Future Rewards in World of Tanks? T-34S, Chimera and Excalibur!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m theorising about possible tanks that will be featured in the second personal missions campaign including the T-34S, Chimera and Excalibur!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. The only one that looks remotely interesting is the Chimera. The other two will probably be nothing but sacrificial lambs, used to reveal the enemy when they fire at them. If the T-34S is the first reward vehicle, then I won’t bother with the missions. I’d rather just have fun playing the game instead of stressing over yet another under-performing tank.

  2. Anthony Aaron G.

    I think you pronounce it as chi-mera

    Not Kai-mera or Kimera

  3. Chimera gonna be op as fuck if the mobility stays like this

  4. Looks like WG’s premium tanks haven’t been selling very well lately. Now they have to make the Chimera even more ridiculous than the Skorpion, Defender, and Patriot so that it will sell.

  5. What,,, what the hell is it,,,, toilet?!? or FV304+120mm gun???

  6. the excalibur is gonna be fun to drive lol it’s such a silly and unique tank i love it

  7. There you go, broken core play for the game and they give you shiny things to play with as the ship slowly slips under the waves.

  8. The Excalibur looks like that blue vacuum cleaner from the telly tubbys

  9. Hey QuickyBaby can you make a T28 Prototype video?

  10. Nice try to get us to click the Britania video – not going to happen Willy

  11. They need to make the Chimera a TD. They already have fucked with the classes of british tanks (the Matilda being a medium not a heavy, the Crusader being a light then a medium, the challenger being a TD while the Firefly isn’t) So they might as well through historicity to the wind (which they do anyway in regards to their precious Russian tanks) and make the Chimera the much needed British tier 8 TD. Would fit right in with the Charioteer, with high mobility and alpha. Give it less traverse/reverse speed, and lower hit points and you’re good to go.

  12. that Excalibur looks like a tank where T-28 Proto and FV304 had sex and thats their baby

  13. Okay october to finish MD15 for object260. Tvp 50-51 is a good tank for it?

  14. The T-34S looks like a BT-SV.

  15. *QuickyBaby reveals the Excalibur*
    Me: (Vommit) WTF is that!!!!????

  16. I wonder if the new missions are in addition to existing missions or replacing them?

  17. T34-S looks cool

  18. The Chimera reminds me if the tank you drive in resistance fall of man, anyone else think that too?

  19. The WG staff working on WoT is a bunch of idiot bitches. I wanna take a bat to their skulls and get all my money back!

  20. Hugo Zetterberg

    I would be very happy if you did more previews on artillery

  21. Can you make video about SPG. They are too weak now :(. Thanks

  22. I like the look of the Chimera. Will be interesting to see how they release them.

  23. Ronny Börjesson

    Hmm. Does anyone know what the markings are on the following tanks on testserver? Tanks that I found with them are: T-44-100 (R), ISU-130 and KV-220-2 T.

  24. I can’t believe you are still giving this game credability by putting out videos promoting this game. Where are your morals?

  25. Why the fuck they call it T-34s, when it is t-34e version. Those dumb cunts in wargaming cant get one and one together

  26. Excalibur with 15kph reverse, hmm

  27. i lost a game of rock paper scissors

    First the british boat, now it’s the super van

  28. A T-34E? Come on Wargaming.

  29. It’s actually T34E

  30. Armand's pagina

    I really hope that the missions as they are now, will be there afterwards. It would be sad if all current missions would be deleted and you have start all over again. I mean, i’m almost there…
    And that’s for the StuG i mean.. ?

  31. When he was comparing, they t34 was configured, and the t34s, was standard aka, without crew skills or gun rammer, so the t34s is actually stat wise a but better, just a little heads up??

  32. Richard Forrest

    will framton will the object 260 still be available

  33. at least Chimera is not the wh40k one 😛 but i am all for some new mission sets, i am stuck on t-55a like forever, 2/5 done and cant progress…

  34. What would you think of a sort of “Legacy” teir game mode with only modern tanks. So like the M1 Abrams, T-90, Challenger, Leopard 2 and the Lenerva Tanks in Wpeld of Tanks.

  35. Chimera : Box Tank Redefined.

  36. STOP ! Stop making tanks ! It’s a friggin disease with these guys just stop releasing new tanks it’s not a good thing

  37. Иван Батура

    A few words about T-34:
    1. T-34s with add-on armor were called T-34E
    2. All additional plates are 15 mm thick
    3. Here is a picture from another game: https://wiki.warthunder.com/images/5/57/T-34E_Garage.jpg

  38. Liebe und Hasst


  39. DPM for a gun that does 75 dmg average saying ti does 2,3k a minute is actually theoretical. You would actually have a really good game if you do more than 2k dmg with 75 avg. Most games with T-34 the dmg is between 500-900. Thus I can safely conclude that the T-34S gun is more flexible and maybe even better.

  40. Excalibur to replace the Churchill GC???

    How are the crew setups in both new UK vehicles.

    Personally I would have loved seeing a new UK heavy premium

  41. While wg adds more op tier 8 premium mediums my cdc rots slowly.

  42. Can you give me some mail where I can send a message for WG

  43. ZeleneBeretke_RBiH

    QB you are from US? I was 100% sure that you live in UK

  44. Chimera could be interesting 😀

  45. the excalibur doesn’t seem to be that big

  46. Edward McDermott

    QB world of tanks blitz is going to get the chieftain mk.6 very soon btw

  47. I dontlike the chimera
    wg didn’t make 490 dmg on the mauerbrecher because “it would be hard to balance” and now they make it for a medium tank wtf

  48. Do any of you think wargaming will add new tanks to WoT on console. Starting to get board of the old tanks and seeming all the new tanks on PC makes me jealous

  49. Hey look it’s the T-34E we have in War Thunder

  50. I would prefer tier V, VII and IX reward vehicles simply because of the matchmaking, but these look promising too.

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