using the Bourrasque and the TL-1 LPC those seem to work really nicely for me
      Thanks for the vid btw!
      L_O_V_E that it’s not nearly as much a grind as last year holy pattatocrappers!

    • I’m a Vodka tank guy. 777 and AE.

    • getting both, not intreasted in the Phase 1 tho

    • Hey Circon, your music interests appear to be wide and varied. 2 Meter Sessions, a live professionally recorded catalog of music going back to 1987 by a radio studio in the Netherlands. Limited catalog on Youtube, I believe their full catalog is on Spotify.

      My apologies if this isn’t the appropriate place to drop this type of comment.

    • Going for lefrenchy because i love playing mediums.

  2. HWK12 is great because of the view range, you can do some massive spotting on the first map, both attacking and defending…

  3. Milos Radovanovic

    2 new reward tanks sucks azz, lame and boring, im happy with my AE Phase from last season, wouldn’t be sad if i don’t get any of the other two.

  4. Dude you sound like you’re getting a cold… don’t get the virus!

    • Why not? He’s young and probably wont get sick enough to even merit a doctors visit.

    • @Robert Losekamp Why not? Because until you’ve had it, you have no idea how your body will react to it. Because this thing is long from over and evidence suggests getting it twice will significantly increase the change of permanent lung damage. So better to avoid it than catch it and gamble on getting away with it. That’s just stupid.

  5. well I tried playing frontlines and got 1k to 300 ping a shame its normally 24/30

  6. weeee reaaaaly need to talk about your camera… it is dying! have you bought a camera life insurance?

  7. Now I feel bad. I had 66% win yesterday in random battle. I thought it was me, but no. It was just because all good players were in Frontline. I feel so bad now. Thanks for the tip about engineering. The best advice I received in WOT for a long time.

  8. Great info. My problem and I dont think it makes a difference because it’s more of how you personally do thank goodness is I played 6 matches yesterday all I had time for and was on the losing team every time. So thank goodness you dont get banged for having a crap team its solely how you do personally.

  9. Totally forgot about the engeneering perk..and I was wondering why I got captain at the highest.. Thank you!!

  10. Thank you for the tips boi

  11. i only play for the credits in frontline because i can’t get all the coins due to lack of time and i’m not good enough also. ( below average player ) highest rank after 4 games was 2 Capt 1 LT and 1 sarge

  12. With only collecting 1 tank in mind, If you didn’t already have the AE Phase 1, would you still go French?

  13. Dylan van der Velden

    i’ve won games because im in my vk 1001p superheavy. capping and angling. holding flanks on my own. waiting on my team to relief the pressure. all tanks are good. it’s the player who has to perform

  14. They still nerfed clear the credit outcome my credit outcome last year with booster was a way better than this year. The next level of nerfed game modes and events after christmas why is nobody point this clear out? You get less rewards but also you get less credits.

  15. Vulgar_Display_Of_Power

    your camera is dark as fuck dude.

  16. well on the good side u have less grind, means less tomatoe rng… on the other side if u want a tank, deal with the light tank game mode…played 4battles not one zone with less than 5scouts…. guess its like random, genreally they fixed the mm to a decent point with some minor 13bazillion scouts per team….

  17. They just banned me for a week for shouting at some assholes… So I guess Frontlines is out for me this year. Christ…

  18. i agree your tips about the boring ob777v2 XDDDD

  19. how long does it take to get the new tanks?

  20. My computer isn’t good enough to play frontline…

  21. Hey guys, i have one of the best tip for you with Frontline !!!!!!

    Don’t come with your trash arta !!!

  22. Steel hunter sucked and front lines is fun for a few matches as they take too long for my taste. Plus the rewards are meh.

  23. Sounds like you caught a cold. Not been to Italy i hope?

  24. Circon, take a few days and get well soon mate

  25. The previous Frontline event was such a b*llache that I just gave up on it after a few games. This time around it seems doable, so I think I’ll give it a shot. As for the tanks I’ll be going for, I think I’ll pick the Phase 1 (I just like my ‘Murican heavies), and then see if I can be arsed to play Steel Hunter to get the second tank. Still not sure which one I would pick, since on one hand the Futur seems like an interesting vehicle, but I hate the French auto-loaders because of the long reloads, so…

  26. The grind this season is so much more reasonable. They realised how stupid it was last year and had to release the booster to fix the issue. Not sure if I will be able to play all 4 weeks of FL so both tanks may not be achievable for me. Like you I think it is silly if you cannot regrind stages that you miss.

