^^| FV4005 – Feel the Barn Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon

Soon to be classic. ^^ Sh*t Barn time.


  1. One of these things just sniped my lower plate on the WZ-120 through like
    four trains on Ensk. Never ever lucky.

  2. E1 armor. How does it work.

  3. Precambrian Rabbits

    Awwww the camo makes it look like a cow

  4. #SirCircon It looks like SEA game play

  5. Send this As a replay to jingles, I want to see the look on his face when
    he see’s you one shot tanks.

  6. so much wtf

  7. Circon, take us to Two-Zero-Zero meters

  8. GO WATCH CORCON LIVE U PLEBS…. yeah, that’s right…

  9. Memebarn, obviously.

  10. I just came here for Circon’s laughters.

  11. No arty, must be a coincidence

  12. Shit barn 3 mark grind?

  13. 8:59 hahaha
    HEAT confirmed, he got trolled by Serb… XD

  14. Awesomeuoahhhhhh!!!

  15. Three Mark when?

  16. GOT HIM !

  17. The MEME is strong in this one …..

    that last enemy shell whiff was hilarious as F


  18. ive always thought 10 seconds for drowning was bullshit.

  19. the memes were sure dank af in this battle

  20. Can someone help me please? I missed the sven meme, please explain it to
    meh :(

  21. That OBJ268 fired HEAT at the T54E1 gun.

  22. Err…. that thing can’t have only 12 shells max right? It’s a barn!?!?!?!

  23. Gross Domestic Plums

    WT Auf PzIV got deleted lol

  24. Great match … good to see that Circon can still enjoy the game

  25. Well done Circon on getting that elusive ace on this shitfest of a tank
    lol. Never play it again as a reward!

  26. Bois! Put the snorkel out and take a deep one! Ignore the stench!

  27. Dank memes bro

  28. I like it how Circon Suicided when he didn´t like the odds, a true arty

  29. “take the skorpion next!”
    “..take the skorpion next..why don’t *you* take the skorpion next?!”
    “maybe I will!” *checks pockets* “maybe I won’t!”

  30. wow,and that is why you dont use heat for all of retards that doesnt know
    how shells work

  31. topest of keks

  32. Do you pushed him down? OMG!

  33. “We reached the seeling of the shit barns memes” this phrase is soooo good

  34. Didn’t think a kek could be as top as this

  35. Shitbarn or FV 183? After all the nerfs the 183 has received it literally
    only has its retarded alpha left, as the platform is horrifically imobile,
    has no armour you can rely on, etc. so I’m genuinely unsure whether the
    shitbarn might somehow be better due to the increased mobility and gun

  36. Why you should watch this stream #4.

    Now I’m wondering what would have happened if you hadn’t drowned.

  37. Crew: “Oh no, water’s coming in! What should we do?!” “Whatever you do,
    don’t hold your breathe!” “Okay!!!” ~10 seconds later~ *drowns*

  38. hey, it`s a perfect ambush position, with decent camouflage for yout td^^

  39. I am a YouTube pleb. have never watched you live.

  40. this is why you buy a turret

  41. Crusade Gaming TBOG

    Circon, what country are you from and what time do you usually stream?
    I’m from Australia and after watching this, I REALLY wanna watch you
    stream. This was gold, I was crying from laughing so hard.

  42. the doom fridge!

  43. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    Sub OP, kamps pond!

  44. Barn OP confirmed. Next up. Foch 155 third Mark. ?

  45. T10 British tds and arti for when you absolutely have to rebalance someone

  46. There’s no denying it Circon, you are the best.

  47. shit barn for president 2k16!

  48. So I take it should I elect to play the game again and go down one of the
    TD lines of the Brits go FV 183?

  49. Since we are in the topic of top tier British TD’s, 183 needs a major
    armour nerf.

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