FV4004 CONWAY TANK – THE IS-3 KILLER – War Thunder 1.57 (Devblog)

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FV4004 CONWAY TANK – THE IS-3 KILLER – War Thunder 1. (Devblog)

1.57 Devblog- http://.com/en/devblog/current/872


  1. First suck my dick

  2. Reupload?

  3. IM THE 3rd LIKE:)))))

  4. Sorry about the re upload..needed to fix something real quick.!

  5. Ooooh british kv2

  6. 84 vist :D

  7. this IS the IS killer that IS going to wreck IS that it IS going to face?

  8. Finally, something that is a worthy opponent for our Staluminium Is-3s

  9. ahm… gaijin? can I… tell you something? so… you are wrong… the IS
    killer was a TOG and it was amphibious

  10. +PhlyDaily what so you think about Donald Trump and will you vote for him?

  11. heeyy. phly

  12. PHLY! what is ur favourite ice cream flavour? :D

  13. has this been added today?

  14. that is the tier t kv2

  15. That turret will be the downfall. Is 3,4 and t10 will rape.

  16. it’s gonna be the new kv-2 :o

  17. Sunderland

  18. Basically the british KV-2 but better!

  19. Hello m8! 🙂 Reply or i hang myself.

  20. Hey Phly! Great video as always!

  21. Gamer300 “Gamer3000”

    how can i look throw Binoculars??? which button should i press… (good
    phly good)

  22. 144′ p?

  23. The only way this tank might be useful was I if it was at 7.0 BR

  24. reverse is for pussy , no surrender ! brits engineers

  25. Man I wish I could play War Thunder again. If only I could have something
    other than a Mac air…

  26. Wouter Drupsteen (Ravaeron)

    Hahahaha that “But Phly, what’s the BR?” cracked me up xD

  27. So, waiting for error 4004 jokes

  28. the FV 4005 is the same tank but whit a 183mm L4 gun ! RIP is-3 !

  29. British need stronk tenk to defeat superior Communist Stalinium armour, so
    British try copy terrifying appearance of stronk KV-2.

    British failed.

  30. Gents they are adding the Sunderland 😀

  31. What button is it to bring up the map like at 14:20 ?

  32. when will they add the FV215B 183


    0:05 Free instant erection button

  34. 18:45 poor ferdinand.. got raped through strongest part of the tank twice.
    that’s why I don’t play germans anymore

  35. omfg never say bovington again please americans slaughter names, you make
    me cry phly

  36. Still waiting for the Chieftain devblog…Fingers crossed guys 0.0


  38. S.25 Sunderland hype
    look at the new devblog

  39. how do i get in to the dev server ?

  40. 12:57 What the fuck is wrong with that shot?

  41. The real question is: Will it kill Is-3s…

  42. glass cannon vs is3 lol gaijin….none of these new 1.57 units are going to
    be fun under the current br system

  43. The ISIS killer xD

  44. Phly, the reason why the turret is so big compared to the IS-3 turret is
    because teapots take up more space than vodka bottles.

  45. That is a horrible lucking tank

  46. Now they just need to give the US the T29, T30 and the all powerful T34.

  47. wernt the Is-3 guns dropped into the already mounted turret? where as the
    US and Brit tanks guns were mounted mantlet and all as a single unit?

  48. I like baron, but his videos recently haven been click bait. At least the
    devblog ones.

  49. And the S.25 DUDE A FLYING HOTEL

  50. Guys, this is obviously the kv-3

  51. A moment ago i shot a t34-57 with tiger h1 right at the front turret and it
    Got depressed and here i am

  52. The FV 4005 is the same tank except it has a 183mm cannon

  53. Can’t wait to see what love they give the venerable Wehrmacht this patch. I
    mean, we’re due to get some, seeing as they’ve given the Soviet tree so
    many in the past few patches

  54. looks like the Brits are running out of ideas to make a tank so ugly

  55. I Don't Understand Math

    Do you guys know me on this channel or i need to post comments that get on
    the topof the comment section? I would jult like to know :)

  56. How would I go into scout view on my ps4?

  57. so a british KV-2?

  58. I saw the the original video, i feel badass now :}

  59. (Attempt 2) Phly, you have 2 options! Either take out the zsu 37 and the
    il-2-37 to make stalin proud OR make the queen proud using the valentine
    with the 57 mm and mosquito 57 mm. Chose wisely!

  60. Why you never shoot AI tanks,i think they just keep you spotted or visible
    on the map???
    Plz tell me i dont get it :/

  61. i wish theywould give it the other gun the 183mm gun

  62. Phly! Use the Tiger H1 as an Archer and the Fw 190 A5
    P.s. love you! (no homo :D)

  63. Hey Phly do u use 9GAG? I just saw your comment on a post with your name
    and profile pic

  64. Error 4004: IS-3 not found

  65. Marky_wacky_bosS Derp

    I dont know if it is just me but does its turret look like a kv2 to some

  66. “But Phly what’s the BR?” best moment in the vid lmao

  67. dont forget the gun depression on this tank destroyer is pretty awful

  68. there should be a modification to add reverse gears cuz all the british
    tank crawl in reverse

  69. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    Is it just me, or does the Conway cannon sound very similar to the Halo
    Scorpion’s cannon?

