FV 4005 goes ham

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. You are such a salty player.

  2. Glue sniff hilarious😆😁😂🤣

  3. Oh. Shot barn needs a huge Buff. No Armour! No mobility! Pls make a cry video and ask WG to buff this tank.
    Even consider to improve the gun handling.
    We all need a tank that could score 1,000 at each shot.

    Please WG, pimp 183mm guns. They are the mark of the entire game.
    Oh, and nerf everything else to shit levels.

  4. Christiaan Carstens

    IS7 braindeadsicle.

  5. wot is dead ..

    • People have been saying that for five years…

    • Stephen Green wot is dead since 9.6

    • People only play it to get a kick out of the 25% RNG working in their favor. Trust me, I’ve played this game and it’s rigged against you until you are forced to put money in it. F2p games should make money, but shouldn’t force people to pay money. Shit game, I hope it dies.

    • Asif Talpur if you have a problem with the game not being dead yet, then you probably shouldn’t watch videos about it 🙂

    • madsante I love foch. He’s the only one with the balls to speak up about the bs game. If they do what foch says, which is balance the game, I will come back.

  6. Just Tiger 2 things… Glad to see nothing has changed.

  7. Foch, I can see your next rant video. The new Russian tier 10 heavy Object 277 is the next Bobject – it has DPM, alpha, speed, armor. Its only downside is the gun depression 😀 . For the people who will say: “It’s still in the Common Test” – so was the Obj.268 v4 and it made it to the live server.

  8. how are you sound settings? i love the engine sound you have!

  9. nice vid foch i know about the MM but yeah we know sucks

  10. Can you do a new “Is it worth the grind” for the shitbarn after the buffs?

  11. Would have done double that damage with the M103.

  12. Bismarck Der Teufel

    I’m waiting the salty rant about the Russian refund of the pref MM tier 8 like KV-5!!

  13. “Morning glue sniff” You make the best commentary 😂

  14. IS7 with no damage, what a glue sniffing mong

  15. If I have learned anything in the years watching you play Foch, its that no matter what tank, what map…you are going to roflstomp. It may be genetic lol…

  16. Morning glue sniff 😂
    Stay classy foch. Never change

  17. Nice game foch

  18. “Had his morning glue sniff”.


  19. 3:39 “FV 4005 OP pls nerf I drove out like an idiot in my Tiger II (best WWII tank BTW) and I died to 1 shot hurr durr pls nerf now”

  20. Morning glue sniff, haha thanks I needed that.

  21. IS-7 a bot or just mentally defective?

  22. nothing About the PMM BS?? I thought for sure you would have made a video about by now

  23. I did some lets call it research I was checking my teammates stats after every 3-5-7 battle and always (in case you dont know what always mean – EVERY FUCKIN TIME) 2 out of 3 top tier players are at 3k personal rate or below… because its “random” and matchmaking “isnt” skill-based already

  24. Enrique Alvarado

    Ace badge, really? Are the standards really that low on PC. I’ve have 12k games with multiple kills and have yet to get to get an ace

    • Enrique Alvarado Ace Tankers are based after “Base-Experience” and not after kills.

    • Calabi-Yau Manifold

      It’s not a standard, it’s the average because it’s harder to do crazy damage in a much more difficult game version than that trash called Blitz or Console.

  25. Next Rant : Preff MM … 🙂 that would be soo much funny .

  26. This battle was just about 1 shot. Nicely done.

  27. Cameron McIntyre

    Morning glue sniff, made me rofl

  28. ill give a thumbs up for ” he has had his morning glue sniff”

  29. I prefer AP over HESh to be honest in my FV4005, make big tier 10 heavy tanks shit themselves when you take 1150HP from them when you normally can not pen them with HESH from the front. I see it all the time where Type 5 Heavy’s or Pz VII’s roll around the corner with like 900-1200HP or so, knowing that I can’t pen them with HESH, yet I don’t have HESH laoded, even though I carry 8 rounds of it, I also carry 8 rounds of AP, and bam, dead. even at the start of the game, AP to a top tier heavy tank, over 1k damage taken off their total HP, makes it so much easier for your team to take down that heavy tank (if you have not guessed I like to play my FV4005 on the heavy flanks) and push on words. I will load HESH if I know my next target will be something I can pen pretty easily, like a tier 8 heavy, or anything medium or light, and I do carry 4 HE rounds, just for those tanks that I don’t feel like spending more then a second sitting in front of. Jingles featured one of my FV4005 replays a while back on Ensk, his video is called World Of Tanks – Driveby. in that video I was using HESH because I felt in the mood to shoot nothing but HESH and it worked out nicely. some people think because I favor AP over HESH, that I am not playing the tank right, but most of them have never seen me play my FV4005, and see how I make the AP rounds work in my favor (most of the time) since HESH is a hit or miss, and I don’t have hundreds of thousands credits to spend on ammunition costs, and even less so since the 268 4 came into the game and I no longer play tier 8 tanks because of it.

  30. My sense of order is irked by the grouping of the credits in groups of 2, it is almost hard to read. Is that a language setting in windows? 🙂

  31. Hold on a minute… where did the “Hello ladies and mentelgen” part of the video go?

  32. gold spammer…

  33. OMG i love foch’s sense of humor, keep it up man ! <3

  34. Foch, what are your thoughts about Wargaming “perfecting” premium matchmaking?

  35. IS7 had a historically correct gameplay.

  36. Ageing Jedi, just left WG CC, has a nice rant video, first time i’ve ever heard him swear, and not just once, he mentioned Fochgate, it was really good.

  37. Love all vid done today by our community distributor, just like a film mix feelings 😂😂

  38. #eSports , btw I am always wondering wtf is going on with formating of those numbers showing the amount of credits earned after a battle?

  39. We need SirFoch goes ham video on the preferential mm nerf and russian refund.

  40. Foch I’d like to hear your standing on the KV-5 change, pretty much everyone has made a rant video about it except you. And I know yours would be tasty, your rants are my favorites

  41. IS7 no damage, lol.

  42. The Foch…  I like your arrogance.

  43. Great game again. You’ve been unusually quiet about WG latest PMM tanks screw up.

  44. Foch can you put some of your streaming on the youtubes?

  45. Gosh Foch, why do you post such fun 3/5/7 roflstomp games, I demand more suffering and salt!


  46. Honestly the fact that if your top tiers are trash/afk/suicide/etc in 3 5 7 mm is a massive flaw. Turns the whole game into a waste of time.

  47. I have been following that IS 7 but I think he won himself the muppet of the month award

  48. as always making it look easy, nice one!

  49. ❤️ Doombarn

  50. I had my T-54 oneshotted by a shitbarn today. It never gets old.

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