FV215b 183 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Possibly one of surprising Ace Tankers I’ve earned.

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  1. This TD looks like a lot of fun. I have stalled at the AT7 and can’t stand
    playing the line any longer. The latest nerf to the AT7 has concreted the
    tank into my garage. Shame that :/

  2. PsychoMuffinMuncher

    This tank is about to come to Blitz. I have no idea how WG is going to
    balance it properly…

  3. Just goes to show that, post HESH nerf, AP is a lot more reliable. It’d
    have penned most of those shots and done a full 1k+ each. The VK is the
    only one that might have bounced, given what you had to shoot at.

    I suppose it can be argued that penning both those BatChats would have
    “evened it all out”, though. And penetrating HESH shells are still

    I was also going to say something about the massive accuracy difference
    between the KV-2 and 183 making comparing them a strange thing to do, but
    lets be honest here…innate Soviet accuracy bonuses make the KV-2 a lot
    more accurate than the paper stats suggest :v

  4. evil laugh is evil

  5. It was seriously overpowered before the global accuracy nerf and its Hesh
    penetration nerf… Got onehitted in my is8, e75 and is7 trough the front a
    lot xD

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