Full HE 60TP is the Reason for HE Changes? | World of Tanks 60TP Gameplay

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World of 60TP Gameplay, Tier 10 Polish Heavy Tank. World Tanks 60TP With Full HE Shells Loadout. Most Dangerous Tank. Sandbox New HE Shells Rework.

Okay, I though I understand how the rolls work on the Sandbox server while testing new HE shells, but after playing 3 battles with FV4005, it seems to be even bigger RNG and unpredictable than before! 😛

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. As they said in the article… HE Spam is one of the main “reasons” why they want to rework the HE.
    But wouldn’t it be better to go over all the so-called problematic vehicles, instead of reworking absolutely everything? It’s like the test with the premium rounds they did – They didn’t simply NERF A, they BUFFED everything from B to Z.
    What is the most annoying “HE Spamming” tank for you? 🙂

    • False information. The huge amount of the player base has never ever request a rework on the HE ammunition. We have a little amount of rankt players after hull down HE spam they cry and we have a company WG cry about the huge ammount of HE spam on the russian servers because its a cheap ammunition type. Please not spreading out the information the huge player base want those changes. No HE regula tank its annoying because you could easy play them out when people know what they are doing. Annoying is EBR 105 all the time at tier 10 and annoying is 3 x arty all the time at MM you have luck we you get only 2. The ammount on arties and EBR’S should be fixed not a ammunition type.

    • Martin Galindo Gaming

      Disagree with the amount of he u should use in your ideal 60tp, i like it with around 15 and the some aps and some HEAT.
      Mostly in ranked battles, in most of the situations they are in hulldown positions that u cant pen them, but can deal 300 damage with HE. HEAT in this tank is usefull when u are pushing and can see their weakspots or when they are rushing u so they expose themselves

    • if i can say, more annoying that “HE Spamming” is “Gold Spamming” – can they rework that? 😀

    • @Alextd then you are a bot. If gold spam is annoying you this means you don t know how to play the game.

  2. ALL mm is good mm for gold spammers ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. No the reason is crybaby noobs who can’t play the game because they just wanna play 279 E’s and t95 chieftans don’t wanna take any damage. Because they don’t have the skill to play the game. You know, the 1% scrubs along with the other 49% of noobs who cry about arty.

  4. 6:28 wasnt there a change to that so it wouldnt explode? but that it would loose like 10 mm of pen ?

  5. Current HE in the game is a joke… its just brainless shooting…

  6. whenever they rebalance 279e and t95cheif I will let go of HE 😀

  7. HE changes are stupid and unnecessary

  8. They should keep HE rounds as they are, and just add de reworked splash radius thing. Lets say u pen the weak spot at the top of the turret and u set the engine on fire, they should change that with reworked splash

  9. so if they nerf HE in the way they are planning, the chiefturd and 705A will get some weak points for when they use their strong map locations right?

    hurr durrr.

  10. The SU-100Y because I like the big dick gun, she oneshots everything
    KingMasterLP EU

  11. T10 is going to be unplayable again with this nerf. 279 and Chieftain will be about as fun to play against as the old bobject was.

  12. HE is the great balancer. How else will you dig out a 279e if your stuck in front of him? If this rework comes in, you can kiss goodbye to most of the casual player base.

  13. Peoples didnt even know that rework is the buff for gold

  14. what about the Type 5 Heavy

  15. HE should be more than a meme

  16. i cant get in the sandbox server ?

  17. Is It a overall buff for Super Heavy Tanks ? And hull down Tanks ?

  18. The new HE with pent, no blast is like a nerfed AP round…

  19. Gerard Albert Natan

    Ah, 60tp. My first Tier 10 tank, and probably my favorite heavy (or not, cuz I like E75 more). HE spamming is my only solution to Obj. 279e, and hull-down S. Conqueror and Chieftains. Now, they are nerfing HE. I don’t know really know what to do anymore for that, cuz my gold ammo only has 317 pen. 🙁 Damn WG!

  20. Now even retards can win and even cary games with RNG help….why still play this game since it just became a casino one ? At least at casino you can win real money ….

  21. The test server has no training room to do proper experiments, and really no one shoots HE there but arty.
    Now all derp guns please proceed to the collectors junkyard and catch a handful of rust on the way there.

  22. Balancing HE means heavy armour gets a free spall liner; time to introduce dart penetrator ammo for using credit card.

  23. So wheres the armor rework for the T95/4201 and 279(E)?

  24. I just hate artillery it kills the game from any tier, just played top tier vs tier 6 and got focused by all three arty couldn’t move perma tracked boring and toxic

  25. The 60TP isn’t a Russian tank. Something needs to be done about this.

  26. So what’s the problem? plenty of shitters out there firing nothing but gold which negates armor a lot of the time

  27. Wot is a terrible run game. Mechanics are messed up real bad. Mm sucks balls and this 3 arty in tier 9 and 10 ,99% OF THE TIME what made me just quit all together. Have fun playing whoever’s keeps playing.

