FV4202 – Buffed!

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Source: Circonflexes

They finally buffed the FV4202 a playable level. Lets go!
Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-.com/ !


  1. See the enemy Conway driver thinking “hey, I have 10 degrees gun depression now, let’s go play ridgewarrior”.
    He forgot his turret has no armor. LOL
    The FV4202P looks quite tasty after the upcoming buff though. Nice.

  2. Circon the f###ing teamkiller

  3. King Jeremy The Wicked

    So after 5 or 6 times this tank got buffs it’s finally a good tank. GG to WG balancing department, its not like everyone told them that it should be buffed from the get go,

  4. With my fav prem tank and the type 59 buffs grinding credits might just be fun again. The hull on this is troll as hell btw, tiny bit of slope or angle and its autobouce for 50mm or lower. Love trolling tier 10s with it. Also if you angle the sides right its triple spaced due to the giant track support things. Eats shells like nothing else.

    With the new turret and how its hull works it will be able to hull down on the tiniest of ridges of ridges now

  5. “Buffed”. Too bad the gun is still garbage and the armor is still terrible. If you found the speed bad or the armor bad you were playing the tank wrong.

  6. 3 mark tiger 2

  7. Goofjob on being bleu

  8. He Tk’ed an arty on his team who shot him first thing in a battle, and its the test server guys.

  9. Fuck jumbo-pershing, the Prius is taking ovah.

  10. sometimes you just have to team kill 😛


  12. Will the t71 autoloader remain the sane?

  13. I cannot wait for your review on the super conqueror

  14. So why do they call it a Prius? I wasn’t around for that maymay


  16. Central Intelligence Agency

    So happy about the buff, now I can play my FV4202 again, they ruined it after they removed it from tier 10. Went from APCR ammo to stupid AP, even the Cent. AX buff is nice bounced an E4 APCR round and Jageroo HEAT

  17. What is this magic, bounced 600 damage from Conway?!?! Since when did it get a new gun on test server

  18. Can u upload the vid when u tk-ed arty ? I’d really like to see it lol

  19. Circon will you ever try to play Blitz?
    (It has no arty or tking)

  20. Wow wth… that is a totally different tank. Did they buff the DPM too or just the mobility?

  21. Does anyone know what i should do do with the 60k xp on my bulldog in 9.20.1 when it no longer leads to the t54e1? WG probably thinks i should just shove it up my ass

  22. Why does it say 600 damage blocked from the conway

  23. Circon has been a little naughty i see..

  24. nice mod you have there. how did you make you tank icon look blue there. give me the link for the mod please. #circonflexes

  25. Circon is Blue
    Jingles is Pink
    What the hell is going on
    Team Damage is new meta

  26. I wanted to choke whoever was pinging the map.

  27. Jingles is pink
    Circon is blue
    There’s always a youtuber
    Who does more teamdmg than you

  28. I think I got my FV4202 around the same time as the Chieftain/T95 and thought “whyever would I play this piece of crap when I have a so much better tank in the garage?” Now, after what feels like 20 buffs, it’s literally the other way around

  29. Why Blue Circ??

  30. they forgot about buffing upper plate….

  31. Caernarvon so not pronounced “caravan”, it is “ka-nar-von”.  Nice battle.  I am looking forward to taking my FV4202 out now that the turret is stronger.

  32. when is this being implemented?

  33. That t-25 Pilot was like “Well, I am definitely not buying this one”

  34. Was that an HD model T-34-3 I saw on the hill? Looked pretty nice!

  35. How is the conway shooting 600 alpha?

  36. This tank is actually worth buying now 🙂

  37. Why are you blue? lol

  38. I’m so glad that the British trees have been getting these buffs. They’re so much fun

  39. TROPIC Agario and more

    World Of Tanks- Free to play

    Well don’t war gaming well done u have fucked up your game with op tanks and premium rounds

  40. Blue, BLUE! Why you BLUE? This will help you louse the Blues. https://youtu.be/cgpA1UCUQ-w

  41. Brian Lavrens Watson

    so ? the fv4202 is a heavy tank now,, armor wise ? and with more armor than the FV201 (A45).

  42. Brian Lavrens Watson

    Circonflexes, is the FV201 (A45) also getting buffed? or did they forget that one on the test server ?

  43. What has the armor been changed to?

  44. How i can play test server?

  45. What about the A 45 FFS????

  46. When i was tryharding in mission i knew, that they will buff him someday, so I can play him. And now, after 2 years WG managed to balance the tank, they are fast.

  47. Blue Circon gonna blue.

  48. Single Hot Mom in Your Area

    8:51 A wild smile appears…

  49. Conway now has a 600 alpha gun? 0_0

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