FV 4005 goes ham!

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  1. 2 yers ago there were type 5 everywhere. oen year ago shitbarns everywhere, and some of us are still spamming this shit.

  2. Having 2/3 fvs on one side on campy and/or bushy maps makes you really afraid of doing anything until some brave fellas take the hit(and possibly die). I like fighting against one fv cause it’s easy damage but against 2/3 on some maps it can be really dumb. I would be fine with limiting them to 1 per team but there may be too many of them in the matchmaker for that idk.

  3. Priority nerf wargaming…Lets make a tank with 48.5%-49.5% winrate even worse while doing nothing about other 20 absolutely retarded tanks and bad game balancing. So fucking stupid. When they actually start to listen to the community, once in every 100 fucking years, they do it in the worst way possible by listening to 4000 personal rating shitters with 3.8k games like the super conq in this video. The funniest thing is that they didnt even nerf the alfa, they just made an already not so competetive tank useless.

  4. So many overpowered Russian tanks but offcurse they go and nerf the Shitbarn for no reason

    • Welcome to how WG does balancing around here. As always, its a misguided and roundabout attempt to fix something people were unhappy about, usually in the least helpful/practical way possible.

    • They are not nerfing the shitbarn for no reason. WG is nerfing it because it does a lot of damage. Of course the reason why it does that damage has more to do with a player base willing to ignore a 183mm gun pointed at them than it does with any sort of OPness on the part of the shitbarn. Players in this game are often really bad about driving out in front of big guns that do a lot of damage.

    • +echo9835 I mean, it is the second best TD slot tank aside from the 268 v4. The only other TDs that come close are the badger and grille. It would be like comparing the Super Conq to the Type 5 in their class.

    • I mean, my point was more that WG have to change things in the strangest ways possible, as though they cannot possibly bear to do anything the community asks of them straightforwardly (like a bad genie).

      Players complain about the high alpha of the 4005 (even if its frequently likely their own poor plays that get them hit). Then what’s WG’s response? Lets nerf the mobility! Rather than say, its alpha damage, RoF, gun-handling, or really anything to do with the actual part of the 4005 that gets people ornery (the gun).

      I’m fine with seeing a bit more balancing brought to machines like this, but it does feel like they will potentially be taking away the one aspect (mobility) that made the 4005 unique over the Death Star and Jägerü

  5. Christos Segkounas

    You need luck with your shots but also with your teams.
    They must suck as badly as this one.
    Once I was an Is-4 in a battle with one tier 10 and 14 tier 8s!
    I stopped at 9k only because my team didn’t suck as much as I would need them to, sadface.
    Of course this was back in the day when the armor of the IS-4 counted for something.

  6. Dear Foch is a pleasure to see you back and to listen to your well argumented issues.
    I am a owner of the “shitbarn” and have to say that many people dont realize how difficult is to get consistent result in it, On little maps like ensk you have immediately look for cover before enemy spot u. The gun is totally RNG dependant. To not pen quite often result in receiving a lot of fire back. IF mobility will be nerfed it will be even worst. I agree if a nerf has to occure better to lose some Alpha.

    • Yup. While I’m not a huge fan of the gameplay that comes from these high alpha TDs, even I can see that taking away its mobility and gun depression will remove everything that made the 4005 unique from the Death Star (and thus, it will become the worse choice rather than the alternate one).

  7. How about replacing FV Stage II with Stage I which is lower and giving it better camo alongside with the nerf so it would fit better in the line?

    • Maybe cause its OP. It had some sort of assistive loading system they were expecting 6 rounds a min. It doesn’t fit too Conway is too big compared to it.

  8. They should not change a thing on fv4005..

  9. Now this tank will go back to being a shit barn after those nerfs… They could just make dmg with hesh 1.5k

  10. nerfing down one of the few fun tanks left in world of tanks. nice!

  11. The pace of the uploads by my man here is amazing, he knows this ain’t no sprint, it’s a MARATHON, slow and steady wins the game 😉

  12. that superconqeror was a sad player for sure .. a bit of translation sheds a light on it tho .. his nick means “grandpaSVK” (slovakia) so i guess he is like 120 yo to have reflexes like that

  13. RNGesus was with you this game foch?

  14. Nerf Foch, leave my FV alone! Do you hear me WG?

  15. nice as always foch for a lazy11k plus dmg 07

  16. Destroyerman Fernandez

    Plss AMX M4 54 goes ham vid!!

  17. I dont even remember when I last time got one shotted by the shitbarn. Like said peoples like that conq are the ones whining.

  18. Foch, are you also the Shitbarn Grandmaster, besides being the Chi Ri ( that disgusting OP tank ) grandmaster ?

  19. The shitbarn on Xbox still has 275 average pen on the hesh that thing is deadly

  20. Nerf for Type 4/5? Amazing! But FV? I mean…. it doasnt need any nerf, this is situational RNG tank right now. WG make it playable like year ago or something. 183 just need Buff, and some other outdated TD’s, they can always give it same alpha on HE like JgPzE100 has (1400) and keep pen or nerf it to 200mm. Nerfing gunhandling on tank which already bad gun handling? WG always the same.
    ” Da comrade, blyat lest nerf GUNS, accuracy, everythink, pizdiec and lets buff armor! Da, cuz its more fun to NOT BOUNCE ANYTHING ANYWAYS CUZ OF PREM AMMO than hit something DA??? DA!”

