Future Maps of World of Tanks

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World of Tanks. Today I’m looking at “Minsk”, “” and “Asian map” the future maps of World of Tanks!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. [PILZəN], ur welcome

  2. So they are removing several maps? Wow we is simply going down

  3. Province could work well, WG has put a house blocking part of the cap from campers so a fast tank could rush on and hide and force them to push back to base

  4. Why are they putting Stalingrad out of rotation? Think this map is pretty good

  5. denislav kerchev

    There is one thing we all want : severogorsk with the sturmtiger

  6. A Tunnel? That sounds tricky with the third person cameras.

  7. Windstorm it’s a good map why WG removes it 🙁 ?

  8. that asian map thou is that a fucken bismarck in port?

  9. 9:52 Already in wot blitz.

  10. Some maps should go I feel but making it standard as to maps it will take away a lot of verity and could run the risk of becoming boring to play

  11. Stalingrad is out? Good!

  12. Alexander Yordanov

    I love Stalingrad map 🙁

  13. Yes, variety is definitely needed in this game… It already feels like you are very often playing on the same map in a session.
    I don’t mind that tiny tier 2 map to go for good, but I hope that they are putting the rest back in after they had their time to render them into HD…
    Pleeeease 🙂

  14. I totally agree. I wouldn’t mind even bringing back ALL deleted maps, even this damn dragon map. I really don’t care that one side has a little advantage, or if the map forces different play style. I don’t care. I want to have fun. I don’t care if teams are unbalanced, i don’t care if the map is unbalanced – it gives this bite, “despite all cons, i won this game!”.
    After 45k battles i have many matchmakes where are plenty of more experienced players.
    In fact – majority of players in WoT is veterans.
    In every match, on every map – there is very little to choose from. I have med, get a highway… ok, fields, 2 possible positions on fields, good bye.
    It became so boring that i started to play my heavies like meds, just to do smth new. I climb the castle on himmel with my e-100, etc.

  15. no thats clearly a face:-) you are not alone qb

  16. 1 step forword 6 steps back gg wargaming jou sust made a big mistake
    There ar to few maps wat do jou do jo remove even more wy

  17. Confused_Travolta

    South Coast 🙁

  18. If they remove these 6 or 7 maps from the game, i quit

  19. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    I think all maps should be kept… With five temporarily dropped every 3 weekly patch (as we have been having) and 5 taken out of storage. always the oldest dropped. With 50+ maps in use less people/SPGs would blind fire remembered positions on every map, as happens now.

  20. I want Pearl River back D:

  21. pls bring back dragon ridge!

  22. No QB, you’re not special… It’s WG that is especially stupid to remove even more maps. I stopped playing for lack of maps for crying out loud, and with them removing even more it’s pretty clear I’m not coming back for 1.0

  23. Why always my favourite maps get removed!?

  24. I don’t remember telling those WG fucks that I didn’t like Province so why the fuck did they remove it? It was as fun as

  25. Make more open maps and change the ratio to 50% 50 % of city to open maps distribution of games. (currently is 20 to 80 for more city maps as far as I know).

  26. that tunnel should be fun for potatoe’s lol

  27. The Asian map, i found out,it will be called Yamato Harbour

  28. Cause there is two ships, Musashi and Yamato, on the picture

  29. One of my favorite maps were Pearl River when it was still in the game and I think it was a shame when they removed it. I think it would have been better if they could have just remodeled it rather than removing it completely.

    I also really liked the look and feel of Hidden Village, maybe not as much the game play of the map but I think it was a special map and would have liked it if they had kept it in the game.

  30. they should remove paris the most sucky map in the game instead of sacred valley and swamp wich is nice

  31. hate it that they removed so many maps so far and will im the Future!!!
    Would like to See all of the removed maps back

  32. Swamp and Sacred Valley were perfectly fine, I don’t understand why they’d want to remove it from rotation.

  33. Personally I would like it if rather than putting in new tech trees all the time they should focus on making more maps. New tanks are fun and especially when we get new type of tanks like the Swedish TDs and now the new type of semi auto loading tanks in the upcoming patch, but when you play the same maps over and over the game starts getting a bit boring even with new tanks. I would love it if wargaming would focus on putting in more maps in the game. It would make it more fun to play and you wouldn’t get bored as quickly I think.

  34. Just bring back the old maps like Pearl River ffs


  36. Alexander the Great

    1 Bring a friend in platoon with a Maus in the tunnel
    2 Kill him
    3 Tunnel blocked
    4 ???
    5 Profit

  37. Norbert Schooten

    the only thing WG wants to make are smaller maps, so that the battles are over faster and they earn more money.everything revolves around making money, and unfortunately it breaks the game

  38. Variety is more important than HD. Leave all maps in the game even without HD. Yes I groan at finding one of my least favourite maps loading but I think it would be wrong to remove it.
    I WOULD like WG to put effort into MM of player ability so that a tomato such as I never encounters the likes of QB as friend or foe until I have progressed and am worthy to meet enemies who are not many years (and a million tanking miles) ahead of me.
    I WOULD like WG to provide the ‘Team Training’ facility without having to have at least one other person/account involved. I have given up on trying to learn maps in ‘rooms’ created by others as the ‘training’ I have seen appears to be for TKs and trolls no matter what it says in the description. Yes I know that via a friend or a second computer (do I have either?) I can create my own room but that should not be necessary. I believe I understand that Team Training occupies the servers but I do not understand what the problem would be in allowing me to download the play area for exploration?
    QB – I love your videos.

  39. Imo they should give us back all the removed maps BUT just for training rooms.. Just to have a bit of nostalgia and to remember the good old times 🙂

  40. I really miss Hidden Village, used to love that map 🙁

  41. No word on Erlenberg, though. Are they really going to keep that broken and immensely boring map in the game, but they are removing Hidden valley, which is better than Erlenberg by a light year?

  42. If i was wargaming i would just put new maps into the game, the people who don’t like some of the current maps will have less of thoes maps played cause of the amount of maps… its just sad when you love a map and have to see it go 🙁

  43. If this game needs anything its new maps that encourage players to use their brains and not just line up in corridors and spam gold rounds at each other.

  44. Asian map is in WoT Blitz (the docks one)

  45. Oh I remember province! I loved that map! I’m really happy that it’s going to be back…

  46. Province : so much memories of this map

  47. I fully agree – so many maps that were pretty good giving so much variety, just gone… and at the same time, we have not just one, but _two_ Prokhorovkas, _two_ Himmelsdorfs, and _two_ Ruinburgs… We’ll still have about 30, but I do miss Hidden Village, Northwest, South Coast, and Pearl River – I played a lot on Port too when it was one of my clan’s global defense maps 😛

  48. yey Mink 😀

  49. OMG PROVINCE!!!!!!

  50. Noooo WG what are you doing?? Why take out of the game maps that are good??? Guys YOU MUST PUT IN MORE MAPS!!! EVERYONE HAS BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS WE WANT NEW MAPS!!!!! Anyway those maps entering seem good…but please I would love to see every new Patch with at least 4 MAPS NEW OR OLD (“to rebalance”, the excuse they gave to remove them)

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