FV4201 Chieftain Prototype – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The FV4201 Chieftain hits World of as a Tier 9 British heavy with one of the best turrets in the game! But is it the new King of WoT?


30:23 Post Game
31:12 The Conclusion
32:43 Wargaming's Dubious Release


  1. Alexander kjellberg

    It sucks so mutch that to get this tank id need to spend like 200$ lol

  2. It’s op.
    I’ve been cruising at 3k with absolutely no effort and a bum tier setup.

    • do u have the Concept? IMO the Concept can do this equally as good if not better, because the Concept has literally the mobility of a medium tank and you do not need to use vert stabs on this tank.

    • @Robin Khn the concept doesn’t matter unless they make it where you can just buy it with money.
      As it is if you get lucky or whale you get an easy tank to play that has minimal drawbacks and is neigh impervious to t8s hulldown.

    • @GH0ST88 [] again as stated before the concept is irrelevant unless they make the concept available for gold or money outright it’s moot to compare it or bring it up.
      What matters is a vehicle like this was allowed through testing despite being able to troll basically anything below t9 with minimal effort.

  3. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    On Console we have a Tier 9 Mercenary called Sharpshooter which is similar to this tank. Centennial Hull which is weak, Chieftain Mk 6 Turret (But think it’s the old turret) and i think E-50 gun, or something German anyway. It feels sluggish but Hull Down has that Tier 10 Turret.

  4. if it only was available to buy, not gamble for…

  5. WG contributor: It has a tiny weak point on the side which you can hide…
    Reality: Defender (with TEEEERRRRRIBLE gun handling) snapshots you twice, exactly there, within 15 secs of meeting it, with gold that it doesn’t need.

  6. TLDR; this tank sucks compared to a Concept 1B. Not worth getting at all if u already have the Concept, which basically everyone can get for free. Only Muppets would actually buy the Chieftain Prototype with real money.

  7. It’s quite nice to see a CC, who’s whole channel is about WoT, call out the company for making these garbage gambling loot boxes

  8. hmm…how about you test the new tanks stock at least from time to time? sure you can have good games if you have gold ammo on it, all the field mods, premium consumables….give us at least a glimpse on what they perform like without all those tweaks.

  9. Setup is a bit weird. I’d go with vstab, rammer, turbo. Vents are not my favorite piece unless tank is all-rounder and I want to increase viewrange and gun handling at the same time, so it’s mostly for autoloaders with rammer or low tiers without vstab. But considering pretty bad gun handling, rammer being a must and atrocious reverse speed …

  10. Too bad its locked behind stupid boxes……………….

  11. Hey Quickybaby I was really lucky did 1 purchase of the 50 keys and managed to get the FV4202 Chief. Proto. I think it’s good to have their nine premium tanks to help get resources but I feel they should go back to how the Lowe was when it came in, being just above a tech tree tank not this over shadow the tech tree and make them feel useless in comparison. I’m not saying you’re aren’t able to do well in a tech tree tank, I feel they need to stop with premium tanks and go through and rework tanks, give them strengths while doing it to make it competitive who cares if Russian tanks get some nerfs but bring the game back to being fun. I could be the only one who is thinking like this but I feel Wargaming are just wanting more and more tanks in the game.

  12. Basically is a tier 10 Chieftain but bad … What’s next a T29 hull with the Emil II turret ? …

  13. Its really not that good of a tank at all, not worth spending money on gambling to get this tank IMO.

  14. Alexander kjellberg

    Lootboxes overall shud be illegal

  15. QB — Fantastic review. I will not try and buy through a loot crate but will wait until it is bundled. Thanks.

  16. i got the chieftain and the astron rex in 20 keys , yea im good

  17. ohh just another hulldown tank, we dont have much already

  18. Love the added chapters!

  19. I’m a big fan of these types of machines going into the game, maybe NOT in it’s current state statistically, BUT, it’s nice to know that this tank is based off of something that existed.

  20. I was hoping for more from this tank, I’m pretty disappointed.

  21. QB please don’t speak for the British people. You are far more American in character than British.

  22. I would buy it for 50$ but I will not buy boxes to get it so it’s their loss

  23. Still malding over the fact that the UK tech line still doesn’t have it’s own Chieftan, for the people. I don’t want to have to go onto WoT Console just to have a freely available Chieftan to play with, all because I can’t afford to gamble my life savings away.

  24. Bought 50 keys, and got it after 38 tries, happy puppy here, And got a AMPFPANZER 07 RH with the last role too. 45 euro well spent

  25. do you see the sneaky thing that they do. they put a list of bad premium tanks into this list. bec whales like me have most of the premium tanks and want all the good ones. but these stinkers are almost exactly the ones i dont own… so i will have to reach deep into my pocket… i am sure they put exactly the rare stinkers on this list… bad practice wg

  26. Thank God, it’s not another Soviet heavy.

  27. Think wargaming is starting to implement “decent” tier 9 premium tanks , as we all know tier 8 is satured with premium tanks , at this point they should just make a matchmaking just for premium tanks , can you imagine players grinding stock tanks meet 15 premium tanks , i’ve had this happen to me and let me tell you made me rage quit lmao

  28. eventually there will be tier 10 prems

  29. i just played the wte100 rental…..OMFG i remembered it all and i just came 4 times !!!!!! Please leave this tank ingame. please please! Its overpowered as an attack but it really weak in armor like a light tank! please leave it in game.

  30. i bought 20 keys and got the chieftain and i dont even have all the others

  31. “Look at that ridgeline monster, a new italian td… well, it’s nothing cos I have bigger ridgeline monster, which is not as good as it’s 10 tier equivalent”
    wot in a nutshell

  32. I agree if you want to buy this tank then fine its your cash,,,, But WOT I think its bad they promote Gambling and that’s where I also draw the line. Good luck and just my opinion.

  33. Thanks for the informative video! Got quite lucky and pulled the Chief Prot. without having most of the tanks on the list. Looking forward to playing it. Cheers 🙂

  34. Last part of the video convinced me to keep my wallet and give Proto Chief up for good… : )

  35. I got it on my 22nd box, must be lucky! Edit: I owned maybe 3 of the other tanks…

  36. I bought 50 boxes ($68 AUD) as I always do with these events, and comfortably got it from box 23 (with no re-rolls). Overall not impressed with the continuation of gambling, but it has always been fortunate to me.

  37. Hey QV, good content as always, I appreciate the reviews and the insight into the loot system. I don’t get much time to play and am kind of a collector so I threw 50USD at 50 keys with hopes to get the Emil 1951 in all honesty. Made out with the Cheiftan/T95, Cheiftan Proto, and AP AMX 30 and a couple of the x10 WT E100 rentals. So I’ll see how my luck and RNG are in game after those rolls.

  38. So basically, the Chieftain P is just a batter Strv K in pretty much every single regard, isn’t it?

    GG bois, WarGaming is starting the powercreep on tier IX.

  39. English tanks are ugly! The French and Spanish thought our ships were ugly but guess who’s ships went to the bottom of the sea?

  40. Will this be available in the premium shop or some loot box gimmick

  41. Maybe the kind of balance all purpose tanks (MBT ish tanks) need is weak roof armour. This way, artilleries will be back in the game too.

  42. I got really lucky on my drops (i bought the 50 keys pack), managed to get a 10 day rental of the wt e100 on my first pull, then got another 2 of then consecutively at the end (total 30 battles), i got 2 vehicles the kpf 07 rh and the cheiftan proto 😀

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