FV4201 Chieftain Proto – First Look – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Chieftain Proto is currently being tested in here's all know about what could just be the next best 9!



  1. QB, It is better that it does get the weakpoint, you have literally been complaining about the hulldown meta for ages.

  2. Ah finally, a heavy tank that I can play hulldown. I have been waiting for this.

  3. 0.36 not great, not terrible

  4. Yeah if the statistics stay as they are, the Concept 1B will still be superior tank due its mobility. It’s insane how quick the Concept 1B is, put a Turbo in it and its basically a medium tank, since it has that great Power-to-Weight-Ratio, it can easily reach its top speed limit. This new Prototype Chieftain is wayy too slow for it to do things that the Concept can do.

  5. if its op it will be just for the good players again… ranked reward for example… if its bad, it will be purchaseable

    • It’s most likely won’t be a ranked reward… why wud they add another heavy which is exactly the same as concept 1B in almost everything… don’t make sense to me…

  6. next hulldown ridgehugger that we dont need

  7. I would love to see this as a frontline reward

  8. I just can’t find a single reason why I should care about this tank to be honest. Having played this game since it came out all I have to say that I’m just so goddamn tired of seeing all these new premium tanks that will change the meta or will change the course of a games because nobody can kill it or it’s just super overpowered and does so much damage before it’s killed.

  9. Enriquel Yunta Ballesteros

    I dont play wot 2 years ago.
    But I keep watching ur videos just to remind me why I should not install it never again. Dead game. World of Paying

  10. In past i love to hesh chiefs weak spot in my wot blitz fv183.

  11. It would be awesome to see this and the Mk. 6 Chieftain as a branch off the British HT line, so it would be a great way for F2P players to have a fighting chance to combat the Clan Wars Chieftain/have one themselves.

  12. Hey Mr. QB I think this is going to be another tier 9 premium

  13. if it’s a premium I’ll buy it

  14. we need new [premium?] arty to deal with these tanks.

  15. Sorry but Concept 1B uses 110 mm gun.

  16. no boycott on Russian and Belarusian video games?

  17. Even though I might end up buying it I hope it will have a cupola like the Mk6 !

  18. If they start adding more British tanks like this, I hope they define a difference between APCR and APDS

  19. concept 1b has no 120mm gun ….

  20. Kairoru Iced Mocha

    Oh great

    Another Chieftain

  21. Oh god, please no ranked reward bullshit. Thats just pain in the ass.

  22. – Igor, players are pissed off by Chieftains in every game
    – Ok so work on a new one at tier 9 premium
    World of Logic, can’t wait to a tier 4 Chieftain, it will happened…

  23. LOL, Seems suspicious that this has come out the day before April fools, idk if I can trust it

  24. Well, this is that mystery ‘bonus chapter/marathon’ tank that’s coming.

  25. New marathon tank? Maybe

  26. This meta is so boring.

  27. Concept 1B has a 110mm gun, not 120

  28. Nice Raptor team ad prior to the video. Talk about pay to win..

  29. bwuhuhuhu….please dont put it in tier 9…..I’ve had enough pain dealing with t9 tanks in my t7

  30. its funny that Wot console and mobile has the proper chieftain yet the PC version doesn’t

  31. Likely another tier 9 premium or clan wars reward

  32. Wot Addict Global


  33. Concept 1B has a 110mm, but die to how identical its stats are, it may as well be a 120mm, so I could see why Quickybaby made that mistake xD

  34. The concept has a 110mm gun.

  35. i think is more like next marathon/rankeds reward

  36. Can’t fathom a tank game that avoids real tanks.

  37. Frankenthumb WOTB

    @Quickybaby You should just ask Wargaming if they could gift the tier 10 chieftain to you. You are such a loyal player and customer to Wargaming you deserve it.

  38. Yea, more hull down heavies with small weak points. Just what this game needs more off.

    I hope my sarcasm is clear here.

  39. The main quality of this tank has to be the ability to grind bonds…it’s gotta be a T9 premium.

  40. Oh look… another hulldown heavy..what a total and complete shock….

  41. Is this related to april’s fools?…

  42. This might also be the tank that indicates that WG regards its Russian audience as a write-off for the foreseeable future…and is going to cater to its Western audience in the near and medium future.

  43. Valentino Raptavi

    Yo qb where gameplay?

  44. maybe April fools?

  45. If they add this onto the CW mode on console, it’ll probably be shit on by light tanks with ATGM, FV4211s, and T72s as the Chieftain Mk.5 and Mk.11 are pretty bad compared to their Centurion and challenger brothers.

  46. Man I wish they give it a weakspot.

  47. Would love to see a review on the IS7

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