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Still working on on the video settings etc, so there are a couple of weird things, like the green line below in the end etc. Working on that, but didnt want to delay the review 🙂



  1. i need to wait 10 days to get this tank, what the freak!???

  2. So if you wanted to train med crews the Cromwell Berlin would be a better
    bet if available?
    Not that I care as I’ve stopped playing. Came back after a year, played a
    few days, stopped. Same old shit, same old WG just jamming more and more
    premium tanks because they can’t think of anything decent to do.

  3. tier 5 elc accuses IS-3 of hax. lel

  4. Is it me or is the audio quality on this really really bad? Maybe check
    that Circon, even in 1080p it sounds like 64kbps audio. :<

  5. NA – Something went RIGHT there!

  6. *YEY the first tier 8 premium British medium tank*… and it’s absolute
    *crap* -_- well done wargaming

  7. Geeeeez god WG, at least give it mobility of Centurion I or gtfo, this
    thing is useless at anything else then sitting back and trying to snipe
    with that lousy gun.

  8. the first replay was amazing, mostly because of the enemy elc player, who’s
    hackusations became better and better.

  9. Jessé Roy-Drainville

    Yep, it’s already in the NA server

  10. Of course this tank is weak, its not russian :P

  11. Excelsior is a heavy tank, FV4202 (P) is medium tank. the only other
    premium UK medium tanka are the the Cromwell B & Matilda Black Prince

  12. Artorias “The” Abyss Walker

    So they remodeled the Tog II* called it a medium and buffed the alpha, huh?

  13. They gave this away for free to players who had the FV4202 at tier X, prior
    to the introduction of the Centurion AX.
    So I’ve played a few matches in this tank. It’s pretty weak stat wise, but
    the high pen gun does okay (if you have the patience to let it aim). I also
    bounced a few shots against a T44 that was foolish enough to face-hug. He
    kept bouncing off my turret (no gun depression) and I had no problem
    shooting into his hull.

    Anyway, it’s not horrible…but it’s also not that much fun.

  14. Capt “War Beaver” Canada

    Does it get special camo?

  15. don’t forget 680credits per shot for 230 alpha, so good for making credits,
    you know, what prem tanks are for……..

  16. The Sanity Assassin

    Good Job Sir…. I like the little bits of info and inside tips that you
    offer when comparing tank stats, for instance when you were comparing
    penetration you gave us a top tip of what good base pen you should look for
    in your tier VIII mediums, likewise view range and shell velocity.

    Idea for new Wot site – Circpedia
    You’re Welcome

  17. Did the 20pdr get buffed recently? I don’t remember the pen/damage being
    that high.

  18. “it’s bland”
    Just say it’s shit and awful and not worth the missions :D

  19. Also, 35 kph makes me very Sad Panda

  20. gj mate, keep it up!

  21. Yet another meh tank, Circon thoroughly disappointed by the performance …
    still 1400 base xp and Ace Tanker. I can’t make the op tanks work this well

  22. Circon, just click on the big PLUS icon next the food, and you can add
    skills to the crew.

  23. They actually just gave us the FV4202 here on the NA server. Anyone who had
    the Tier X version before it was replaced got the premium version for free.

    Also the premium version I find to be “decent”, the gun’s pen and
    depression being it’s saving grace. That said, I’m getting rather worried
    about Wargaming’s new bad habit of turning out mediums that aren’t mediums.
    The revalorisé and now 4202, I’m concerned about the trend.

  24. so to say the speed and the gun handling is killing this tank

  25. 4 skill + premium FOOD, still bag of shit & 14 mins before a replay?
    Play Like everyone else would !!! NO Skills, NO FOOD, Tier X MM.
    and SHOW WITH ARTY !!! typical Circon… show it in real play.

  26. General Saufenberg

    worst premium tank of the game…

  27. Not such a pay to win crap like in AW. There the premiums are always a bit
    stronger then the equal tanks in the regular tree.
    Thx for loading up! I will get this one for my collection too.

  28. Prepare the ace grind

  29. Sabia Magar Viteaza

    They will buff the little shit after nobody buys it, but that could take a
    couple of years, like they did with the T-34-3.

  30. Aaargh I am trying to find someone, somewhere to give this formerly great
    med (a lot of people didnt like it, but I played it very well as a second
    line med and hill crests made this thing monstrous) some redemption at T8
    >.< The turret, even hull down, maximum depression used, all they have to do is shoot you dead centre on the turret. The chance of a full pen remains high almost everywhere 🙁 I hope WoT listens to you and the other prominent reviewers and buffs this thing. AT LEAST get it back to 40kph, or the gun improved...or something. But if nothing else, give this bastard some speed. So far no luck :(

  31. Just for fun I decided to compare the 4202 to the T20 tier 7 medium…
    Aside from a little DPM, turret armour (with gun depressed) and
    penetration, the T20 is better! Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

  32. It is kinda weird to hear somone introducing himself in the end. Maybe you
    can try it at the start next time! :-)

  33. Also, the tank is not a money maker cause the shells are too expensive,
    even the normal ones.

  34. nice vid but a little too much uhhhh..I think you could edit that out in
    post production

  35. I barely play WOT anymore, after 25k games it all seems repetitive. I did
    consider doing this mission for the free tank. But from what i can gather
    is it seems a slog? Are the parameters out yet?

  36. World of Potato Microphone?

  37. The music … oh god, the music … WHY?

  38. Yep another mediocre premium tank.
    The low speed is going to piss a lot of people off.

  39. For some reason i thought the exel was a medium, its in fact a tier 5
    heavy, whoops!

  40. Kepler “Haloofnorway”

    Very nice review, looking forward to more of these and “battle reviews” or
    whatever you want to call them. For some reason though, I kinda feel that
    your voice sounded a bit wierd or off, don’t really know how to explain it,
    but it kinda didn’t sound as clear as in other videos. Might just be my
    ears trolling me ofc, i dunno.

  41. My theory is that because they are giving it out for ‘free’ they purposely
    gave it bad stats.

  42. lolol this tank what a joke, every other t8 premium mediums are pretty much

  43. let me tell you a little secret about the excelsior, its a heavy. cant
    train medium crews

  44. This is practically an M4 45 at tier VIII with no preferential MM….. i’m
    still going to grind this motherfucker.

  45. will they buff it? And what about gun lay dive?

  46. Good Video Circ!
    A little Feedback: Cut back the … “ehhhmm…”

    Love your Content, keep up the good work!

  47. To confirm, it is up on the WGEU website that you will be able to buy the
    tank following the mission. Also, you can’t use an Excelsior to train a
    medium crew. 😛 A Cromwell Berlin however…

  48. Good job circon love this content. Well done !

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