    SConq 46,5% @ 47k battles KeK

  21. I love your salty as fuck videos, keep them coming!

  22. Bad students complain about exams. There’s nothing you can do about that.

  23. To semi quote Jingles “given enough time, even the most retarded noob will be able to fail his way to top tier”..

  24. Mariusz Dąbrowski

    I really like your vids Foch , but as an dedicated med and light player I shout loud FUCK SHIT BURN ??? GG ?

  25. Great one again mate! Thank for this video!

  26. The problem with the high alpha (and also the auto loaders for that matter) isn’t that a good player can do well in them, or that shitty players don’t pay attention and get destroyed. The problem is that a shitty player is 10 times more dangerous using them without being any better than when he’s driving a “normal” tank.
    A shit player can YOLO across open field and get destroyed but if he’s in a shit barn or a big auto loader he can still completely destroy the game of some much better player while doing it. All because of the tank he’s in.
    He’d still suck, his stats would still be shit etc. if his strategy is just to YOLO in shit barns etc. but that doesn’t matter to the guy who’s game got wrecked due to shitty balancing and game mechanics.

    When all it takes is a single shot (or when you can’t fire back at the guy with the auto loader because you’re still reloading) it makes shit players able to wreck the games for others without having to have the slightest bit of skill.

  27. Let wg nurf those f… ruchia taNk ffs its a f td only that gun make its fun pl players stfu u dont 1 shot a lot soo stay away frome this td f monky wg u destroy only more the game

  28. So I just watched this video and then had my first battle of the day in my KV2R … 1755 base xp my highest ever.. nearly 6k combined damage… watching SirFoch before you play is better than watching the Rocky 4 training montage…. thankyou sir

  29. No I don’t think this was op, for the same reason I thought the WZ 111 5A was not OP. There should always be a tank that is best in its class by a modest margin. Just because 80% of the playerbase hated the shitbarn simply because it was basically a Grille 15 with the biggest derp gun in the game does not make it OP, just powerful. There is a difference between powerful and overpowered that a lot of people forget about.(TBH only the 268 v4 at the moment is more worthy of taking up a TD slot on your team, the area denial effect alone was what made the Type 5 too good, as obviously nobody gets shot by the Type or shitbarn and avoids it completely due to foch’s advice)

  30. UP plz boof

  31. They say too much salt is not good for your health but I don’t care, I’ll watch Foch all day.

  32. Good thing they will nerf this PoS I hope fewer people will play this cancer.

  33. social3ngin33rin

    The enemy performed much better than your team lol

  34. Double Double 4G

    MEANWHILE the Types 4&5 still have their HE guns.

  35. Congrats

  36. I’ll put in this way. I’m a potato player, mostly MTs these days, and let me tell you in games against shitbarn I was able to kill or make them killed by team say 6 out of 10 and being oneshooted like 2 out of 10. And trust me I’m a professional potato player. This upcoming nerf are totally unnecessary and sad. Thank you for your content and keeping your honest and realistic side about the game

  37. This is a Peek-a-boo tank..If it see’ds you first…you will die…If they see you first…You will die.. Good balance..

  38. Because it’s not Russian…

  39. The shitbarn is pretty easy to balance. Add more armor and view range to make it able to spot for itself. That also makes it less campy tank to play. I’d add 200mm frontal armor and little (150mm) of side spaced armor to make it able to do some of that angling thing against heat rounds. To balance it out reduce the ap penetration by 13mm and change its tank type to artillery. If you give it the conqueror gun you could also sell it as tier 8 premium.

  40. Foch you explained it yourself they grind to tier 10. They grind (a lot). They pay WG to balance the in game budget. They grind other tanks for free exp. and grind grind grind.

  41. How they get to Tier 10? tryhard, credit card and zero skills

  42. Heres a hint wargaming dont nerf stuff that isnt op the fv 4005 and just nerf the premium HE on the type 5. But wargaming hates tds not allowed to have a good tier ten td.

  43. You should get orzanel to do a stream session then post it on youtube. Hes a good dude and a great player salty a bit like you sirfoch . His channel could use the boost but just an idea.

  44. Di you get the 279 foch ?? I did its pretty good.

  45. yup, they are truly about to kill this tank.

  46. Fuck man I thought my 9.2k game was good

  47. I love people complaining about the shitbarn, remember it had more pen? Yes? Then stop fucking crying

  48. I’m about to reach FV4005 and I’m so triggered about how they’re going to nerf it

  49. Maarten Hartmann

    Is that Nvidias hardware encoder on a modern card? The grass looks much better during movement than earlier stuff, pretty much the same as CPU encoding

  50. Lol salty you wrecked em you’re crazy ??

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