FV217 Badger Master Class in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The secret to the FV217 Badger is taming it’s wild DpM in World Tanks! Here’s a master class so you can do just that!



  1. I wonder if you could masterclass a very old, power crept, mid tier tank and not a top tier monster?
    Something like the Sherman Jumbo, it would be interesting to see how the tactics would change towards mid tier with a gun that does a lot less damage.

  2. Without turbo charger QB wouldn’t be able to deal last 1500 damage.

  3. I enjoyed watching it. thanks

  4. Honestly, I was all on board until you added field mods. I dont have that kind of cash and time to spend on a single tank

  5. Sry u are wrong. Mark of excelence counted : DMG + Assist(spotting/tacking) combine

  6. Imagine a Super Conqueror a Badger a 60TP and a 279e roll together and you walk right into them……… OH LORD!

  7. Loyd GC Masterclass when

  8. Really interested to start seeing these episodes for non-meta tanks. Just two marked my AMX M4 54 boy was that rough lol.

  9. That poor cs 59 in the second game 🤣 they went from having the advantage to all being destroyed in 30 seconds I bet he didn’t even have enough time to comprehend what happened lmao

  10. My friend has the Badger, and he uses a Bond Rammer, Turbo and Hardening. He plays it like an jack of all trades brute. I’m slowly working my way up to the Badger so I will try all this

  11. You guys should check out 12:02 minutes the AMX EBR 105 is like I f*** up

  12. HE nerf buffed this tank destroyer more than any other. The flat 63mm plates below the gun and above the view ports ate HE for 350-450 HP every shot from my T110E4. Below the tank is only 50mm, those could roll as high as 490. No splash means those plates have no effect unless you can shoot down on it now.

  13. QB, good work on these master class videos. Just one suggestion. Put in time stamps on the video. It will really help a lot.

  14. In case of Badger it is more like a MONSTER class. 🙂

  15. Fun fact, this tank was just buffed on console and has EVEN more DPM. (Not too much but still)

  16. Put rammer in firepower slot…..

  17. Fun fact: Badger has 6k+ DPM on HE shells

  18. How QuickyBaby become a quicky baby ? To use a turbo.

  19. Maby most players stop at the tier IX instead QB Can you see how many tier x has bin sold ?

  20. ebr 105 next pls

  21. QB Can you maby make the first battel without field mods and Then show the diffent plays the mods gives Realy pumping up the battel

  22. Rubbish! This money grabbing game is totally rigged and QB has all the advantage of being a WG favoured community contributor. Don’t be fooled.

  23. I think this tank is underrated. They say the badger is the same as the tortoise, but the badger is 50% faster, way better armor and lacks a cupola. Not sure if it’s fun arc is better but it’s amazing. Just a beast imo

  24. thanks for letting us kow abt all the bad things about the tak, and how you can counter them. keep it up!

  25. I play 2 games and i Ace it, good TD.

  26. We need a Master Class episode about E100.

  27. Masterclass 140 ?

  28. Hmmm… to get that Bond Turbo, one needs to play Ranked Battles :-/

  29. Masterclass is fantastic; keep it up, QB!

  30. ya cant hit anything i guess unless your in the face of them. becouse you are missing every shot that is close. not sure why???

  31. Not interested in the badger myself, but you guys think this setup would be the best for the tortoise as well? Currently grinding towards it

  32. Really enjoy this “Masterclass” content thanks for your time and efforts Quicky. Cheers.

  33. why don’t people finally admit that this is a pay to win game ! amazing advantages gained by these mods etc.

  34. I’ve never understood pushing team mates. You think we can advance? Be my guest! YOU go first! Just go around.

    I guess some people really believe everyone is cannon fodder compared to them.

    “My team mates need to take the hits so that I can be the star!”


    I’d love a Masterclass for the Centurion Action X, please and thank you. I’m finding it hard to get an Ace Tanker even if it’s supposedly a better(?) version of the Centurion Mk. 7/1

  36. I think the 60TP was ramming you because you accidentally made him miss his shot by pushing him.

  37. What do you think about Type 59 Master Class video? I think I would be cool especially since it got pretty decent buffs.
    Give some love to the OG tanks!

  38. Mattias Abrahamsson

    Can someone explain why Reinforced Suspenison is better than Lightyweight Suspension? I mean, the Badger needs hull traverse as it has no turret, right? With Reinforced Suspension you get -5% in hull traverse, which I would think is bad on such turretless tank.

  39. Armor meta powercreep cancer

  40. Noob question… but how did you get your lights turned on? Is it just a special skin?

  41. Hi QB hope you are doing well don’t forget to take a break sometimes

  42. @quickybaby, could u do a series of video like this but on t8 premium tanks? would be so cool and helpfull

  43. Tank: exists
    Quickybaby: so I put a turbo on it

  44. It has a bad win rate because its just not very good. All it has is DPM, the armour is completely undermined by the large and easy to pen lower plate, plus people can just go through your main armour with high pen premium rounds and for a TD it’s pen is on the same level or worse than a medium tanks. It’s also slow and turretless meaning it’s complete inflexible, but unlike the Torty which has no real lower plate weakness just a troll cupola, which enables the Torty with it’s big gun arc to push and work city maps that the badger simply is not able to. So you are left just working ridges and hoping people feed your DPM, which most of the time they don’t. It’s basically like an extreme and much less versatile version of the Super Conq where you trade your gun handling, mobility and turret for more DPM, which is just a bad trade.

  45. When I am playing in my Tortoise, I do take huge advantage of my HE rounds with that 120mm of pen, especially against the lightly armored tanks or when tanks are try to run from me and are not facing me. Trust me, that juicy 500+ dmg is just amazing.

    I am looking forward to buy the Badger now that I saw your video QB, I will try to set it up like you showed.

    Awesome video! Cheers!

  46. Like this masterclass it is fantastic best tank play and class keep it up, looking forward for more of this.

  47. More of these please

  48. All i know is that i dont have streamer RNG and will just make holes in the ground with my on the move shots xD

  49. A4 steam enthusiast

    Nice to see more masterclass qb, I’ve enjoyed them all.

  50. Keep it up, that is so much for me, I know what to take and so, even thou I am only 48,5% player, but I am born with shaking hands, so if someone complain, wait until you get Parkinson and see how easy it will become then. I do not have Parkinson myself.

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