FURY IN WAR THUNDER! NEW SERIES! – Subscriber Montage ✈

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Source: PhlyDaily

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*Tiger *
*M4A1 (76) W*
Unnamed volunteer
*M4A3 (76) Ws*

Other Thanks
IngrainedZeuz and SgtPearson as well for helping to scout the location


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  3. Second comment


  5. hey dad

  6. Phly do more of these please!

  7. Subscriber hype?

  8. 2nd

  9. second comment

  10. Ive always wanted to make a montage in war thunder

  11. 5th like

  12. Where’s my credit

  13. Jack put you up to this didnt he

  14. A mutha fuckin’ MONTAGE (a montage) ✈ !

  15. Surprised that Shai l’queef didn’t ruin that movie.

  16. 3:05 oh my god, that editing is on point

  17. AWESOME !!!!

  18. you mean like Botime’s montages? that your clearly not copying.

  19. 2:27 That silhouette looks like a WTF-100

  20. That was an epic fury video, If I could give him a reccomendation, it would
    be better light angles, that was epic though!

  21. The Amazing Hitler

    was the clip of the planes in the beginning part of fury to?

  22. The Amazing Hitler

    was the clip of the planes in the beginning part of fury to?

  23. Awesome!

  24. Fly Planes Plz!!!

  25. can you upload how to play war thunder on ps4 lol

  26. That was great

  27. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    nice,but why R they shootin with HE?

  28. btw if can, also upload more cod, or other games, since not alot of people
    play War Thundet

  29. Plis phly, there is better music than this russian shit.

  30. That was amazing

  31. Bi-monthly.. Otherwise known as once a fortnight Rest in Pepperonis English

  32. The Amazing Hitler

    what movie is it?

  33. 1:2KD scrub ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  34. Joshua Carrasquillo

    Awesome vid, but brightness really low. Could barely see some parts with my
    brightness all the way up.

  35. @phlydaily this is not his video its WeBes!

  36. men of war has better damage model of war thunder…

  37. spoiler alert?

  38. guess the intro was made by gajin, because the 109 lost

  39. awsome! i enjoyed this!

  40. Epic montage!

  41. LOVELY

  42. BoPhlyGaming? Is that you?

  43. Pff recreated Fury in War Thunder? I want to see the final Maus battle from
    Girls und Panzer recreated in War Thunder! :P

  44. It’s funny because I found this exact vid a while ago and I already left a
    like on it.

  45. Thanks for uploading! Could you credit IngrainedZeuz and SgtPearson as well
    for helping to scout the location and plan?

    For anyone asking, lighting is a problem on the PS4’s capture card’s end. I
    used the final Tiger instead of the H1 because that’s more historically

    Any other questions/comments directly for me? Reply here.

  46. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  47. Bi-monthly is every two months, bi-weekly is every two weeks.

  48. Mhmmm these series look interesting <3 Are we allowed to give you fail
    montages too?

  49. THAT WAS SIIIIICKKK !!!!!! Well Done !

  50. Phly, or should I say poly? 😀 – this is a lovely idea but I have an idea:

    You shouldn’t feature a full montage – but a trailer/part of it. You should
    talk about it, what you liked, found special etc so we would actually had a
    reason to go to the uploader channel.

    If you have a full montage on your channel, why should I as a viewer go to
    the other channel? I personally will, but many others wont.

    Oh and yeah, wouldn’t kill you next time so say hi back when I see you in
    game – its not like I blow your cover poly, aight? :P

  51. Juan Sebastian Cuesta Almario


  52. MIKE “rideacarr” 222

    Built a working Fury rc tank, it has working everything on it.

  53. Oxide is gonna win every montage +oxide

  54. That was gay nah meen!

  55. Man. Villicy is gonna be on this at least once a month XD You guys seen
    them? Villicy was also in Top 5 when Phly was doing them. Twice I think

  56. i just jizzed all over my keyboard

  57. for real the editing is on fleek

  58. that was pretty cool

  59. What does Shia say when he fires the tank?

  60. that was FUCKING epic!!!!!!


  62. Sir Stefan Channel!

    God fucking damn this was impressive. Well done man!

  63. Holy Tits thats awesome, wish I had some video editing prowess :/ Always
    wanted to do the Fury tank scene but use choice audio quotes from Phly and
    baron to add to the german tank as if they are Driving/doing a lets play on
    it. The whole comical vs seriousness of the scene would be rather fun :B

  64. let’s be real, those sherman shots probably would’ve went straight through
    the tigers front armor in WT:( but smoke shells would be a sick
    implementation if they ever did it.

