FV4004 CONWAY TANK – BEST TANK DESTROYER (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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War Thunder Patch 1.57 OUT! – http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/303393-war-thunder-update-157-battle-march/

Music – http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?feels%5B%5D=Humorous&page=1


  1. Falcon or? Next? Enjoy guys… the Conway does work

  2. Falcon!!!

  3. Hi

    (Sorry for bad English)

  4. Conquer and Hunter next

  5. Conquer and Hunter next

  6. Lol yes, found it after only 5 mins :D

  7. Nice gameplay Phly, every time I wake up and see a new video of yours, it
    makes my day, also, you should play the M4A3E8 and P-61 Black Widow. Heavy
    Hitter Combo!

  8. Conqueror and Hunter next for MOTHER BRITIAN!

  9. Conqueror and Hunter next for MOTHER BRITIAN!

  10. Conqueror and Hunter next for MOTHER BRITIAN!

  11. Carnarvon perhaps?

  12. Falcon, for the queen.

  13. 94 KM ZIS 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT VODKA

  14. Rafael Serra (Legionary)

    The british camos are awsome :D

  15. Conqueror and Hunter COMBO!! FOR TEA AND OTHER BRITISH STUFF

  16. Marc Vicent Bautista

    Lower Glacis. Ez.

  17. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Finally polly

  18. Duck Duck Toys Studio™ (That guy called duck)

    jesus fighting a e-100 must be hell

  19. Is it just me or does the turret remind me of a KV2’s?

  20. phly have you tried the H8k2 yet?



    Use the mickey mouse T26 super pershing and ad-2 skyraider

  23. Phly… Hesh doesn’t do the pancake thing in game. Why?
    ….. ->)))))))

  24. Phly you were just hitting the wreck .

  25. This game gets progressively broken…

  26. this is probably a stupid question but here it goes. Do you get more rp and
    lions for kills in realistic than arcade or is it the same for both modes?
    Thanks in advance

  27. It sounds like a Mosin o0

  28. glad the e100 is so rare or everyone would spam it

  29. You got really Gaijined while fighting that Tiger II

  30. phly how about some hell cat gameplay Its been a while

  31. Challenge idea: Land a Swordfish on a LCU-Landing Craft Utility. Trust me
    it is possible.

  32. yay!
    yesterday (I think) I posted that we want a conway gameplay now its here
    thx phly

  33. Do a low tier plane.(p 40)

  34. Jee man, the snipes are real! =O

  35. phly when ur round doesnt hit its a glitch n everyone gets is it

  36. Admiral SnackBar Cornwilis

    Fly, you and Baron/Slick, Warthunder Top Tier death-star dream team, M103
    and Conway.

  37. Do the Elefant and the He-111- H 16 (the third bomber kind, I can’t
    remember if that is what it is called specifically.)

  38. *TDSHOU!*
    That gun sound…damn

  39. Why not look at the kill feed/cam andsee who is still alive… instead of
    just shooting with the logic of if i shoot right first then i shoot left
    next even though crew can move around in 8sec which is shorter than your
    reload rate, just a thing i noticed

  40. OMG The United Kingdom has a derp tank!!!!

  41. Phly, are you truly diagnosed with ADD? If so, you’re mah ADD brother.

  42. Nemanja Batanjski

    OMG im 707th viever XD

  43. Phly, you were hitting that wreckage in front of the Tiger 2. :p

  44. I was the Panther II behind him on poland :(

  45. Play The falon! 🙂 Btw love your videos phly keep it up! <3

  46. hmmm. T26E4 with the P61?

  47. That fin on the top is so fucking annoying it looks bent for half of the

  48. jagdpanther and? (idk planes that match)

  49. what is the button to go into the optic view?

  50. Thanks for the ads in the video, gotta make that extra money at fly??

  51. OMG that’s me at 16:00 that’s is awesome!!!#

  52. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    Phly I kept wondering why you don’t have some tanks but you make videos and
    if you can please reply

  53. Yay! 40min of phly! Im so happy…

  54. I wish I could get war thunder on my xbox :(

  55. Murphys law is anything that can happen will happen

  56. TheClassicGamer -

    That always happens to me when I shoot the enemy but doesn’t register shots

  57. Damn that last game you had the one in around 23 min…was ammo rack city

  58. You should make a ammo rack city like you did in world of warships…

  59. 14:50 look at that guy’s name in kill log lol

  60. How can i use the binocular

  61. They need to give the US the T34 heavy tank for the US top tier tank.

  62. Dangit i wanna see the helicopters too…

  63. Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv

    wow, you gave the new spawn a break. wish I could.

  64. +PhlyDaily pls fly the Sea Venom FAW.20

  65. hesh only Challenger pleas!!!!!!!!

