FV1066 Senlac Review/Guide, Is It Worth It?

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Source: Taugrim

I review the FV1066 Senlac, a tier 8 British premium light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 9 Westfield and tier 10 battles.

While the tech tree British lights have very poor DPM and excellent camo, this tank has middle-of-the-pack DPM and average camo. Overall, It’s a solid tank and reasonably balanced.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Excellent view range (400)
+ High pen HE shell (90)
+ Good silver AP pen (189)
+ Good gun handling
– Tall profile
– Paper armor
– Mediocre camo (~30 with BIA, Concealment)
– Poor reverse speed

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. S. AleElDestructor

    Me: in a sneaky Bush
    Yolo wheeled tank: I AM GONNA STOP YOU RIGHT THERE

    • Like I said back in Episode #110, when wheelies are in the match you have to play accordingly. It is what it is until they get nerfed.

      I did fine in the HWK 12 and in the Senlac, and both are tanks on paper that should struggle against wheelies due to having soft armor.

  2. S. AleElDestructor

    They should give British lights some god tier precision so I don’t have to wait 10 seconds if I miss

  3. Thanks for the video dude! Can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Dorin Maciuceanu

    I love your videos ❤️

  5. 7:35
    Wth is that symbol over Spaghetto?

  6. Informative vid as usual! Your content has really helped me elevate my game. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the video Taugrim. Hope to see you in battle. I did show a of me in the progetto platooned with you and cubantitankill.

  8. S. AleElDestructor

    I would love that, if the new equipment comes to the game, you upload a video talking about some loadouts that you like

  9. Jonn Vander Heul

    Attempt 2 of asking for a review on the tier 8 medium T69. Keep up the good videos taugrim!

  10. Another helpful vid. Thx Tau

  11. S T R V pls 😅

  12. Any tips in deciding if a game is worth posting on YouTube? I got a mastery badge 5k+ damage game in the defender, but is that worth the time to commentate? I prefer more hipster tanks usually.

    • It depends IMO on the quality of your decision-making and gameplay.

      There are times when one pulls a 5k+ damage game, but it’s largely because the opposition is making idiotic mistakes and anyone in your position would have had a big game.

      What I think is worth sharing are games where one chains together multiple correct decisions to tip the scales in the team’s favor.

  13. HazMatt Container

    Great content as always, I always look forward to your vids. Wish I could give you 10 thumbs up!

  14. Khaled Al Hamdan

    Very nice and informative video, keep it up made.

  15. Indignant Beaver

    Had this thing as a rental. Absolutely loved this tank lol Well played sir!

    • I wasn’t sure whether I would like it. There was a time where low-alpha, high-RoF lights at tier 8 were not my thing, but after playing the Manticore I’ve come to really appreciate the ability to keep firing constantly, especially when I get rushed.

  16. Loving the vid after vid. Keep ’em coming!

  17. I think the most important thing about this tank is that when they nerfed the 20pdr’s alpha for it, they balanced it against the AP damage for DPM, but it still has HE that has 90mm pen and has full 20pdr alpha. This combined with the fact that the HE shell velocity is 1:1 as AP makes this tank deadly with HE.

  18. Can you do me a favour and upload those while the tanks are still in the shop ?

  19. Taugrim, @ 15:09 “There’s so much I want to convey to you guys”
    Us: Yes please.
    Both types of videos are great, please keep them up. And please don’t us the anomymizer, It’s been great the few times I’ve played with you, and it is a challenge if you see someone really good on the other team, but if they beat you (as you do 60% of the time) at least we have an excuse. 🙂
    Serious question about the first game — going up to the town to provide flanking fire – every time I get up there and get spotted 3-4 tanks snipe me from across the valley instantly — you were spotted at one point but didn’t get shot at- did you know there weren’t TDs or Meds across the valley?

    • Regarding this:
      “Serious question about the first game — going up to the town to provide flanking fire – every time I get up there and get spotted 3-4 tanks snipe me from across the valley instantly”

      I was only able to safely do so based on two things:
      1. I waited to see if we’d spot anything on the K lane, and
      2. I counted the tanks on the mini-map

      You are absolutely right that playing the lip of the plateau is super dangerous due to the exposure.

      Had there been tanks on the K lane, my priority would have been firing / spotting them safely.