  70. i wonder when will we see me-264, Ju-290 and Fieseler 167 in warthunder

  71. Niko Pizza (deathcorelover)

    it always looks like a Cromwell!

  72. At 11:26 someone was a little salty about Phly killing him haha

  73. Please please please can we hav some more combi ops, I love them I got into
    tank rb cuz ur vids, please more! suggestions guys

  74. every tank now is IS3 killer

  75. Waiting for the T 10 killer, the Chieftain mk.3 

  76. Hue hue hue the British version of the Kv 2


  78. Lmfao the m103 was to counter the T10 but yet in wt the ap round cant pen a
    damn thing let alone its the wrong one

    so how is this suppose to counter the is3?

  79. Error Code:
    FV 4004 Tank not found…

  80. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    I was the pt-76 but the reason I was bad at it was because I loaded APCR

  81. I accidently did the same thing to my friend he was aheadof me and I was
    going to shoot near him to scare him but I accidently shot him and killed
    our only Tiger…….My team was not happy…I tried to save the one mad at
    me but I was to late and then I got killed by a 76 Sherman in my T-V

  82. Богдан Роман

    that thing actually also had an autoloader

  83. Starting at around 18:00, if you look at the map, Phly’s team was going to
    be surrounded. Once that gap between the E and F lines was open, it was
    pretty much over.


  85. phly what about the s25??

  86. I really don’t think that it will be 7.7, that’s where the conqueror sits.
    This tank will most likely have less penetration because its gun was an
    earlier model and it won’t be that much faster than the qonqueror, not to
    mention the differance im armour. I think that it would instead be at
    either 7.3 or possibly 7.0

  87. DO THE S.25 S.25 S.25 S.25 S.25 S.25 S.25

  88. Bovington not bohvington come on phly use your English lad!

  89. thanks to you and your video I improved a lot in RB with tanks!!! 😀 keep
    it up with your awesome work!

  90. warthunder should remove all nations but germany, and have no battles just
    german tanks and planes being friends and sexy

  91. yet it takes me 100+ seconsd to repair tracks….? 19:22

  92. One thing to remember about post war British tanks is that they were
    designed to be used defensively. The British planned to shoot advancing
    Russian tanks from long range with HESH rounds. HESH isn’t intended to
    penetrate armour, instead it flattens over the surface of the armour before
    detonating thus sending a shockwave through the armour that causes spalling
    inside the tank.

    Sadly HESH does not work as intended in War Thunder.

  93. FV4005 Stage II? :)

  94. Alex Ward (DWSolaris)

    Omg I just looked at the tank at the start of the video and just went ‘wow.
    That tank looks very British, doesn’t it? ‘ and it turns out it is. For
    King and country! Well, queen now.

  95. Tomorrow Maybe (Cohrvale)

    Lol wtf why doesn’t it have the 150…

  96. Alex Ward (DWSolaris)

    Oh, and being British myself and holding bovington as a temple of sorts,
    (eh, that makes me seem wierd) I feel the need to point out that bovington
    is pronounced the same way you pronounce off, but with a v instead of the
    ff. I may be just mishearing the way you say it just because of the
    difference in accents – in which case, sorry about that, my fault for
    misunderstanding- but it sounds like (to me) that you pronounce it with
    emphasis on the ‘o’ as you would if there were an e after the v. Sorry for
    being so damned critical, and picking holes, but I couldn’t stop myself
    from pointing it out. And I do appreciate that some people do pronounce
    things differently, so no offence intended if I came across as such.

  97. no. The 4004 will have the same mm tier as the tortoise. It has the same
    gun as the tortoise, but it has less armor and is faster. Really hoping for
    the 4005 at T-10m mm level. The 183 mm doom cannon will be balanced by the
    incredibly thin armor and long reload time.

  98. So Im gonna come up againced it in my T32

  99. Night Stalkers Gaming

    The Conway Twitty.

  100. the reload rate is unreal, lol

  101. What is the title of the song in the background?

  102. Don’t get me wrong on this, the Conway seems like a beast especially
    because of it’s gun. But there is gonna be an issue with it’s turret which
    would be the flat parts. So if it were gonna take on the IS 3 and 4 then
    the player had better hope l=to land a kill shot before they find and hit
    those weakpoints around the gun mantlet. It is gonna have the same issues
    the KV-2 suffers, bad turret armor but a good gun. If it is like what you
    showed us with that Chariot, then it will have some good speed which makes
    good manuverability on the battlefield, but another problem like you said
    is it has terrible reverse. I see this as a good tank but i still feel a
    little hesitant in investing it because of it’s turret armor which i
    understand it was probably decent and it was made to possibly house all
    it’s rounds but the turret armor i feel, won’t withstand the force of a
    IS-4 or a Tiger 105cm.