  66. *challenge

  67. The last match was just hilarious !

  68. If you shoot a HE round of caliber 105mm and larger at the center of the
    mantlet of a maus at 90 degree angle it. And shoot the bottom of the
    mantlet. The shell bounces and its fragments catch the maus on fire and
    kill it

  69. Why don’t you try the Venom, or the Sea Venom for the hype, along with the

  70. Piper PA-48 enforcer. I want this plane in WT so bad. Check it out

  71. The last stand mechanic is quite possibly the dumbest shit I have EVER seen
    added to a game like war thunder.

  72. me and my friends are in the poland battle so epic.

  73. Phly please make video with Falcon. Show the power of god’s 30 mm double
    gun fist!

  74. At least you didn’t say “Shooting Kids in a barrel” like in your m60 video

  75. 9:15 – 10:00 you hit the tank wreck that was infront if the Tiger


    shhhhhhhh…. I’m a tiger guys….

  77. Liam the dark angel.

    when phly said that a apache and blackhawk went over… a few minutes later
    for me A Chinook, 2 Lynx’s and the search and rescue helicopter went over?

  78. Pretty retarded that the Tiger E and T44 and even T25 have to deal with
    this at their BR. This should be 7.7 or at least 7.3

  79. great vid! finally enough gameplay to satisphly myself

  80. Damn Daniel

  81. very nice gameplay. t34-100 or is1 or is3

  82. +PhlyDaily Take out the Diesel King Tiger and the Arado 234 B-2with 3 x 250
    kg bombs

  83. phly, how do you not have unlocked some of these vehicles that i’ve seen
    you play in?

  84. last standing soldier DK

    the last man can get stug as loder or commander lol

  85. That part with the Panther 2 flank was retarded you should be dead. The 88
    isn’t powerful enough in this game man

  86. Hey phly I love you and your vids

  87. When are you going to do more combos??

  88. Can you do the Cromwell 5 and the Wellington

  89. Thank god, ive bin super excited for a conway video!!!! Thanks Phly!

  90. I can help you out with eastern europe phly. One of my favorite maps

  91. hey phly did you play the chieftain today?

  92. Clash with a Noob

    wow the intro xD

  93. Please take out the hurricane MK 4 with cannons!


  95. Snow angels?! You mean tank angels!! 23:20

  96. phly, the stream you did last friday, whats the name of that russian
    sausage number if you can recall

  97. HESH one shots is4m, t54, t44, t34 from the front just hit upper glacies
    and those tanks explode.

  98. the obvious American

    and my brother said the brits suck

  99. Why do you love matt damon so much?

  100. HESH does better against angles because it completely ignores it, only
    caring about raw armour, its not that angles make HESH better.

  101. I love how your facing tiger 1s in the Conway, I’m not sure the year the
    Conway was used but I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be facing tigers.

  102. in the first game u hit the dead tank in front of the tiger ii u retard..
    how can u not notice that..

  103. FV 404 Tank not found

  104. the British kv 2 lol

  105. 26:07 well phily this wouldn’t be the first time we seen a tiger in a

  106. Arstozkan Officer

    Phly puts down a lot of work on the intro. I respect that a lot :D

  107. This thing looks like a more advance KV2 with a longer barrel…

  108. PsychoSubSandwich

    It’s funny how the ammo that is best at penetrating the Maus and E-100 is
    also the worst for actually killing them

  109. I illuminate reticle when it gets around the same color as the map
    textures; berlin for example.

  110. the sound of the kugelblitz is durty

  111. That LMS bug is similar to the M2A2 bug. I hope people report it soon.

  112. Phly if i have a battle against you some times , pls don’t kill me i am a
    noob :D

  113. Alex Ward (DWSolaris)

    How the hell did they not see you with that camo?!

  114. Not ping phly*, just bad aim. you hit the wreck in front of the tiger.

    opps said baron, lol you sound all the same to me :3

  115. The way the last man stands work is you hold the firing button then it will
    start switching. If you want to move you hold down “W” then it will switch
    to the driver. Hoped this help phlyDaily

  116. Anyone else already tired of this last stand thingy? I hate it when i get
    shot down to 1 useless guy who cant do shit BUT to give more points to
    ennemy team ….and i get even more mad when i shot someone to 1 crew and
    watch him roll away to a hiding spot … I think this thing should be
    removed. But that of course is just my humble opinion.

  117. De kule minecraftguttene “Kulegutta” minecraftguttene

    whee yu hacc? XD

  118. what screen recorder u use?