  28. I truly don’t think there is an HE spam problem. I do think there are problems with HE, they do do too much damage. But there is no issue with HE spam, those that complain about HE spam likely play tanks that cannot be penetrated otherwise. People who play tanks like Chieftain, 279 or other super-armored tanks without weak spots are the same people that complain about HE. In my experience, there is no HE spam other than the occasional idiot or if I play a tank that cannot be penetrated. Ranked definitely brings more HE spam because in ranked you are incentivized to do damage and a missed shot could lose a chevron, that is why HE is so prevalent in ranked mode, but if HE simply did less damage on nonpenetrating shots (specifically for higher caliber rounds but NOT to the degree of the sandbox server) then there would be less use for HE. I like that HE is more reliable for smaller caliber guns but the higher caliber guns feel broken on the sandbox server. WG just needed to change the HE damage calculation’s coefficient for non-pens from instantly halving the damage to maybe 1/4, or have differing amounts for different caliber rounds.

  29. I think this whole discussion wouldn’t be necessary, if every tanks would have real weakspots for same tier standard ammo (more or less, bigger or smaller), and the maps won’t be so tubelike. Back in the day there were no such problem…

  30. “AbsoluteleeeeeeeeEEEEEEE!”

    I’m saying that word like that in normal conversation from now on.

  31. What is wrong with spamming HE ? It’s in the game , just as AP, APCR and HEAT are. So if one chooses to fire HE as much as one pleases, the crybabies start complaining ? Grow up and deal with it, me and 95% of the community hate the 279(e) and Chieftains, and what happens ? WG removing those idiot proof tanks ? Of course not . So as long as they exist in this game, I will keep spamming HE with my 60TP, T110E3, Type 5, 705A, JPZ and all the big guns I have in my garage.

  32. I must disagree, majority of 60tp’s i face use only heat, like kost of Rusky/Chinese and checz tanks.

  33. this is bullshit idiot reason to nerf HE!

  34. I take 10 HE, 10 HEAT and 10 AP and it works

  35. How about premium ammo spam ? Play vs OBJ e297 ,Chieftain/T95 without HE. Why this tanks drivers use only premmium ammo ?

  36. PLZ, next do battle with OBJ e 279 with full premium ammo…

  37. Full HE is bad, because it makes hulldown 279s and chieftains less broken. + You know..1200 dpm tier X heavy is really dangerous.

  38. I used to play world of warships back in the day before Carrier rework, and I’m not please when I hear the word HE SPAMMING in world of tanks.

  39. So Dez, it’s the 60TP fault? People don’t like it if you play a tank how you want to, even though it’s just using the ammo available for it. Maybe it needs to be nerfed & while we’re at it lets nerf every tank. Lets make every tank’s gun a pop gun that when fired out rolls a flag with the word “bang” on it & streamers/confetti come out.
    “But you should be aiming at weak spots” I hear you say. Bah it’s up to RNG, that decides where you hit, if you pen or do damage.
    Didn’t you do a video about the accuracy of these tanks & how the stats don’t a line with what happens in game.

  40. I don’t get it.. I have over 60% winrate on 60 tp, and I actually almost never use HE ammo.. for me it is waste of potential damage.. even against hull down tanks I think to find other angle to hit them, before I even think of using HE.. something like FV4005, sure against them or that sort of soft armor, sure if I have enough time to load HE, then might use those.. but I like this tank for its potential dmg, hull down ability and decent armor.. but not for HE spam.. don’t know maybe I’m just weird dude..lol

  41. Stupid HE change. So now HE shells don’t actually explode and just makes hull down tanks stronger. If players are that annoyed by HE spam WG should just make spall liner better (by better I mean actually working)

  42. HE in this single tank is the problem?
    The “tier 11” tanks are the reason people start to play like this, you said it Dez, CHIEFTAIN, but also OBJ 279e.

    Put these 100% (!!!!!!) gold spamming OP reward tanks in a new tier, that solves a big problem.

  43. The issue i have with my 60TP and HE ammo is that everyone spams me with HE ammo as a 60TP because it has a few small weak spots on the turrent so i can’t use my depression on my gun with out being spammed HE. Testing this on the test server i found a much better and enjoyable experience using my 60TP because i am no longer getting blast spammed by HE ammo. Using AP always gets it done on a 60TP for me :D.

  44. HE spam is only the symptom, it is not cause. The cause is that there are basically no weak points anymore. WG is providing weakpoints where you even have problems with the gold ammo. I am only getting angry when i noticed how WG wants reduce this “problem” – i mean it is not even a really problem in my eyes. 🙁

  45. Still-not-extinct-dodo

    I very much this than having IS7/chief/obj705a putting themseves in good spots and being f invulnerable!
    If they shall nerf anything that would be the f goldsd

  46. You know Dez that balance and Wg is a love story right?

  47. Who is that playerbase ??? It seems they are dum stupid like WG .

  48. also why HE 60tp is annoying but no one cares about E100 spamming he, is because its way harder to do damage in E100 and not expose yourself, so when E100 deals 300-400 dmg and gets in return 500+, people doesnt care much, but 60tp has actually good turret and gun depression so a lot of the time you cant do shit to it while they slam you for 300 in the face no matter your position

  49. So the survey results say that 75% of players agree with the HE changes and what I’ve seen in comments on the forum and various youtube videos is that 9/10 disagree with the changes. If this goes live I think we will have Rubicon 2.0

  50. The new type 5 lol.

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