FV215b (183) / Abbey / “That rarest of sights”

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Could it be, a game where I actually play competently? Um, well, yes, definitely, let’s just pretend that’s true, and ignore all the parts where it isn’t…


World of Tanks a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any.tv/SHL9q

Submit your replays for the channel at http://phj.-record.com


  1. that was a pretty awesome match! it is kind of nice to see someone else have great matches when Foch and Circon are present

  2. oh man, imagine the damage if you woudn’t have missed so many shots, but still, ace is an ace.
    well played

  3. Guerrilla11b Gaming

    Ah man watching them misses was painful with the ammo count, awesome gameplay though

  4. I don’t agree with the HE vs HESH. The HESH is unilaterally better in every way except for the cost per shell. Much like the Type 5, using standard ammo only gimps your performance.

    Secondly, the Type 61 played it correctly. A TVP fires every 1.5 seconds, dumping all four rounds in 4.5 seconds. You would be relying on a snapshot within that 1.5 second gap from the Type 61’s less than stellar gun handling.

  5. Steel wall in an 183. LOL. Well done.

  6. Little flyby advice Phj , Please make your titles more interesting !

  7. xD how the hell was this an ace? 70% of your shots didn’t even hit anything xD

  8. 25k subscribers. congratulations dude

  9. I think you were being VERY charitable 🙂 enjoyed the vid tho. cheers

  10. if there’s one thing I learned from star wars… it’s to always have the high ground 😀

  11. ThatAussieBloke

    You’re a terrible shot Jedi 😛

  12. Jedi Circon and Foch on the red team…. Just exit

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