FV3805 / Malinovka / “Edward Clickerhands”

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It’s so much fun


is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any.tv/SHL9q

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. *cancer

  2. That anoiying guy in chat calling everyone noob 😛


  3. use pudding jedi

  4. I can’t even bring myself to get to tier 6, even for Bert… Is it worth the
    pain Jedi? :(

  5. Even though I’m curious about the end as you said it, I can’t finish
    watching this. Even worse, if you’re this much on the anti-arty bandwagon
    for a next video, I’ll be unsubbing. Shame, since I’ve enjoyed your videos
    a lot. I hope you were the type of person that wouldn’t be that influenced
    by the bandwagon kids.

    Arty isn’t just clicking. To be able to support your team and be a useful
    addition you need to think about *which* tanks to target.
    Though arty is RNG, you missed a few of those shots because you weren’t
    aiming properly.
    You weren’t having fun because you were indeed “just clicking”. Use some
    tactical thinking and better aiming and you will enjoy being a good arty

    Really. I get the whole anti-arty hype but they all sound like that
    jagpze100: like whiny kids that don’t understand how stuff works.

    – A good arty player.

  6. Sit back, click bootoon, collect credits. 

  7. I don’t agree that Bishop is OP, its not a mobile machine and you do need
    to move around all the time if you want to do damage, although the gun is
    nice at tier 5, the machine itself is not that good, I know this because I
    am grinding my way towards the Bert and Bishop is the one I liked the least
    of the bunch.

  8. What do you think about the new arty add on that has come into the game
    that shows up like a regular tank when zooming in in sniper mode?

  9. The inner voice of the Sith:”Get the QGC,get the QGC!”

  10. 650 xp for ace? think im gona go buy some “relaxing machines’

  11. Anyone else laugh at the chat?

  12. that mark of excellence though.

  13. Ace tanker with that? I did 4,5k in FV207 and won, but no ace… =(

  14. ive only ever met jedi in a match once when he wasnt playing arty and
    coincidentally i got nuked by the arty on the enemy team immediately. i
    cant play prokhorovka because i cant stand camping so me in an arty? never
    happening i have the tier 5 american in my garage because i was curious and
    i refuse to play it during events so i dont fuck people over when it comes
    to their daily doubles ad even when events arent running i struggle to
    summon the will power to play it then once i eventually finish it my garage
    will be purified.

  15. also i want to say one thing about arty. the people ho rage at them in the
    chat are only encouraging them the trolls are only playing them to make
    feed on the misery of others. if you dont let them see you were pissed off
    then they have no reason to continue what their doing and maybe they will
    go play tds or something else.

  16. james ward-gwilliam

    +PointyHairedJedi arty i like to refer to as like marmite :). tbh i enjoy
    sometimes playing arty as a way to take out rage when having a bad day with
    tanks or pings or fps. sometimes it in a weird way can be relaxing and

  17. I have to admit… the idea of having a CGC and splashing like 4 heavily
    damaged tanks in a cluster and killing them all…. yeah that would be
    nice. :D

  18. okey couldnt let the like bar be on 88, so i liked even before wchting!

  19. The guy in the chat was saying that the one who killed him was “a
    homosexual” because HE splash can’t kill his tank even though he has no
    side armor and he took an AP shell
    It’s when I see those kind of guys that I’m ashamed of my country

  20. I had to watch this video twice as I was reading Prince-Freds hissy fit in
    the chat box. I hope he got reported for his childish outburst.

  21. Dirty skypig, hang your head in shame! ;p

    But yes, the friend who got me into World of Tanks plays artillery “to
    relax” because he does find normal tanks stressful.

  22. He got a goddamn mark of excellence on that thing like WTF?? Shame on you

  23. omfg that enemy Jagdpanzer E100 is so stupid it pisses me off

  24. Let’s be fair, arty is always the one to be blamed. While someone is
    complaining being clicked by enemy arty, they at the same time tend to
    complain about the arty on their own team are not doing anything as well.
    If you don’t like arty, that’s OK, but please don’t complain when a
    friendly arty didn’t assist you when you need the help to keep you alive.

