FV215b Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

don’t remove it WG 🙁

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  1. where did you saw this tank will be removed from the game?

  2. I’d like to try it out pls Osirish! God damn I love dem green penguins 😉 

  3. But orange penguins are better

  4. green irish penguins.

  5. I really need to improve my tank tango! You make it look so easy! I like
    watching your reviews and Master Badge games to see the variety of tanks in
    the game rather than people who only play a few of the higher tier more OP
    tanks. I have many that I enjoy, and look forward to trying more in the
    future. I just started going up the Soviet line for the Equip your T-62A
    event and really like the quick moving BT-2, BT-7, and A-20 so far. I’ve
    learned that I can do the tank tango much better when the tank responds as
    quickly as these Soviet low tiers do. It doesn’t hurt that the players are
    also not quite as skilled as players at the higher tiers, but closer to my
    (poor) skill.

    P.S., not interested in your Irish colored animal give-away, but I think
    it’s great that you offer them!

  6. OMG hahahaha i died at 7:50 that was too funny! good game Osirish :,)

  7. Green cute cuddly Irish penguins 😛 lol

  8. Green Pengiuns are my faviorite type of food.

  9. Really nice game man! 😉
    …did you ever seen “green penguins” ?? it could look funny… hmmm…
    penguins on weed… 😀
    …good luck man 😉 

  10. If you shot any gold in tier 10 TD you should be banned:) .idiot jpzE100

  11. Challenger??? I wish 😛
    The FV215b is getting replaced with a Chieftain variant.

  12. Chieftan Osrish, Chieftan not Challenger! :D

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