    If you are grinding a really bad tank then play it in Frontline because it is far less painful than in random battles. I did the TVP last year in FL and so glad I did.

  27. I have 2 work most of this week and since FL is my favorite play mode in WOT I find it very sad that the episodes are limited.

  28. Well, I didn’t use a single frontline booster… Frontline is too boring for me but kinda sad that I didn’t use them.

  29. What I don’t understand is why you don’t accumulate points when you are capping? If you try and pto when attacking on your own then you get no points whatsoever so you just waste your tank and life??

  30. Hey Circ, think it would be possible for you and the other community contributors to spam everywhere you can think of telling people not to destroy the damn guns and farm damage/kills?

    Way too often the retards end the game with 5+ minutes left.

  31. super fantastic vid, great info/tips thanks

  32. I LOVE defending. I HATE attacking. I could care less about points. I could care less about making General. I just want to win. I use only arty and air strike on all tanks. I have never used engineering and never will use it.

    • Why is so important to win? In 30vs30 is just too hard to be relevant enough to carry the game! It is fun to make damage and makes points!

  33. LT-432 confirmed ^.^

  34. But how do I sit in the protected zone with a TD and spam Arty/Air strikes making everyone miserable if I take Engineering??

  35. lt 432 and progetto are cancer though

  36. Oh cool… can’t grind the first stage after it’s done and my pc is going to be down until after this stage… cool War Gaming…

  37. The snow map attacking side is gay as shit

  38. You were also offensive in stream about requested tanks. You said you don’t want to do requested tanks because subs are fucking morons and pick shit tanks. That is literally what you said. Most streamers do requested tanks. QB recently had a special leaving for a week stream and he did 20 requested tanks with nothing locked. He did that FOR HIS SUBS ENJOYMENT!!!!!!!!!! CIRCON, however, isn’t going to do anything for his subs enjoyment!!!!!!, ROFL. It’s all about circon and wasting his time 3-marking tanks which means NOTHING.

    • Lmao dude, i looked up your name and all the comments on my yt channel and all you leave are litterally crying and whining. 2 years ago you said the game is dying, so i dont know why your still here bud.

  39. Do you ever watch QB? He is always so excited for Sunday and the “tech-tree showcase!” I mean he is literally EXCITED for the great content and to show his subs all the tanks in this tree and what guns to use adn how to unlock them and then how to play them!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ros Vincent Alvarez

    So it was a smart thing to invest in Engineering first I mean I got my engr. degree last year and investing in FL would have made this a bit too hard to pull off lol.

  41. those birds tho in the end xD

  42. am new to it but i have the STRV 01, UDES 03,Emil 1, FV1066 Senlac,Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10), have other lights but not the money to buy them back,if i do ill go for my swedish UDES 14 Alt 5.

  43. My biggest disappointment is that I can’t use those frontline boosters I wasn’t able to use last year.

  44. Love that it’s only 15 tiers, now with 15 achieved I can chill. Me being a PoE and wot geek, didn’t want to miss new league on Friday for PoE xD

  45. Thanks for you insights! I usually say ‘fuck it’ to the grinds and marathons because, I got a life. Going to 10 sounds almost reasonable.

  46. progetto without inspire???? wtf are you doing with your life??

  47. Do you think you could do another video on where the best spots to reset the caps are for the different sections.

  48. Attacking is more fun but I found playing arty of all things on defense and going for max cap defense points gives you the most XP. I ranked up from the bottom of Captain to General in two shots that hit all enemies in a cap circle.

  49. it took me roughly 4 1/2 hrs to get to rank 15 and that was laughing and goofing off with friends in a platoon. I agree that they should allow you to grind out past sessions if you missed them. That would give more people a possibility and it would help keep the pop up as people get to rank 15

  50. It’s minor, but it triggers me a bit that Circon keeps calling it ‘Frontlines’ instead of its official name, ‘Frontline’. Especially as a YTer you need to get it right, cuz I bet now half of Circon’s community calls the gamemode by the wrong name.

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