    Let’s say you are in a T32 against a hull down Jg. Pz E100. If the map
    doesn’t allow you to flank, there is nothing that you can do, arty is your
    only hope. Without any arty hull down positions will be way too OP, In a
    appropriate tank you can just sit there the whole game and there’s is
    nothing you can do about it. Yes, having arty increases camping, but if an
    enemy get spotted camping, your team can at least do something about it. If
    there is no arty and you are in a incapable tank to deal with the campers,
    you can spot them all day but you can’t take them out.

    Second case, you have an average T-54 teammate and a gold-spamming “good”
    T-54 enemy, and they are doing 1 on 1. The gold-spamming one is always
    going to win as he can just auto-aim and pen all day. An arty can
    potentially reroll the dice while in regular tanks you just can’t do it
    most of the time because of your tank, your lack of credits for gold spam
    or a good connection.. etc. In a game where xvm rate the win chance of less
    than 30%, arty is your only bet as the enemies will get cocky and
    aggressive, and arty can use the chance to do something about it. When I
    play arty, if possible I always go for the “good” players first. While it
    is annoying for them, sometimes it is the only chance that my team would

    The finally thing is arty isn’t completely RNG. Yes, sometimes the shots
    went nowhere with no reason, but most of the time it hits where you aim if
    you are patient enough. If you sit in the open showing the side to the
    enemy team and does not move, you should expect to get pen by arty. If you
    are playing an arty you don’t just point and click,if more so that would
    more like a WTF 100. For moving targets you observe and predict an enemy
    movement and hit where he will expected to be, not where he is currently
    at. You observe where your scout is and predict where the targets he will
    be spotting and pre-aim there. You tell your team where you are aiming at
    so they would expect to get help if they spotted anything. The things to
    consider in an arty is much more than a regular tank. If you see a spotted
    tank and only by then start aiming, it will disappear before you can fully
    aimed and you cannot do much for your team.

    Nerfing arty is just a bad idea. Unless they completely remove the line,
    you still get mad if you get hit anyway. And you get even more mad because
    your arty miss every shot and can’t assist you when you need it. The only
    thing I think they should do is to limit the number of arty per team to
    less than 2. 3 is already too much and you can’t really avoid being hit.
    And for me the fv304 and CGC is way too OP because of their firing arc. You
    can hide behind a mountain and still get hit. Also because of the angle
    they can hit the top of your tank straight on and pen your top (one shot a
    Jg. Pz e100 like nobody’s business), which is just ridiculous.

    Here is one of my replays. 6k damage and still a near loss. I doubt it
    would be a win if I didn’t do the damage due to some of my lovely
    teammates. As I remember the only two shots that I miss is the last two on
    the BC where I thought it should be a sure win and I just relaxed. Yes,
    people are still gonna hate arty and I am fine with it. (Most of the time I
    switch to play arty because I got clicked in a HT) But if so, don’t even
    request fire on anything and curse an arty player when they failed to
    assist you.

  25. god damn that rage of the jag e-100 is pure at its finest

  26. That Jagpz E 100 trolling in the chat lol

  27. I’ve noticed a major increase in arty and it sucks, that is all! 

  28. Isnt every shot a click?

  29. …..It was entertaining to listen to. Thanks for once again reminding me
    of why I don’t like playing or playing against arty.
    And just in case, nope, I’m not one of those ‘lets all hate on [insert
    group] because it’s popular’. I don’t like arty, not my thing. If it’s
    yours, good for you.

