FV 4005 goes ham

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 8 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. TheSiteofRyanThomas

    Is everything all right Foch? Why are you posting so much? Did a fan kidnap you and hold you hostage and is making you post youtube videos? Try to send coded messages if so, wherever you are I am sure the police will do its best to try to save you , I hope you can escape soon, even if I love the spam of videos.

  2. My god, it’s like Foch’s channel has become a video advent calendar.

  3. Do u know how i call this tank, BIG BANG

  4. This is madness, Foch.. MADNESS!

  5. Blink twice if you have been kidnapped.

  6. I do love your “ham”-videos.

  7. “and here i shoot the 430U just for the sheer hatred of that tank” lmao

  8. woooooooooo shitbarn!

  9. okay okay i apologize for saying ”i dont think you gonna post another video before christmas” you won foch

  10. He’s such a sweetheart!

  11. Ultima Ratio Regum

    Foch,you always complain about arty and then you play this tank with full gold ammo…

    • premium rounds that reward better aim vs premium rounds that disregard aiming, different story

      also this is more akin to old arty, new arty cancer constant stun is far beyond this one-shot wonder

    • +justin jia He was joking

    • To be fair premium ammo that one shots tier 8-9 and even a lot of tier 10s is unfair. Not to mention disregarding armor and damaging you for 700 when it doesn’t pen.

    • to be fair, armor with 0 weakpoints for your own tier let alone tier 8-9 is fucking retarded. id rather be a one shot kill to a tank that I can easily pen with a fucking 50 cal than hopelessly shoot over and over at a jap HT

    • +SAR Foch had a message at the end of the video for people who say what you’re saying now. Did you hear it? Look into something called opportunity cost.

  12. What to much content gg ❤

  13. Looks like Foch is preserved by the salt.

  14. FV215b (heavy tank) goes ham!

  15. i missed those videos m8, keep it up

  16. the way you have your numbers is weird. 80,000 credits paid for ammo is 8 00 00, how does that work. Bloody Latvia 🙂

  17. holy shit(barn) what is happening

    foch + barn = best christmas present possible

  18. 4:45 “instead I shoot the 430U for the sheer hatred I have of that tank”

    Sums up how I play my grille 15 nicely

  19. Holy shit 3rd video in a month, what is this shit, christmas?

  20. Who are you and what did you do to Foch?

  21. I got nothing but love and respect for you Foch. Agree with everything you say about WoT.

    Shitbarn takes a lot of skill to pilot, similarly to the KV-2. You can’t just press W and shoot shit up and expect to auto win. You need skills and learn when to shoot, unlike the Type 4/5 and Arty that really only require a few things; pressing W and clicking at any red tank outline in front of you. Or in the case of artillery, just clicking on enemy tanks.

  22. Awesome! 🙂

  23. yet more game play on ya foch

  24. fuck this retarded tank

  25. Thanks again for posting. Worth the view

  26. lol shitbarn is hard 2 play haha

  27. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    I’ll grind this tank line for shits and giggles. Its good for marathon shits imo, just look how foch easily get the high caliber and 1.2k base xp.

  28. everybody needs new year pocket money.
    what to do?
    o wait. i know.
    lets use “brain dmged” wot players

  29. Another video? Who are you, what have you done to Sirfoch?

  30. 0: 45 WTF xdd

  31. hey foch will you make a review of the su-130pm?

  32. Load the Skill rounds

    I’m all good with these tanks, I hate arty, Japanese heavy tanks and the defender

  33. Koyume 恋塚 小夢

    SirFoch goes ham

  34. I am still waiting for the T54E1 goes Ham video ^^

  35. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    That BC-25T was hilarious to watch careening about the map. Didn’t last long but didn’t lack for excitement while he lived.

  36. Foch
    Getting spoiled with all the videos

  37. That high pitched voice mocking idiots fucking love it lulz

  38. Must be kidnapped

  39. Hey Foch, can you go ham in the T32, please?

  40. That’s a lot of YT videos! Thanks Foch! Could you do VK 30.02 D goes ham maybe?

  41. Kredes Kredesiński

    HESH was historical accurate only ammo for this tank, and you’r right about this tank. One-shooters like this should exist in this game. I hope we will see SturmTiger with 4000 alfa damage and 2 minutes reload just for the memes.

  42. SirFoch in the Shitbarn,
    Does it get better than this on YouTube?

    XD I don’t think so

  43. Pretty sure Foch is also the Shitbarn grandmaster, not just the Chi Ri grandmaster.

  44. nirmal kumar vaidhyanathan

    Love ur rants sirfoch…lol..

  45. “Instead complaining, get better in this game, avoid this tank…”
    Dude, thats just wrong. It basicaly means that you accept this abomination as some sort of inevitable neccessary evel. Wrong by many reasons. As if you told people: yes, that guy is a mass killer, but don’t report him to the police, just avoid that block where he lives…
    This tank is by far the most OP vehicle in the game, gamebreaking abomination.
    Of course people need to complain, hoping that WG morons will one day relent and take it the fuck out of the game.

    • How is it OP? Shit pen, shit accuracy, shit armor, shit everything except alpha. How is this more OP than Type 5? Type 5 has ammo which has no drawbacks and also insane armor. So how is this OP? This tank is also so fucking easy to outplay.

    • And also, wtf was that serial killer comparison?

  46. First shot: use auto aim for quick center shot

  47. Yesterday i deleted a T8medium tank…. 2000 HP with first hit. Thats why u play

  48. another video? praise the sun!

  49. Well got you in Charioteer yesterday, thanks to Fv 4202 who came and saved you.

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