  119. What do you use to create your videos?

  120. juan david uran acevedo

    Holy shit 40 minutes gameplay im excited :)


  122. falcon next. Then do the TA-152C

  123. Evan Anderson-Navarro

    Phly, to get your special camo to save, add a small decal anywhere when you
    are done. It seems to help Wt remember.

  124. Jesus that gun velocity is just a hit scan…

  125. FYI Phly, the frontal fuel tanks were an intentional design, but not for
    the AP ammo but for HEAT.

    Also you shot the wrecked carcass in front of the tiger 2 at the beginning

  126. Im in Holidays and still waiting for your Video..and now you have uploaded
    39 min Warthunder :3 love ya

  127. Guys, anyone with the same problems: Left additional turret armor of PZ.
    III M is missing and the deathcam stopped working properly?

  128. I was in my t-34-85D5T and I was last stand like one person in my tank and
    I survived the whole battle so I could switch from driver to gunner

  129. A tank you have never tried… T50 plz

  130. I’m really loving this increase in production quality Phly. Great job!
    More thematic music & edits!

  131. British sabot bias

  132. 4:56 Whaaaat pretty sure HESH should do as well against flat surfaces; if
    not better….

  133. Am I the only one who thinks that the FV4004 Conway looks like a more
    effective KV-2?

  134. this one is one of my favorites. u kicked ass. “nobody expects a tiger in
    the forest!” lmao.

  135. There was a 10.5 cm Tiger II in the Poland game as well Phly

  136. I wish you could turn your tank engine off in WT.

  137. Use the Rangefinding. the MGs do not have the same speed and drop of the

  138. that gameplay on poland was the perfect definition of sniping in a tank..
    420 FAZE IT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  139. Mayaaatt Daaymond!

  140. Just a question guys; does Warthunder claim to be realistic?

  141. I think the t44 thought a teammate shot him so he j’d out

  142. Can you do the fw 190 a5 next plz

  143. Captain Dreadnought

    the conway looks like a british KV-2 imo

  144. Phly Comrade Stalin is requesting that you take out the T-34-100 and the
    I-153 and show Americans who has Bias!!

  145. More like tiger 3!?!!? AM A RIGHT OR RIGHt?

  146. Whoever controls the crossroads at E4 and E5 usually will win the match
    because it provides a great sniping view into the city.

  147. Phly an Apache just flew over my house too…. #heliborne

  148. Hey Phly! That commo bug. I have tip for you. In the hangar the camo looks
    like reseted but if you ignore that and just go to the battle it will be
    good like you have set it befrore. it will reset when you will go again to
    customization for some reason. I hope i helped. Have a good day!

  149. Dont worry Phly, after the last patch shells disappear a lot more. At least
    3 shots per game.

  150. You kept shooting the dead tank in front of the Tiger, twice. xD

  151. how to scope ???

  152. They must’ve buffed apds against ammo racks, it blows up 90% of the time

  153. the Conway is only good for camping due to its reload time.

  154. How about a centurian mk.1
    And a spit fire

  155. Are you guys also totally pissed off by last man standing ?

  156. Centurion mk.3 And spit fire

  157. im having problems downloading the update

  158. War Thunder, where everything is better than US aircraft

  159. Last Man Standing is broken, as in it breaks as it did with you Phly. I’ve
    had 4 instances where I’ve got one crew left and I cannot switch to drive
    or gun modes. Also, it’s a terrible mechanic and what the hell Gaijin were
    thinking, I have no bloody idea. :v

  160. If you’re holding down trigger while reloading you should als ohold down C
    so that your aim doesn’t move :)

  161. I could write a 3 page essay on why it’s a terrible game mechanic, but

    The Game essentially makes you combat ineffective but tries to egg you on
    as you’re technically not dead. You might be able to set up a turret
    position and help the team, but 9 times out of 10 you’ll just end up
    wasting vital time when you should have J’d out into another vehicle to
    help your team.

    Also, on the other end of it, I’ve been denied so many kills that would
    have been a one shot, but I’ll put the guy down to one crew, and then
    suddenly a teammate will turn the last crew into strawberry jam and you
    just get an assist. Also, target fixation.

    Sometimes you’ll put something to LMS and he’ll be the juicy target for an
    easy kill. Meanwhile, his teammates are slowly making their way around to
    your weak sidearmor and ammorack you.

  162. PublicTransportationBelgium

    The F stands for Fuck you

  163. You can see Apaches and Black Haws from your house? Can I move to yor

  164. Bush wookie in a TD Haha

  165. Overrekt Asterisk *

    Has an 120mm Gun
    Its turret still rotates faster then a Tiger

  166. So essentially it is a 7.0 dicker max

  167. How do you adjust your gun barrel while using binoculars?

  168. Take out the Is4 pls

  169. hesh and eggs

  170. So what exactly is the point of using this thing over the Conq? Seems like
    it isn’t that much faster, and it is a huge target with little armor…
    And if it doesn’t have a better rate of fire, I fail to see its purpose.