  30. Congrats on 20 k subs :)

  31. I play artillery and I DO play it for fun.
    Yes I do get annoyed when my fully aimed shots on stationary targets miss
    but the fun I get out of penetrating shots which do massive amounts of
    damage far outweighs the frustration. And anyway, don’t we all get annoyed
    when shots with ANY vehicle go to the very edge of the aiming circle and
    Played a game the other day in my GW Tiger P where I did around 5,800
    damage, the most I’ve ever done in a game and I LOVED it, I didn’t even
    care that we lost in the end because doing all of that damage was fun.

    If I had my way I would change arty a bit though, buff accuracy and nerf
    damage/penetration. This way arty players don’t complain about missing so
    much and players getting hit by arty don’t complain about getting one shot,
    or having a huge chunk of their health go just like that, so much.

    Also on the topic of artillery helping/not helping cut down on campers; it
    does and it doesn’t. People who camp in areas without any arty-proof cover
    are going to get hit by arty and anyone who moves around a lot is more than
    likely not going to get hit by arty, so in that way it DOES help. But on
    the other side people are more likely to sit behind solid, arty-proof cover.
    So it stops people camping behind small hills or in hull down positions but
    makes more people camp behind buildings.
    I believe that hard hitting TDs make people camp more, cos with arty you
    know that if you move quickly then there is pretty much no chance arty can
    hit you, with TDs, they have good enough accuracy to hit you even if you
    are moving fast, so if players know there is a hard-hitting TD at the other
    side of this open area or flank then they are more likely to just sit
    behind solid cover and camp than if they know it’s only artillery down

  32. i think this arty thing in wot is just ….. they shuld be less acurate
    longer relode time or the best thing they shuld take them off the game.
    Last one is the best one i think kuz its just booring when 80% of all
    maches u die from arty cuz somehow it manages if not hit u then splash …
    that is damn lame. I tried and bought an arty and gave my gf to play she
    was like first time playng this game or even first time playing game on pc.
    And she got 3 kills…. that means that u dont need to have any skill to
    play with it.

  33. You should also download a great arty mod, if you press g you will go to a
    other view

  34. That enemy JgPz E 100 was such a sour retard.
    “Report these noobs, they’ve got hacks, gold, they cheat they use xvm
    mod…” “You get banned ahahaha for cheating”…
    It makes me question the point of living to be honest

  35. i use to respect you lol

  36. Yup , Dorty Scumbag! ,

  37. I wonder if you are using nvidia shadowplay to record your battles as I am
    using it for the first time and am noticing some of the issues that you are

  38. I play arty just for sense of variety.

  39. Buy it Jedi, buy it, buy it, buy it. Embrace the dark side, You’ve only
    just discovered your power. Join me and I will complete your training in
    the CGC.

    It is your destiny!

    Or not, whatever floats your boat. :)

  40. id’ve though that of all the british artillery, the i’d keep the cgc (and
    the fv304 of course) because it’s a good/derpy machine, and for someone who
    streams a lot, and streams with circon (who has uploaded quite a few cgc
    videos recently), the cgc would be a keeper

  41. Loved video. I to walk on the dark side. I have had multiple high caliber
    and confederates medals in Bert (For the less evil ones Bert is the FV304).
    But I haven’t ever got a ace medal. What does it take to do so? Did you
    get an ace medal in Bert?

  42. I really am getting tired of all the “clicker” noob crap that people are
    always complaining on and on and on about. Arty has its uses in the game,
    and if you get killed by it, its probably your own fault for sitting there
    and letting arty aim in on you. You have to assume that no matter where you
    are, arty is aim for you.

    Oh and this is coming from someone that never plays arty. Tried it and got
    to the GW Panther, but was too boring for me. Also don’t get killed by arty
    very often either.

  43. RNGezus 

  44. To the people who complain about arty “1 shotting you” “all the time.”
    Stop. Yes, arty might 1 shot you but that is 1 in every 100 shots. About
    60% of my shots miss, 20% only splash (for very little damage), 10 hit for
    very little damage, 9% actually do some decent damage and that 1% is the 1
    shot. Also, you never see arty getting those 10,000 damage games do you or
    the big carry games. because they simply can’t. And another thing is that
    arty is quite expensive to play. It has the lowest credit making and exp
    making at EVERY tier.

