FV215b 183 – NOT FOR SALE

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World Tanks – FV215b 183. Next month, in update 9.21, the FV215b 183 will be replaced by the FV217 Badger – here’s all you need to know!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QUICKYBABY4WOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days premium, and a gun laying drive!


  1. Want to see a showcase of the entire FV215b 183 line?
    Live now @ 19:00 Sunday – 12/11/2017

  2. All I can say to that performance is :
    “God fucking damn man”

  3. since I have been a year working to this tank, I think i will just get in now
    and yes this is a painfull line to research

  4. Good riddance! All the guys defending the 183 are trolls who enjoyed ruining other ppl’s games…

  5. I can’t wait for “T10 – not for sale”, “Object 416 – not for sale” and “SU-100M1 – not for sale”……..

  6. I like this tank better than the 4005 and I reslly wished they’d let us ewen am even when they take them out of the game unless you hsve am I’m on the electro so I’m not sure if I can grind this out in a month so it’s going to be interesting

  7. The DEATH STAR will forever be in my heart

  8. can someone tell me why the fuck wargaming is making another vehicle into a premium and replacing it

  9. @QuickyBaby is this for Blitz too?

  10. Stupid WG, might as well replace every tank. INTO A PREMIUM TANK.

  11. I’m glad I’ve already got it 😉

  12. ah, another player “trying” to catch me in Fadins medals.
    I have so many Fadins, they named the medal after me.

  13. They try to keep all the fucking Russian tanks they can have, but remove tanks from all other trees. Like wtf.

    • CardinalGamer well its obviously biased becuase I think WG is a Russian company

    • CardinalGamer Pretty sure it says so on their website

    • thats why gaijin (also russian) can make the tanks actually balanced in their game and keep every wehraboo or the other countries happy aye ? 😉

      i think most ppl wouldnt even care if WG would make a new branch with tanks that never existed just to keep some of their favorite tanks

  14. hey qb my birthday is on the 23 of this month

  15. Hype! I’ve been waiting for a great successor to my Tortoise for sooo long. Can’t wait for the Badger! Huge fan of these dpm machines. I just hope the armor can hold up a but more than the Tortoise.

  16. I’m slightly disgusted…
    It’s almost like WG constantly move the tanks around to squeeze money from those who can’t grind it in time

  17. Wot is even worse than before, now they FORCE you to grind / buy gold to free XP your way to a tank that will be deleted … its the third time now … why the fuck can’t there be 2x tier 10’s ?!!!

  18. Where is artillery at?

  19. If you guys are just as pissed as I am that wargaming is screwing up their own game hop on the Xbox version of World of Tanks were they don’t screw everything up and there’s actually old Maps being played in the map rotation.

  20. Why not just add the 183 to the FV4005 line as a 2nd tier 10? I can understand it doesn’t match the line but why remove it?

  21. Well this isn’t right for people who are grinding for this tank because of it’s derpy gun. Why can’t they just add a fork in the tech tree? No one can complain about more tanks that way

  22. *_My first tier 10 is being removed? Only took them 5ish years to remove the Death Star from the game I guess. :P_*

  23. for some reason your video didnt show up in my sub feed

  24. This guy is an excellent shot, must have one hell of a crew

  25. If you dare try to “shotcut” with the Churchill GC. But be aware. The Churchill in the name is only reflected by its speed and not the armor 😉

  26. Dude, try to push up type 5 dpm, if you use prem rounds, you can push it up to 6.5 K dpm

  27. Hey Quickybaby,
    Hope all is well with family. You said something that hit home with me. Grinding all these XP points as I can get the 2 for one deal. I don’t think new players know how important and savings it is to go for this deal. Even if TD’s are not your thing. As a Collector it is a must have. Problem I have is what you said. “Getting burnt out” on world of tanks. Losing now seems to hurt more and upset me more. On the flip side, winning a big battle I noticed that I just reset and move on to next battle. Without enjoying the Win . Any tricks on keeping focused and staying in the right mind set. Rather then Raging at every little mistake. I hate what World of Tanks is turning me into. As a disabled player I know I will never be Great, but I still want the passion for the game . Any Wistom?
    Thanks and God Bless ……….

  28. The fv215b183 is still op on console and people refuse to admit it because they’re fucking plebs

  29. any one notice that nothing was said about the FV217 Badger since the start of the video?

  30. why isnt WG making new branches with tanks that are either completely fantasy or somekind of real ? :/ i think most ppl wouldnt even care aslong as these tanks are somewhat balanced

  31. Omg the comment section is filled with Crybabies…. Just deal with it and get the 4005 if you don’t have the time….good lord

  32. F#cking Bolsheviks tried to prevent Hesh kill their bias tanks,cmon Wargaming,how about remove Russian Bias next month?War Gaming:Never

  33. How many puppies did he have to sacrifice in order to get this RNG in the Deathstar? Well played to him, but crazy, crazy RNG and damage.

  34. it will removed from pc game or ALSO from the phones game ????????

  35. 183 should never have been in the game.

  36. I’m interested to see the Badger’s armor model. I made it up to the AT-7 before I gave up on the line. I don’t want to trundle along for 300 games to get to a tank that isn’t fun to play.

  37. I started this line long ago, to get this tank. On t8 atm and so far i only found the AT-2 fun to play, after that, the following tanks just felt like slow moving, flat, exp pinatas. The only thing that has kept me from giving up was a 183mm HESH colored light at the end of the tunnel. I doubt i will ever touch this tank line again if they remove the Death Star.

  38. This is the cancer of Tier X though hahah

  39. Why didnt he get any bonds?

  40. Yes it’s cool that at least we can have the 215b183 as a reward vehicle but what about the Object 263? FUCKING MORONS WG

  41. Thank you QuickyBaby.
    I totally appreciate you telling your listeners the enormous amount of time and work involved in trying to get to the end of the line. In my opinion it’s the most important aspect to consider, especially if you have to start your grind at the beginning of the line…

  42. Great…another tank that has never existed past a crude drawing, can’t find ANY hard, historical info on the replacement anywhere! It’s yet another made up tank…what are you doing WG?!

  43. The Death Star they call it on console.

  44. why is it so hard to just leave two tier 10s unlock? i really dont get it

  45. I like how you talked about the grind of the 183. Telling people not to et burned while playing. Very nice of you :3

  46. This is why I play blitz. All the good tanks are going

  47. You can make 30-50 k xp in like 3 4 hours in careful play style.

  48. Ok it’s been a while how many tier ten light tanks are there? I remember the bat but are any new ones in? ARL BE BACK!

  49. Non-turreted tanks and TDs = PAINFUL.

    I’m at a loss as to how anyone who isn’t a scumbag camper could enjoy them.

  50. You`re absolutely right, the grind to a top tier tank can be such a slog and the enjoyment of the game can quickly disappear. I am making my way to the 4005 but I am now taking my time.

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