  65. Specops Armageddon

    what move is that from in the intro

  66. love it

  67. Your Name (The gaming fruit)

    I saw the 1st one already it was on youtube but it was a very well remake
    version of Fury’s first fight in War Thunder

  68. OH just had an idea for someone talented in video editing.. you ready,
    cause you KNOW it has to be done.

    RED TAILS + P51+me262 “let me show you a little trick I learned”


  69. MonarchTherapsids Inostran

    tbh we need a realistic game for tanks. war thunder is okay at best. it’s
    only a but nore realistic than world of tanks. the tigers are overtiered,
    and all the tanks should be sorted by year, not tier. kv 2 should be
    unlocked earlier. there i said it. tigers should be versing lots of
    shermans which aren’t all 76s, and so on. i want a tank game where i don’t
    just get my tracks blown off every once in a blue moon, and shells actually
    bounce more… especially when its front armor of a tiger, is 2, patton,
    and so on… unlike war thunder. where a standard ap round can pen all 3 of
    these in the heaviest part of the armor sometimes. (least it feels like it)
    maybe a game that sorts teams by one fucking nation too. maybe a senario
    for battles instead of “go cap points” every single damn game. not to much
    to ask eh?

  70. I tell you what we need, custom maps to reenact fury with artillery teams
    and such

  71. that was great good job!

  72. wow the video is good but the quality fucking sucks

  73. I love that movie so much


    Too many feels in this vidya Phly. You even feature the awesome WT song.
    Too bad i can only upvote once.

  75. Anyone wants to make a movie scene here? I got no friends who are advanced
    on war thunder

  76. that was an awsome hype phly

  77. That is so well made

  78. Dude great I wish I could help someone with a montage like that I also
    recomend someone Doing the franz stigler and the American b-17 pilot

  79. nice bro

  80. so dope

  81. this was cute

  82. 2:34 panzer grenate osama bin ladin? O_o wut?

  83. Amazing *-*

  84. *Watching* looking pretty good
    3:07 *cums*

  85. That was epic, but I thought it would be more like Montages, not
    cinematics, enjoyed it nontheless.

  86. awesome clip!!

  87. that was totally wicked! *incredibles kid*

  88. Didn’t you already do something like this about 6-12 months ago

  89. my fav war movie of all time

  90. Сергей Васильев

    Не спеши

  91. That was fucking impressive

  92. 2:00 I see that, blue tip training round

  93. You rwaly like that one traler, don’t you Phly.

  94. Javier Terán (Bass Boss)

    I fucking Love that movie, And i love play War thunder. Put it together =
    Perfection! ♥

  95. hell yeah.forgot about that scene and good job guys!

  96. This was Great! Awesome editing.

    And I think Smoke shells would be really useful in War Thunder.

  97. whats the movie name?

  98. Look my channel to gentlemans

  99. David “madindie” Dew

    @ 3.05 love it!

  100. Whats the song in the end?

  101. I never wathced Fury, but this scene is such bullshit. The Tiger would
    (atleast in my opinion) shoot the first tank in the column, so the whole
    column would stop. And why would the Tiger leave his nice little spot where
    he can pick off the Shermans one-by-one?
    But this is only my opinion…

  102. Jacob Hardy (JacobHardy64)

    I know it’s very early, but Phly answer me this: what do you think we are
    getting for WT on April fools day??

  103. Well i think like these, the montage is awesome BUT if you are going to do
    these, please do it with an ACTIVE chanel, he doest put a video for 6 days
    and 1 month before that so ya

  104. amazing good job

  105. i enjoy the fury montage. Now i have high expectations

  106. I appreciate the effort… but in the end – too long, didn’t watch.

  107. Ильдар Хусаинов

    it is good. like

  108. TheOldStock_ Canadian

    There wans’t a scene showing petersons head getting blown off like in the
    movie. And wow! You have 172 subs just from this video great job to you and
    your team

  109. Tiger, why you shoot Tanks with small guns firts!!

  110. La-7 is a dirty prophanger!

  111. Pixelation Studios

    Phly I played with Louish the winner of the PO-2 race he was really cool.

  112. nice done!

  113. That. Was . Incredible.

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