FV4202 Live Oaks Brawl

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  1. Dat is een erg mooie vlag! 😀

  2. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Good old Fv2402…such a good tank 😀

  3. “Patriot is pretty ugly” said the non American lol.

  4. Hax confirmed on that 1st shot. And the 2nd. And probably the 3rd. And now that I think about it all the shots. All the hax. And Circon’s decision making process….hax! I call brain hax!

  5. Luv my FV even in strongholds as well as regular battles..favorite all the way..?

  6. Alexander Krikorian

    One of the problems with arty is that there isn’t much reward for killing them since they have so little HP. I’d say give arty 5x as much HP, but make them get ammoracked 100% of the time.

  7. so many memes in 1 game

  8. Rmg Random Meme Generator

  9. Boy does he make it look easy. Warning – Trying to emulate will be hazardous to your HP.

  10. the Go-Shell was too high

    • no it wasnt watch again in slowmo, its halfway up the turret, when he presses aim again it spashes but it didnt say anything? not even we spashed them or anything about spitballs, nothing

  11. How come on pc it don’t have the (p) for prototype on console it’s fv4202(p)?

  12. WeRBroken // Let's Plays und mehr!

    i would call this video “the meme run”

  13. Circon teach me how to not rage at arty. Da

  14. I’m glad you still play world of tanks so I don’t have to 🙂

  15. Are you a Jake Pauler Circon ?

  16. Seems like the EU server has a drowning arty epidemic

  17. stewart mcallister

    Great tank pre buff. Awesome tank now

  18. wait.. 2 videos on the trott without complaining about 3-5-7 aids matchmaking? new year resolution??

    • Well, you see, this was 5-10 MM which is the best. : )

    • that doesn’t usually stop you. even if you’re top tier in the most OP tank in the game you’ll complain about 3-5-7 matching is literally aids. 3-5-7 matchmaking is best matchmaking and gud fa gaym da blyat! ya ya ya ya ya

    • Yes, because being top tier in whatever tank in 3-5-7 is to easy and dumb.

  19. “ghostshell is offensive, they prefer post-life shell” in chat.
    wow, nice meme, dude. how’s third grade, you fucking normie?

  20. Do the T28 HTC for once, it’s a great tank!

  21. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I think the 4202 as it is right now is bad but I just feel WGing would be better off just putting it back at tier X with it’s old stats and top speed. It’s was a FAR more fun tank back in those days.

    • Remember the days when that FV at tier 10 was the fastest climbing medium (except for the BC which has light tank mobility). Climbing up on Himmelsdorf in no time. It’s still on this day my favourite tier 10, and I still play it regulary at tier 8 with my Cent AX crew, 5th skill at 30% and counting!

    • Hated the fv at 10, you go high silhouette through 8 and nine with heavy tank weight and great hill climbing, then you drop 10 ton or so and low profile, this is way better at 8 than it was a 10 ?

  22. 1:43 – Yep 100% ghost shell. Watched on 0.5 speed

  23. Ghostshell confirmed

  24. Random crossmap on the moove Pen, tank drowned, Ghost shell. What are the odds ???

  25. Mmmm not dynamic enough ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  26. LOL that blocking at the end poor T54E1 XD
    that is how to be unicum 😀

  27. Fucking hell you really are the most entertaining wot streamer! 1000 memes/minute ratio

  28. That bm against the e1 at the end lol

  29. Fuck you arty!

  30. Patriot camo is the best

  31. Circ needz the 2500 gold for the replay upload lol!

  32. The drownie had “drown’s syndrome”.

  33. foch youuu artilleryyy

  34. Art thou fucking with me?!

  35. Did you win that gold though by uploading?! 😛

  36. I get ghost shells pretty often actually, not often often, but more than you’d think. Man they suck ass.

  37. -500xp for shotingg gold and its all good xD


    one thousand percent Ghost Shell.How is it possible in a game of millions

  39. Arty should see a great big ‘FUCK YOU’ on their screen every time they die.

  40. there should be a medal for drowning an enemy

  41. Blitz_ With_Spartan617

    You know a tier ten medium is bad when you can throw it at tier 8

  42. I’m glad you were able to get the arty back.

  43. He’s stunned again…. whoa, he’s stunned again!

  44. God I suck on this map
    But as we can see the T-34-2 is an awesome tank it’s just the people that drive it into the open and drown that give it a bad name ?

  45. I slowed it down to 0.25% speed and indeed it was a ghost shell… But just barely so it would have probably bounced anyway…

  46. Real talk, The T26E4, Emil I, and you held that flank like nobodies business.

  47. ONJ Sirkon bat u missed out the 2500 geld!!!!!1!1!1!

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