  171. alejo ruiz camauër

    Whats the soundtrack at the beggining?

  172. AHAHAHAH good damn i was mad at that shot phly ! XD its me u killed at 6:30
    ! XD

  173. 9:35 The reason why I had to buy a new hard drive for my laptop.

  174. “This guy’s fucked.” Yeah. I was rushing with an Ostwind because last man
    standing. Still, proud I was able to hit you from WAY over that hill using
    Binoculars to peek over it. I had at least 6 people shooting my Ostwind at
    the end of that match. 1 crew left. And still survived. So. Yay?

  175. lol that happened to me multiple times when your driver decides to go in
    seat of Commander Lmao

  176. im getting my he 162 either tomorrow or Friday, then its for the mig 15…

  177. Is Hesh better than heat

  178. Intro: how not to tank

  179. as you open your binoculars to see more distance?

  180. this video shows how unfair it is playing german in war thunder is.

  181. Tip for u phly, when sniping at long ranges, switch to binoculars directly
    after firing so you’ll have a better view of exactly where the shot is
    going. Damn that conway has zero drop..

  182. Иосиф Steelin

    Lol, so from what i see to kill an E 100 it’s much better to just set him
    on fire 3 times…

  183. Maybe your shat didn’t register because you weren’t hitting him and you hit
    the dead tank in front of him

  184. NeverlostatBSgaming

    Challenge: only use driver view mode when moving your tank for an entire
    realistic match

  185. You mean you don’t love solid shot British ammo?


    ohohoho you fucks wait till they add the leopard 2 so many sovishits will
    cry in agony as their t10ms get fucked.

  187. Brandon “The Alaskan Devil” Johnson

    Its the conway twitty

  188. Иосиф Steelin

    Anyway, i actually think that the high tier best TD is the Su 122 54,
    expecially at medium/close range, the Conway is better at long range, even
    though it has a very high profile so it’s easy to see, unlike the su 122

  189. do you hear the sound effect for the sniper in halo when you fire that gun
    its like mixed in

  190. They should add a base that you could retreat to. Similar to planes and the
    airfield. the tanker could field repair drive back to the base to get more

  191. Enjoying your videos lately. Really adding a nice touch to my spring break

  192. Ruquick - WarThunder Content

    and Pershing tank with the A26C! best combo trust me :D

  193. more longer videos, are best.

  194. *shoots too low at tiger*
    damn too low
    *lines up next shot equally low*

  195. adrian22 rodriguez

    British kv-2

  196. Dude, your name is PHLYDaily, not DriveDaily, what ever happened to
    aircraft content?

  197. Ivan, our ammo keeps getting shot. Dah, comrade we will put fuel tank in

  198. If only it had the 183mm

  199. Hi phly, im from australia and why dont you do the ac iv thunderbolt with
    the aussie beaufighter, AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!! OI OI OI!!!!!!
    Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free, with golden soil
    and wealth for toil, our home is gurt by sea, in historys page, let every
    stage, advance australia fair
    That was aussie anthom m8 dont judge im aussie dont judge just do the combo

    If you read to here your aussie now

  200. Phly you can’t move last stand using the reverse button.

  201. We got a great big conway

  202. Phly I see you in many of my games names G2thehizzle would say hey but I’m
    inevitably chat banned. The camo won’t stay because they broke the game
    again. I’m part of the CCR squadron I have also been testing out hesh
    especially on the chieftain lately so if you’d like some secondary input
    hit me up.

  203. i just love this tank… i don’t own one but it’s definitly on my list

  204. Poor tiger 2’s.

  205. Game idea: The most op tier 5 tank vs a swarm or the weakest tier 1 tanks.

  206. Pls play T-44 100 :)

  207. That goofy song gave me aids.

  208. super pershing bugged?

  209. #MakeWarThunderGreatAgain

  210. that E 100 was beast

  211. that gin though

  212. MyNamesAreCreative

    it’s not thay the hit didn’t register, it’s because you just missed, look
    again and you see you hit the burn’t out tank infront of it.

  213. How do you move your turret in Binoculars?

  214. ahahha
    and they don’t do anything to solve such problems
    inner damage is SO FUCKIN RANDOM

  215. if you were looking for the PING and FPS if i understood correctly its in
    the left bottom corner underneath the tank thingy took me a while to find
    it myself most people still don’t see it

  216. hesh is basically a plastic charge that creates a shockwave that goes
    through about 150mm of armor and makes the inside spall and kill everyone.

  217. hold left mouse to chane driver into gunner when you have 1 crew left

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