FV4005 & FV215b 183 with NEW HE! | World of Tanks Update 1.13 Patch HE Rework

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II and FV215b 183 New HE Ammo Gameplay, Tier 10 British Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Best Tank Destroyer, Most Dangerous Tank. World of Tanks New HE Shells Testing.

Today I am going to show you 2 tanks which you have been requesting a lot – the legendary tier 10 British tank destroyers FV215b 183 and the FV4005 Stage II. Let’s see if those tanks got buffed or nerfed, because HESH also has the same abilities as HE.

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. This is what you guys wanted to see from the test, this is what you get! 😉
    Also, winners, please do not forget to accept your gifts MANUALLY from your server’s premium store!
    ❤❤❤Much Love and Respect!❤❤❤

    • Steffen Agermann Christiansen

      Hi Dezgames what is the Tank HP Mod used in this video?? the green and red bars on team list thats what i have been looking for a long time now thx 🙂 your doing a great job as always top notch content big thumbs up!!!

    • @Steffen Agermann Christiansen simply wait for 1.13 and you will get it

    • Panzer Kampfwagen VI Ausführung E Tiger I

      Jagdpanzer E100 next please. With 85mm HE pen I really want to know what’s new with it

    • Seems like it’s a waste to get rid of the rammer on the 4005. Missed lots of shots anyway.

    • No, we looking for the gold ammo, how that effected, not the normal HE.

  2. Michelle Verduzco

    Some people have feet fetish, Dez has “Rhino’s pooper + FV183 HE loaded” fetish, honestly… me too.

  3. Basil Abeysekra

    the branch that really benefited this HE rework is no other than ruski light tanks, basically they were never been able be penetrated by normal HE rounds because they are AMORED, now HE has 0 splash and if it doesnt pen, it does LESS dmg, when comparing to the french, amx13, sheridans, flipwagen, they all are penetratable by HE rounds, so to sum this entire HE rework is a MEGA buff to the entire russian light tank branch, lt432, lttb, t54 ‘light weight’ t100. im suprised to see how many players still fail to see this change, and tell me this game has no RuSsIaN bIaS.

  4. Yo dez, I’m still waiting for a new warplanes video D:
    The game is still as fun as the last time you played it.

  5. Anyone knows how the strv103b was affected? I mean HE now is an auto pen regardless of caliber size if the pen is high enough?

  6. Are NA players able to win these giveaways?

  7. @4:23… If 183mm HE shell would detonate, that EBR would be launched in low Earth orbit… This now is total B.S.. 0 dam is unaccaptable and against all that this game should represent. It look’s that I will “enjoy” this game a few more days and then make 50Gb of space on my HDD. All I have to say to WG is: So long suckers!!! Plenty fish in the sea…

  8. dont have to worry about “objects”

    ——half the russian line

  9. I appreciate all your work.. all your efforts.. and your content.. but We all would appreciate you calling this what it is.. a shit sandwich.. HE exploring on obstacles and tracks ifs a realistic and part of the game.. and if we are going to “shine a light” on hidden shooters why don’t we put a tracer on shooting TD’s and Lights? They also shoot with out Bering spotted a large part of the time.. every week there are 10k+ damage games from ever class of tank.. save arty.. and arty is the one that is broken? When is the last time you saw a atry hit that number even combined? Lets be honest you have not..not in a very long while. So why the nerf? Because arty is broken? Really? You mean worse than the EBR’s? No.. Not hardly.. JS.. Just because you don’t play a class does not give you the right to hate on it.. I dispicse light tanks.. I don’t like to play them and I don’t think they should just be able to roll down a bush line and spot everyone on that line.. that is the very definition of broken.. So now its lights stopping camping and not arta.. Right.. Maps, Tessellations, Lag, Glitches, Hit boxes, etc… all need attention.. but in typical WG style.. no lets not fix our stuff.. lets fuck with the community and see how many we can piss off. JS.. A turd in a fancy bowl and not a toilet is still a turd! JS

  10. Don’t nerf my precious FV4005 😳

  11. guess ill give up reserching the FV4005

  12. Hey Dez i recently bought my own FV4005 and i put excatly the same equipment units like you do.But you now what – Improved aiming equipment unit really doesnt help at all(at least in my case).Iwas still missing fully aimed shots and i am so vunerable while i am reloading that so many peoples is rushing me because of that.Also i had couple situations when i missed the oppertunity to take a shot because i dont have gun rammer,so i switched improved aiming for gun rammer

  13. 7:20 – I’ve never seen an EBR with a boosted hp 😂😂😂 wtf is going on in test server. Not like the hp boost saved him in this game 😂. How is no one talking about it, even dez forgot to realise that lmao

  14. Damjan Tričković

    as I said, I never win anything lol

  15. So my shitty barn just got shittier? Great!

  16. Contact me to buy Wot Eu acc!

  17. No logic to play ter 10 games against revord tanks he protected 100% arta in turet critical damage, crazy shot games no sense to play

  18. Deividas Simkus

    New HE is stupid thing its not he….its just buffs all rusian tank when u heaw ony turets poping out of cover then u will cry

  19. Not in HD 1080 ????

  20. you show us the new HE mechanics but at the same time you have burst radius???
    pls explain yourself DEZ.