  103. they will pull a mig 17 with this. the hunter was balenced for the mig 15
    then they added the mig 17 quicky to out the russkies back on top. they
    will do the same. it will be a fair fight then they will add a stronger
    tank as quick as possible making it unbalenced. bet you anything

  104. conqueror gun?

  105. TheWuerstchenwasser

    The gun on this thing sounds amazing bro

  106. put a deam is3 turret and this gun and nothing can stop it:))

  107. Savage

  108. If you have alt-tabbed out why the fuck would you left click on the screen?
    Do a right click you retards.

  109. Looks ALOT like a KV-2, or at least the turret.

  110. what does alt tab do?

  111. what does alt tab do?

  112. Mmhm is-3 killer.. Still no good T-10M killer?

  113. Yay Sunderland hypeeee!!!

  114. May I ask, why was this made to destroy IS-3s, if the Brits, the U.S, and
    the Soviet Union joined the allies?

  115. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Hey it’s Gaijin so… “Hey guys we are adding this IS-3 killer tank. Its BR
    will be 11.5″

  116. I think you’ve missed the emphasis of these tank destroyers. They were
    meant to engage invading russian forces from around 2km+. A high rate of
    fire was prioritised to cope with massed hordes of soviet vehicles (6-10
    rounds a minute, compared to the is-3’s 2-4 rounds a minute) hence the
    large turret. More armour would only have slowed the vehicle down, not
    allowing it to relocate

  117. Rozell is a Dank Memer

    Woo more content to distract us from the real problems in the game

  118. the 120mm l1 is the one from the m103 and Conquerer

  119. Come on Me 262A-2a/U2

  120. You saw that phly? you shot that T44 in the ammo and it blew up, that
    russian ammo blew up

  121. Different from the 120mm on Conqueror? I thought they both are L1

  122. You should take out the Pz. IV H

  123. 0:06 when the cannon went off I was suddenly met with an amazing feeling:
    my dick was shooting jizz all in my pants.

  124. i bet you 20 bucks that the IS-3 will make this his bitch.

  125. Why not the fv4005?

  126. play T-92

  127. >is 3 killer
    >will face T-10 and never see is-3

  128. Sir Stefan Channel!

    inb4 they make the BR higher than the Is3.

  129. if you alt-tab out, hit esc to bring up the menu. When you tab back in,
    you’ll be in the menu and won’t shoot. 🙂 that’s what I do

  130. Please fly out the SM 79 spaghetti bomber!

  131. cool a british kv2

  132. Do an updated video on the Ki 200!

  133. So glad I started the British grind. Stupid yank tanks don’t do shit, and
    there is a sharp decline in German gameplay after I got the jagdpanther, so
    this gives me something to look forward to

  134. that is one fugly tank

  135. i think that’s why the french didn’t buy the conway from britain, the
    reverse speed is way to low for them

  136. Phly no offence but if you go to the tankfest at Bovington one of many
    benefits will be finding out how to pronounce Bovington correctly, now I
    will accept that haters gonna hate but before you do know this, although I
    say that Phly is pronouncing it wrong he’s not far off and I have heard
    worse attempts at a pronunciation

  137. British Kv-2?

  138. Just tried war thunder after a couple month hiatus. Forgot how satisfying
    and crotch rip-offing this game can get.

  139. It’s beautiful, it’s the new KV-2

  140. Phly did you here about the new British sea plane?

  141. Kv2 british version

  142. ZIS-30 and a mig-17

  143. theres no release date for 1.57 correct?

  144. CHALLENGE: Take out the Archer and Canberra in RB (up vote this comment

  145. “The pull out game is not strong at all.” PhlyDaily 2016

  146. EmmethPearce (EP-0000-11 "Zeros")

    IS-7… >:D

  147. Friendly Darkwraith

    Hey Phly, would it be possible to send in a replay that you could feature
    in one of your videos? I had an absolutely insane match in tank RB (14
    kills with the germans at 6.7 jajaja)

  148. Something I’ve noticed but haven’t heard people talk much about. Look at
    how high up that gun is in the turret. This thing will have excellent gun

  149. In World of thanks its called the FV4005 stage II And its gun is a 183 mm.
    Yeah I agree, wot is more arcade than WT

  150. Dude you can change shell what will loaded first

  151. didnt fv4004 have 173mm gun at wot? Why does it have 120mm here?

  152. MOAR British Tank gameplay plezzzzz

  153. English KV 2

  154. It’s like a British kv-2…. So Tower of London?

  155. Conclusion of the video? Phly has a massive front door. :)

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