FV 4005 goes ham!

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  1. If Sir Foch was Mayor of Wargaming City, WOT would be a much better place

  2. 1/4 chance to roll high enough to pen the front of a Type 4

  3. You’re getting dangerously close to that 50k subscribers mark. I wish you
    many more. You deserve it.

  4. This is why you don’t look into the barrel of the $hitbarn~!

  5. Sirfoch you know the stream you did 2 days ago, well what was the music
    called to the intro of that?

  6. I love your vids Foch. I bought the sta 2 because of the good things you
    said about it and love the thing and also grinder for the e50 after
    watching your review on it. Also, 0:37 lol XD

  7. How did it pen type frontally

  8. Best commentary ever !

  9. And thats why i switched to War thunder. No RNG bullshit, it takes skill to
    aim, ballanced maps, ballanced MM (appart from ATGM), ballanced tanks,
    better graphics, less pay to win, different game modes ect.

    Honestly i dont know why anybody still plays wot

  10. Jajajajajajajajajaja wtf foch….

  11. We call the FV4005 either the ‘Dumptruck’ or ‘Fridgeturret’…I personally
    call it the ‘magician tank’ as it makes full HP tanks dissappear with a

  12. “take a fucking pencil and fuck yourself right now” Foch to arty players
    2017 <3

  13. best commentary in a long time, would recommend 10/10

  14. Any specials on 50k subs?

  15. Foch how about doing video with your opinion about sandbox changes?

  16. I would absolutely love to see the live version of that Type 5. Anyone got
    any idea which stream that was?

  17. Michael “Black Baron” Wittmann

    God damn Foch, you are gloriuos!

  18. Thanks mr comedian XD

  19. Fair and balanced comrade, fml, lol

  20. All skill, no luck. xD

  21. My favorite part about playing the shitbarn is its <1% STATIONARY camo
    rating with paint plus 100% camo skill on all crew members. A JPE100 has
    more camo than this piece of shit. Oh yeah, and a 14mm turret so arty can
    one shot you every time. Definitely worth the armor, .02 dispersion, .38
    aim time, and 1kmh top speed advantage over the FV183.

  22. i think of it as the `paper star` because its a death star, but its made of
    paper :D

  23. So let’s argue about how everyone gets it wrong and if you don’t agree with
    me fuck you. Then let’s have a reply which highlights how full of shit my
    salt is because reasons.

  24. Total Skill : Lord Foch!

  25. But you dont only click in arty, you relocate with your keyboard!

    Oh wait people dont relocate and all arty players are gonna do with their
    keyboard is drown and press “G” if they have battle assistant

  26. Abbey, not Mines foch :p

  27. Didn’t you say you went full hesh in this tank a few vids ago?

  28. Classic commentary…plz don’t nerf your style.

  29. Foch using gold primarily? On what planet am I

  30. Well, Sir Foch does not play arty. But…. let’s be honest, this tank is
    equally broken.

  31. snowisthebestweather

    7k credits profit.
    Shitbarn OP credit maker

  32. You, sir, are hilarious.

  33. Jonathan Traivers (Riskel)

    Foch, could you do “Arty goes ham” or Arty reviews?

  34. If they gonna nerf the alpha on the shit barn i hope they gonna nerf arty
    to because they are the only thing besides this an FV215B 183 that can one
    shot you at least whit the 2 English TD’s they can shot you back instead of
    fucking clicking you from the other end of the map, know how often a arty
    hit tanks in real war like NEVER and if they do the shells cost like
    300.000 $ so tired of arty really considering to stop play WoT if they dont
    soon gonna nerf arty dmg make it like armored warfare is my opinion

  35. Poor Batchat…

  36. sir, it’s Abbey and not Mines :D

  37. Never seen a shitbarn drown itself either. Unlike that fucking scrub fucker
    in the 212a

  38. hhaha even jingles called it today in mingles with jingles the shit barn

  39. I think it is quite funny how he denies that FV gameplay has any parallels
    to arty gameplay and then the replay just completely proves him wrong rofl.

  40. he penned front of “superheavy” with HESH…………

  41. Why these kind of tanks are still in the game, I have no fucking idea.

  42. How the fuck did you pen that Type 4 with hesh? How much pen does it have
    …. wtf?

  43. Always love your honesty Foch, nothing like knowing and hearing others have
    been saying the same shit since 2011 and yet enough autistic fucks keep WG
    from changing…
    Here’s to hoping they finally do something with the sandbox… in two

  44. The memes.

  45. Hey Foch, I’m making a rant video about WG’s retarded view on the game and
    how they should go about developing it — particularly the sandbox shit.
    Can I use clips in this video to demonstrate some points I’m making, such
    as 25% pen RNG allowing you to frontally pen that Type 4 Heavy with an HE
    variant, or HE tanks making armour less effective (dealing over 700 damage
    per shot to super heavies and armoured TD’s like the E3 without even
    penning them), or would you have a problem with that?

  46. I call that pen at type4 from front HACKS!
    SirFoch, you pay to WG! Admit it! xD

  47. Dota 2 has a ton of rng as well, yet it’s the premier esports title in the

  48. 30 seconds in the video and I already liked it

  49. Aiming is for noobs, just point and shoot.

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