FV 4005 goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. +TheFochYou Challenge: Get any T10 artillery to the do at least the same
    DPG as you in your 4005 II (~3200 DPG) or 215b 183 (~3700 DPG).

  2. Dat 2nd title ^^
    Srsly for first time i read some stuff like ‘Sheridan’…WTF i said…then
    looked better… ahh Sirfoch…explains all… :D

  3. MemoriesAreLost

    He plays the shitbarn, but complains about arty… This guy.

  4. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    You asked for opinion on the new monitor: The interface is way too small
    now. Tank names, the minimap, everything. Regardless of that the quality
    itself seems fine.

  5. I just can’t believe you have 2 marks on this turd

  6. yea, fuck arty.

  7. Too be fair. There are almost always arties in a game. Shitbarns and
    Deathstars aren’t nearly as common. Apart from that, you’re right.

  8. is anyone else concerned with th drop in quality of pub games and all the
    mods flying around? I don’t condone paying for this game at all.

  9. Moritz Bensberg

    1440p 60fps hype

  10. dat 263, wtf xD

  11. not as stupid as arty. but having 3 per side in every battle might change
    ones opinion.

  12. hey foch amazing vid 🙂
    i tried out 1440P but the video started lagging and the audio was faster
    than the pictures :/ dunno if that is just for me but anyway

  13. Arty players – “T1 Cunningham is just as broken as arty, they both have a

  14. One of those games where most of the shots might have been better off
    firing ap :P

  15. Hey Foch, 4k monitor owner checking in. If you can, use a scaling mod or
    in-game scaling. I can see the small UI details fine on my 4k monitor, but
    when I put it on the 1080p monitor it turns into mini-text. Enjoy 1440p,
    high res is so worth it :P

  16. Wachira Narongsack

    what is your max damage done in one game?

  17. hello ladies and mentalgen

  18. Deathstar and Shitbarn is not even close to how broken arty is. However I
    do think that for tier 10 derp guns the jagdpanzer e100 is alot better
    balanced and implemented.
    You don’t get angry at them but the game is slightly more fun without these
    two tanks.

  19. 1440p is great, but your color scheme is too contrast and its annoying for
    me. Change it in the wot settings if you can/want.

  20. And WG puts arty into missions so that i have to brake my own rules and
    torture myself playing arty.

    Artyplayers should play browsergames, even thats more entertaining!!!!!!!!

    God damn, if i would have reallife i would have uninstalled this shit:PPP

  21. The 1440p is awesome :)

  22. i never get yellow ribbon on my ace taker.why is that??????????

  23. Thanks for the lesson!

  24. ‘masturbate with one hand and click on things with the other’ – genius!
    This is what I always type in chat when shitted on by arty. ‘Everybody
    knows what you do with the free hand M53/55, stop it, it’s disgusting’

  25. the 1440p look amazing on my s6

  26. tank names and minimaps are a lot smaller in 1440p …for YT videos its
    worse to have a 1440p monitor….

  27. lmfao shitbarn!?!? ha

  28. Stealthy Icytail

    Yeah FUCK ARTY

  29. i thought you have 3 gunmarks on it!?

  30. This resolution is way way better

  31. Unbiased as always. Keep it up foch!

  32. I watched about 14hours of the stream. I loved it! *Thanks Fochy!*

  33. Dat shot at 9:05

  34. 1440p looking good..keep it up

  35. Kenneth Naldahl

    I’m watching it in 1440p60 and its nice, although I have to let the video
    load for a minutes time, to not get interrupted by buffering, but keep
    loading in 1440 FeelsGoodMan

  36. FV is like arty. Because every average arty pleb can do at least 5k dmg in
    an FV, right? Oh wait, no they can’t.

  37. You did hit Skoda T 50’s side but it didnt pen because it has 3 mm of
    spaced armour over the tracks. Kinda ridiculous that 3 mm panel detonates
    183 mm HESH, but o well its WoT were talking about…

  38. 1440p not helpping alot…. some guys have better quality videos in 1080p.
    something wrong with your setting i think.

  39. That thumbnail

  40. I’m with Foch 100% People who say this or Deathstar is same thing are fking
    braindead retarded monkeys. It is TOTALLY different, i can’t even remember
    when i got even shot by these, you can go around them, you don’t have to go
    in front of them = They can’t shoot you if they don’t get line of sight.
    They can’t shoot you behind cover/hills/other tanks etc. IF they can shoot
    you, YOU CAN SHOOT BACK! If they miss, they wont fking shave some 500-800
    STILL of from you.

    Arty is so broken class and ruins this game totally, these don’t. Sure,
    they might be somewhat irritating and (unbalanced) but i don’t have ever
    problems with these. They shoot one time, then you kill them. Do not go in
    front of them, don’t let them shoot you, flank them, out play them and
    you’ll be fine!

    With some fking CGC ebolashitbox there isn’t a place where you are safe,
    you can’t play the game, you have to camp if you don’t wan’t to get shat
    on. Like we see here, Foch have to be behind the hill/rock all the time,
    can’t peek corners almost at all, IF once, then have to drive around the
    map and stay unspotted = campy camp play. And when spotted, few sec too
    much, hi did get immediately shat on. 10m miss, still fking tracks off and

    There is NO NEED for this kind of fucked up SO STUPID broken class in this
    game! Sure the window licker clicker wankers have different opinion, but
    they are braindead so not surprising.

  41. I’m enjoying the new resolution, it allows you to see the gameplay more
    clearly while still maintaing all the elements from the ui.

  42. Anytime I get penned and killed by arty I TK an arty in the next game.
    That’s the rule.

  43. >10k damage match! hats off, just wow

  44. you silly boy 263 :P

  45. Great video Foch, thanks!

  46. 10k dmg, earns 4k credits :D

  47. Looks nice 1440p Good game also.

  48. Fuck arty.

  49. I saw this on steam but didn’t realize he almost lost a 4v4 becasue his
    team couldn’t pick up one kill between them.

  50. looks great on 1440p!

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