  45. can you put your videos in 1080p?

  46. Arty is just relaxing :3 It’s a nice break from all my other tanks. I only
    grind one arty line, the Americans. 

  47. One time I sprained my left wrist so I had my bro drive to the back and
    then I would play with my one right hand

  48. clickers, scumbags, well, isnt that what the game is all about, pointing
    the gun at the enemy and *click*. so in the end we are all “clickers” :-D

  49. Their Jgpz E-100 screams 12 year old

  50. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    Man that Jag E100 sure is ticked. I will say I don’t like arty in its
    current setup. The orbital view it gets is just stupid. To much info gained
    from that.

  51. I think WOT should change arty in a way that there is more of a difference
    from Experienced and new arty players. sure there is some difference but
    not to the degree of a tank like the e-100. new e-100 players will get
    slaughtered. An experienced e-100 driver or some one who knows what there
    doing will do well. That’s what I think.

  52. Well that’s 19 mins of my life I won’t ever get back.

  53. “he lets the his Sith side show,” Caption Guy, no more slip ups or you’ll
    have to turn in your cynic badge! :P

  54. Two reasons I play arty…
    1) The clan likes having spare Conq GCs around for CW, so grinding that
    2) When I sit down for a WoT session, I will often ‘warm up’ by playing
    arty, or if I have a bad run of games, go to it for a change of pace – in
    the same way people jump back into their tier 3s and 5s.

    Side note: The best battlecaller in our clan does so from a GC. His
    replays are almost frightening to watch: he preaims and fixes the reticle
    on a key position, then moves his arty view to help direct a flank for a
    minute or so. Then the minimap flashes, he has a shell in the air before
    he’s even scrolled back, and an opponent’s tank lights up. The map
    knowledge you gain from playing arty consistently is unique and useful.

  55. God that JP E100 was so annoying…

  56. i got bert for shits and giggles, but rarely play it. And if the the
    french line had more then one autoloader arty i’d be willing to go down
    that line.

  57. Thanks for insight on British arty.
    I guess I’ll have to fast track to teir 9. Berts elite.
    Obj 261 is pure heaven
    Gw tiger is hard to play.
    French is meh.
    US is good.
    Only have 3900 battles in arty.
    24 k in all others.
    I enjoyed your humor. 

  58. Nicholas Wohlgemuth

    The german arty seem so reward aiming much more than those of other

  59. Congratulation on the number of subscribers and more Arty replays please.
    Yes I like to play Bombers on Warthunder and hope they bring in Submarines
    in World of Warships

  60. Jedi is 100% right. Arty causes camping when in large numbers (3+). If you
    don’t see this, you aren’t playing high tiers. At low tiers, they are so
    inaccurate and ineffective that you don’t notice, but at high tiers, like
    in this game, you get people hesitant to push. Trust me, been there done

    I’ve had a 5v5 arty game where I was in my T30 and I literally could do
    nothing. If I popped out, I was going to die immediately to 3 shells. I had
    to sit back and wait for one team to yolo harder than the other. Needless
    to say, we got wrecked.

  61. That butthurt Jagdpanzer E100’s French is horrid. But nice game PHJ :)

  62. Courageous Resistance reward.

    How the heck do you get that in arty that never came face to face with the
    enemy??? I always thought Courageous Resistance was for going
    toe-to-toe. You didn’t even get hit once. What is it exactly that you
    managed to resist, other than the urge to commit suicide?

  63. I couldn’t help but notice you have a mark of excellence on your FV 3805.

    One thinks that one plays ones arty more often than one cares to admit.

    Have you actually been closet arty guy and have you finally bucked up the
    courage to come out? Is that why you got rewarded for Courageous

  64. It is ironic that the only people that don’t think artillery makes the game
    more static are the dedicated arty players who play each battle from their
    mainly static position.