      Basically you can’t play a middle area like that plateau if the flank isn’t cleared first.

  20. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    I’ve never been vary afraid of the Senlac I find the tech tree tank a more worrisome opponent . The LHTM has a pretty good gun but low ammo count of course, yet I always had decent damage output and looking at this Senlac that gun doesn’t look like its doing a lot of damage per shot I assume its like a 76mm or something.
    about notifications: I suspect most people are like me they hate being notified of anything and I would have an endless stream of notification on my phone so any one notification would get lost in a sea of them if I clicked that bell to every YouTuber LOL

    • I think the LHMTV is the gem of the Brit light line. The alpha and pen are excellent, the camo is also excellent, and having the low DPM at tier 8 is manageable. It’s the tier 9 and 10 where the awful DPM is a huge wart, especially with how high DPM is at those tiers.

      FWIW, the notification % rates for my channel are below the YouTube average. And you know how much as a numbers guy how much that irks me 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    glad to see people recognizing you in game.

    regarding anonymous setting: I am a very average player and I found when I turned it on i got focused by arty a lot. i mean it was very noticeable. So I think turning it on is a bad idea

    • That’s so weird regarding anon and arty. Like why would they target you more? I wonder what stats show up for an anon player. Maybe they think you’re hiding because you’re above average?

      I noticed getting focused less when anon. But I noticed team mates were far less inclined to listen to me too. So as a Super Unicum YouTuber, there’s a trade-off.

    • I’m a bit above average, winrate is at 53%, recent winrate around 55%… I was focused a lot. Since the anonymous setting came in, I’m far less focused than before ! Huge difference.
      If you are average, test it by disabling it. You may be less focused. You will see !

  22. 0:01 into the video. Is it worth it to buy a premium tank for an underpowered line that almost no one plays? hmmm… I’m going to go with no.

  23. Those aren’t banana walls. Someone mentioned what they look like and I will never not see it again.

  24. Considering that British LTs tend to suck, why would one buy this when one could get a LT432 instead. Not that the Senlac is necessarily bad, but it’s kind of pointless.

    • Not pointless. I guess you mean something like : “far from being for everybody”.
      Light tank players may buy it, or simply anybody with money who bets the line will be buffed in the future.
      Who knows !

  25. Plz cent ax dude I’ve had it for a bit and I love it so far using the armor although it’s not great or impenetrable using it makes the tank great

  26. @Taugrim, love ur vids, however, it would be nicer if the intro music doesn’t overlap ur voice, or simply quieter… I had to turn on caption to understand what you were saying…

  27. nice job, good video keep them coming

  28. Fun game on Paris, was really surprising how much coordination we had from watching the map and pings. Always struggled fighting with friends on the same corner, especially with troll gun handling on Bourrasque.

  29. Dreadshells Gaming

    Senlac has an amazing gun, and makes up for a lot of the other weaknesses the tank has. I think it’s worth it.

    • That’s a very fair take, and I agree with you.

    • Dreadshells Gaming

      @Taugrim I love the spot you went to in Westfield game btw. I also play that slope or higher up on the low side of the village E5/E6 area. I noticed about 2 years ago the meta changed and the spotting lower down the slope doesn’t work as well anymore.

    • IMO the valley has never been a good idea. It’s too exposed.

  30. Who the hell is donating you free tier 8 Prems lucky 😂😂

    • I’m a Community Contributor for North America. So I get a lot of premium tanks for free. It’s a great program for content creators.

  31. Great stuff! Hey have you tried the AMX M4 49?

  32. I don’t own this tank so I can’t say but on hearing your guidance I’m kinda glad I didn’t get it. Again thanks for the top quality strategy guides keep them coming and Paris is pain to play Lol.

  33. Have to disagree regarding HE. There’s obviously a time & place to use it, but if you have no chance to pen someone who is using a hull down position, then it has it’s uses. Also I believe it’s better to score some damage than none & the possible damage to crew & modules can a make a difference, & the annoyance factor can be enough to drive a strong tank from a favourable position which could be key. I’m definitely pro your “uncut” vids, always informative.

  34. Top 3 scout-master YouTube CC’s. Taugrim, DauntlessTanker, 4TankersAndDog.

  35. Thanks, Senlac looks a little bit more powerful than tech tree. Notice you use coated optics rather than binocs. Guess the view range is ok too.

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