FV 4005 review! Is it worth the grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. First?

  2. Love mine 300+ games in it

  3. The archer gun is facing the rear of the tank so its really going forward
    when you reverse

  4. 200mm rear aromor at the tier7, what the fuck?!

  5. so pretty much it sucks hairy balls

  6. Still, you’ve got marks of excellence on it. Can’t be THAT bad xD

  7. But would you say it has a punchy gun?

  8. I love his worth the gring vid. Very insightful. I wouldn’t say it’s a
    better review vid from other popular youtbers’ vid but it has a good flavor
    to it. Keep up the good work.

  9. Foch, can you do a new review of the 183 now that its’ HESH was nerfed
    after your 2 vids please? I’m having big difficulties making it work and
    would appreciate some expert views and advice. Look forward to…

  10. this explains why i havent seen many of these things around

  11. wait then turret doesnt turn the whole way round and its that slow? nah im
    getting a jagdpanzer e 100

  12. thanks for the warning about this line before i got further than tier 6 :)

  13. Firing AP on any 183 gun= FAIL, because JagerlOO. 

  14. 1:31
    You can put vents in the Achilles?

  15. Foch in a shit tank – 5k, Jingles only manages 1.4k lol

  16. The only bad part about the line is the Challenger/Avenger if you go the
    med way. BTW the Firefly isn’t really a med since it plays like a TD, the
    same way as the FCM 50t isn’t really a heavy.

  17. do you think i would be better if it had autoloader?

  18. Centurion hull is nice, but the designers thought: “turrets are so old
    school, lets try something different… …theres this toilet, lets try it,
    so we get a maneuverable shitter for the battlefield… and for the looks,
    lets stick a gun to it…”

  19. how about you enable fxaa in the future, it makes the game look sooo much
    better imo,

  20. Metsästävä Hamsteri

    has he done a face reveal?! :D

  21. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    Foch of there’s going 2 B a stream tomorrow plz play some RU f2p , i miss
    it so much

  22. I died at the “Huge Barn” part… xD

  23. yay! finally a salty review on the FV4005 line. Are you going to sell this
    tank after you’ve got the ace and the review done?

  24. So Foch..would you recommend or do review of Leopard PTA ?….

  25. Says it’s bad but still has 2 marks of excellence lol

  26. 1:58. Challenger has 200mm back turret armor? (Heavy Breathing)

  27. The challenger should be tier 6, considering it was the alternate to the
    firefly in ww2, and it was not a tank destroyer, the challenger was a
    cruiser tank (like the crusader, cromwell, comet etc) that fitted the 17
    pounder, the only tds with the 17 pounder was the achillies and valentine

  28. This tank makes stock ARL44 players sad. They thought having a 100mm dog
    house at tier 6 is terrible enough, then comes this tank with 14mm at tier

  29. Foch, how many games do you play in a tank before you decide to make a
    review on it?

  30. Are you saying “ladies and mentelgen” or am I crazy?

  31. Foch, it reminds me of the WTF E100. Large squishy turret (in addition to
    little to no armor), great gun, decent mobility….

  32. PUNCHY !

  33. Last night on Circons stream:
    SirFoch:”Oh, I got an ace tanker game, I can finally make a youtube video
    review of this shit!”
    and this game was one of the rare ones where Jingles didn’t rage quit!! 

  34. Love your reviews Foch always make me laugh and always real informative.

  35. Anyone else notice that he says “Mentlegen”? Does he do this on purpose or
    is it just because English isn’t his first Language(I’d assume)

  36. lemme just put some vents on my achilles….kappa kappa

  37. This thing is so big, it would of made a good Mobile arty..and the ammo
    amount Sucks for how big it is..
    the only thing keeping it alive is the HEALTH bonus for T10..

  38. Lets be honest here. We knew the answer to to the title long before the
    video came out. Just watching 1 of your streams will tell you that.

  39. could you do a video on the tortoise or british tds in general? not the
    fv215 183

  40. Lol Challenger has 200mm of rear turret armor…
    Like, what’s the point?

  41. “insuferior” dat linglish doe

  42. I think a Loltraktor at tier 1 can pen 14mm of armor with high explosive.

  43. lol that m103 

  44. The back of the FV 4005 looks like an outhouse.

    Come to think of it, most outhouses have better armour than the turret on
    that thing. 

  45. Geez Louise this gun is punchy. Still voting for PTA on poll though because
    the speed and punchy gun combo – you can’t beat that.
    Chi-Ri might beat that but that thing is broken OP.

  46. Glad you finally managed to ace it. I suppose you will never play it again
    now! Haha.

  47. as jingles said if a tank has to rely on gold ammo its a broken tank.

  48. I’m taking this line to the Achilles, maybe the Conway… Looks pretty
    bleak after that.

  49. I actually thought they will not release anything more stupid like the
    Waffle-100 … but hey, here you are

  50. Love playing against this tank when in WT auf E100. Loaded HE. First shot
    does 1092 damage, followed by 758 worth of fire.. 14mm armor.. Duh

  51. If the thing had a fully rotatable turret and more speed it would be worth
    it in my opinion but at this point it’s just a weak Fv183.

    It’s like the T95 and the T30, they are similar but the T30 is faster AND
    has a fully rotateable turret so it’s simply better.

  52. Always enjoy your video’s +TheFochYou … and your rants.. 😀

    I thought about going the new British lines… I am glad I didn’t :D

  53. makiz the Macedonian

    You are a fucking moron !

  54. if u havnt already do a review on the waffentrager PZIV tier9 TD plz cause
    i LUV it

  55. SirFoch 6k dmg
    Circon 5.1k dmg
    Jingles 1.3k dmg
    This is like the Conway review

  56. I don’t know why people watch that Jingles noob so much… And besides
    that, he is kinda annoying as a person, to me at least.

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