  65. If you get teams of TD’s, like you do in 60% of the games, it becomes a
    case of let’s push to 1/3 of the map, oh shit there’s all their td’s let’s
    stop pushing

  66. “And I’ll never play artillery again” Remember that quote and let’s see if
    he goes for the individual missions… without artillery… 

  67. I play arty because my potato of a laptop can only manage single digit fps
    when the tank is moving (even on absolutely lowest settings)

  68. That JagdPanzer E100 in chat xD He’s butthurt… and sour… cos XVM is
    cheat apparently… m’kay

  69. You dirty, dirty man. Shame on you.

    Lock’y accent)

    And for all the arty haters, I’d like to state that it is one of the most
    frustrating lines to play in WoT.
    For that brief moment of satisfaction when you actually hit a tank, and do
    damage, you waste at least 3-4 shots that go either to another country,
    splash for minimum amounts of damage, or simply do a critical.
    Meanwhile all your team curse you because you’re not helping, doesn’t
    matter they are all over the map.
    It takes 30-40 seconds to reload, your traverse is slow as shit, your
    aiming takes between 5 and 10 seconds, and when you actually are ready to
    shoot, the target is no longer spotted or your friends died and you’re the
    first to blame for that.

    And then you get rushed or spotted and die. Unless the scout decides to ram
    you, in which case you might stand a chance :)

  71. Arty sucks. They should limit it to one per match per team.

  72. When i see a match with tree or more artys, thats the only thing that makes
    wanna go back to garage immediatly.

  73. I had to watch this video twice, because I was heavily distracted by
    Prince_Fred’s hilarious, epic rant at the first time. What a salty guy! 😀
    Arty players just want to see the world burn! :D

  74. I’m surprised this didnt get more dislikes 🙂
    Playerbase : We think arty needs reworked or removed.
    Serb : Suck it up buttercup(obv with a russian accent)

    I dont see it being changed that much, its too much part of the War Gaming
    cash cow to change it.

    Maybe you should go back to reading the local rag through these videos :)

  75. Was anyone else just reading chat and looking at the Jg Pz E100 raging
    against the GW E100

  76. I have played some artillery, and like Jedi I go for tech engineer, mostly
    on chinese, french and german tanks. My thoughts about artillery is that
    some of them have extreme splash, like back in the days when I played the
    GW Tiger 38% hits, and when I hitted tanks with that thing tier X tanks
    could lose their lives or be very crippled, and even when I was not even
    close 5-600 dmg wasn’t unusal. And then the french 155 55 hit things like
    40% of the shots doing about 300dmg only vs lightly armored it takes more,
    many well aimed shots just flies away. No splash what so ever, in best case
    leo pt a 100 dmg and tracks.

    What I’m trying to say here is that some arty is OP, like the american,
    russian and some german and british. Splash could be reduced for some of
    them, don’t know if that would help only a thought.

    And artillery stops camping naah don’t think so. Artillery players says:
    move, then they can’t hit you, I have been driving scout tanks doing
    unpredictable moves and they still manage to hit or splash. Been driving
    E100 and been two shoted from a t8 american artillery, same there I was

  77. I found the Crusader SP funny arty. But you have to avoid that big gun. Use
    the one from bert. Usually I get better result when using the smaller gun.
    Plus when Im ambushed, the quick retreat is great. It retreat same speed as
    other tanks are going forward.

  78. I see you have a mark of excellence , should I congratulate you or not? Hmm.

    I like my su5, powerful but vulnerable, I found the bishop wasn’t op for
    tier 5. I sold the fv304 (post Nerf) cost it was so sluggish to use, also
    all I seemed to be able to do track people, boring. The whole arty thing
    seems uninteresting compared to my luchs, elc and kv2. 

  79. 652 xp, ace tanker

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