FV201 (A45) Ace Tanker + First Impressions

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Source: osirish

Rushed Vid again.

for free at http://play.any.tv/SHPHQ


  1. I would not call this as good as the Tiger. Not by a long shot. I find that
    the Tiger gets penned less than this tank and the gun is far superior by
    any measure.

  2. So – why should I buy this??

  3. WG have the following rule: if it looks like Centurion* it will be crap.

    *you know the best post WWII tank for a few decades that dominated the
    battlefields around the globe and killed ruskie tanks like no other tanks
    since… well Tiger (also similarly “balanced” by WG).

  4. Change that, crap speed as well, 0.5/5

  5. Think of it as a tier 7 excelsior. That is a quote from jingles not me. For
    me it has no armor, mediocre speed, junk accuracy, it’s huge, and it
    doesn’t have special matchmaking, and you would have to get 450000 do in
    one month and pay $15 or pay $60 dollars, oh and crappy penetration, just a
    huge waste of time

  6. As bad as the accuracy is, and can be while standing idle I actually found
    it to be rather effective when firing on the move.

    Probably a very diplomatic way to describe the grind the unlock this tank
    via the missions. Ignoring the prerequisite “keys” missions it took me 301
    games at an average of 539xp, with only the single ace. However, I had
    only ever played about 20 games in heavies prior so It was quite
    satisfying. .

  7. I find that it seems to get a lot of tier 9 games

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