FV 4005 Goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Shitbarn = best barn

  2. Don’t see much point in progressing far up this TD branch at all, what would be the sweet spot/keeper tank of the line?

  3. Sacred Valley you potato

    unsubbing for no map awareness! 😀

  4. General Der Camper

    Is it wierd to get a boner when a deathstar gun pens?

  5. I come to think of it. If there was no their 10s in this game, this game would be alot balanced

  6. Federico Di Liberto

    Would you rather be in a Fv215b (183) with 235mm of pen* or a FV4005 wth 275mm of pen*

    *with HESH

  7. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    i hate this tank and Deathstar its like Arty, broken as fuck

  8. Omg, Foch and circon both uploaded videos I saw on twitch DX

  9. Hilarious to play but detrimental to the game in general these HESH monsters.

    Fun to watch though!

  10. Apparently the Waffentrager Auf E100 is overpowered and this thing isn’t.

  11. Poor Is-4 player.

  12. Sir Foch you are in love with the shit barn. You are playing it way more than anyone should.

  13. That first shot made me sad.

    t. Player with 20k XP left until unlocking the IS-4

  14. ahahahah sounds like you’re having a stroke at 1:53

  15. how the hell did u pen that is4

  16. that first shot was disgusting

  17. Risk it to get your biscuit!! Still laughing at that one!! Thanks Foch!

  18. Foch me, didn’t realise how hard that fucking thing hits!

  19. lol, 8468 damage in a 5:24 game…well done!

  20. more time passes, more happy i am for selling IS-4, omg that tank is so bad compared to their counterparts, and here is the proof, its just ridiculous a small tank that relies on armour with an weakspot like that.

  21. This is how you use sarcasm, learn from this guy

  22. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    5 crits on that is4…i wonder how many things died in there…

  23. is4 – you seem to be mocking it. why?

  24. Awesome game, but how the hell did that IS-4 shot pen? From what I know, HE doesn’t overmatch, and it does take angles into account when calculating the penetration. Was that just on the edge of non-auto-bounce zone, or am I missing something?

  25. this is so close to arty, you may as well play it Foch. Go on. Submit.

  26. That intro always makes smile on my face

  27. Foch, you didn’t pen Is4 from afront, but from atop…paper roof and all that, same as Is3.

  28. That Is4 uninstalled

  29. well clicked i guess

  30. IS4 is shit.I still love it, but it’s shit. Everytime I see a Maus I litterally want to desert the game. Maus relies on player skill for bounces and IS4 relies on RNG.

  31. I love having big guns like this on TDs. There is so much of a fear factor when you see them, and playing them makes memes.I hope WG doesn’t do away with the big alpha.

    Fuck arty tho

  32. Kinda reminded me of e sports shot at type 4 heavy

  33. would have loved to see the critical hits to the IS4 😛

  34. As I said in Circon’s comment section: you guys make a great team. The Shit Barn is frustrating sometimes and other times it is amazing. I did TD-15 (for the 260) in the FV 4005.

  35. Jesus christ all those destroyed modules on the E75 and IS-4 (4 and 5, respectively).

  36. “Risk it to get a biscuit”
    -Foch 2017

  37. Freshwater Spaceman

    Can’t get enough of that intro. Arty scum.

  38. “This shot goes to everyone who still believes IS-4 is a good tank”

  39. Being such a staunch anti-arty advocate, how do you justify playing such a cancerous fag wagon?

  40. 1:51 Foch’s evil laugh

  41. Denzell Rodriguez

    lol the TVP on your team. What a baby.

  42. Pyrotechnic archer tv

    “Get the free shots for free”

  43. “This is what happens when you have morons in TD’s” apparently 🙂 that TVP T50/51 super salty. Of course it is true you and Circon are a pair of morons.

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