  21. I feel like dez says ”Fvfortyofi” instead of ”FV4005”

  22. Lisa dolatowski

    I have friends of mine asking me to come back to WoT after me not playing for around 1 year (I stopped playing because of wheeled tanks and so many 0dmg shots when the wheels absorb shells), but because of the changes making the wheeled tanks take 0dmg shots even with HE, I might just say bye bye forever. I loved HE shells with my FV183 and these changes are going to have such a negative impact (for me at least) that I’ll probably just sell my graphics card and buy that beefy ebike hub motor I’ve had my eyes on😍 (I have an ebike that can do 60mph on flat ground so this even faster motor would give me more pleasure than playing WoT it seems, and with you being a biker, you know that 2 wheeled feeling Dez, makes you feel so good😁). I was keeping a close eye on these HE changes, and I was hoping that it wouldn’t have made it to the live server, a bit like the last try at HE changes. Unless something great happens to WoT soon, then my friends may have to play on without me (sorry guys😞). Please WG, try something else with the HE shells other than this🥺🙏💔.

    • The reason they are doing this to he is cause it’s dumb how he hunts for the weakest armor when you don’t penetrate where you hit

    • TehButterflyEffect

      @Kings_ Nemesis Not really. HE behaved somewhat realistically before. They are making it behave very unnaturally. More like HESH than anything else.

    • @TehButterflyEffect wargaming has said it themselves that the he would hunt for the weakest armor in its burst radius when it didn’t pen so how was that realistic

    • @TehButterflyEffect i think dealing damage to the weakest part in a burst radius is not realistic, and HE not exploding upon impact with decor element or spaced armour is also non sense. Also, only arty HE stun and not normal HE… what im saying is that HE behaviour was never about realism but calibrated from pure gameplay perspective

  23. Ivan Stepanovic

    “We nerf HE on armored cars cos people complain they are too good… Now, we make their HE go through sideskirts and tracks aaaand – back to square one”…

  24. Yeah the only thing that needs to be nerf is a Jg panzer e100 TD because that gun doing over 1,100 damage per shot is ridiculous it has that kind of power knowing the death Star does not have kind of power like that to deal amount damage in battle 🤔

    • TehButterflyEffect

      And the VK 72.01 or whatever that heavy tank is that does like 950 alpha. In a HEAVY tank. Utter trash.

  25. Arf too bad you didn’t had time to fire at that Bobject at the end, still don’t really know what effect new HE would have had on that kind of strong armor…

  26. Rhino’s pooper hahaha

  27. How about kv2?

  28. Matheus Guerra Scheffer

    No one will mention the fact that Shitcore got killed because Dez got spotted?

    • TehButterflyEffect

      The manticore? Don’t use crass language. Yes, it took a shell that was meant for Dez, everyone saw it.

  29. Gustav Graf Spee

    noooooo my 60tp lewandowski……hahahahaha

  30. Poop update.

  31. an enjoyable game I love!

  32. Fv4005 needs a reverse and armor buff, like the Japanese heavies painful to play

  33. I died long ago

    😀 nice video Dez, don’t have that tank yet, but yeah 183 is better because of the armor

  34. Are you using server aim?

  35. Love the content Dez always entertained

  36. No more idiots spaming HE like brain deads, now Will be situational.

  37. Butter Apple Pie


  38. TehButterflyEffect

    What do I think? I think using full HE on an FV4005 is stupid anyway. The AP shells have tons of pen and your average damage is MUCH higher. 1100 is a low roll with AP, but HE regularly rolls for 600-800. HESH is for noobs. The rest of the changes… eh. The map changes may be good. The intuition skill will actually be useful, and IMO, will be a big buff for the FV4005. I’ll have AP loaded but a light tank rushes me? Switch to HE and nuke him.

  39. Actually most of the side hull of the FV4005 is coverd by 2 25mm spaced armour
    25 x 3 = 75
    75 x 2 = 150mm
    side armour = 50,8mm
    if you dont aim for the back part you also need to pen the sideskirt which is 6mm
    6 x 3 = 18mm
    Total armour with side skirt = 218,8mm
    without side skirt = 200,8mm
    Side skirt parts with only 1 25mm SA = 125,8 or 143,8
    FV’s HESH = 230mm
    type 5 derp HE = 192mm
    T95/chieftain HE = 140mm
    So most tanks cant pen the side also do keep in mind increasing the angle increases the armour so if you dont hit it directly side on you wont pen with the FV’s on the FV4005 side
    all because of the new spaced armour = 3x value against HE

  40. Does the HE damage scale with penetration? For example on the FV4005, you hit with standard HE for like 750, do you deal more dmg into the exact same spot and tank with HESH?

  41. so they just effectively made it into a high-damage low-pen AP that does damage even tho it cannot pen as long as there is some meaty contents behind an armor

  42. Wow
    my dream get 1500 hp damage with v11

  43. 11:13 haha. Back into the garage.

  44. When did Dez become Kurzgesagt?

  45. what about heat? does it go through objects aswell?
    and if it is like this, 103b’s heat shield is kinda useless, right?

  46. You misunderstood us Dez. We asking information about the gold ammo, not the normal HE, as most of the players use full gold load out with those tanks. Not care much about normal HE. Sorry, but your video is not answer any questions we have really.

  47. Thanks Dez for all the great videos 🙂

  48. Well one thing is for sure i will be enjoying my chieftains hesh rounds with 140 pen …

  49. This is a stuped update, EBR will be even better after this, because if you hit the wheel on them, it will not happen anything.

  50. 1:05 Question: Are you able to shoot the ground under the tank to bounce the explosion up for more damage?

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