Gaijin Makes Worst Premium Tank, Asked To Leave Hungary

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Source: Spookston

The update is out and one of the tanks I was interested in was the American T54E2 medium tank. I thought might be ok, but unfortunately, it is not very good.

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Gaijin Makes Worst Premium Tank, Asked To Leave Hungary


  1. Sorry for being so negative in this video, but playing this thing was an absolute nightmare. Also, now that the sales are on, don’t forget to buy any tank other than the T54E2 with my decal link: 🙂

  2. Day 1000000 asking for m26e1

  3. 4:18 I think that turret almost hit escape velocity.

  4. this should of been the t95e3 which is this turret on a t95 chassis and put it in the tree

  5. American premium in high BR 😂😂

  6. i felt all of the pain in this video…

  7. Now you have some idea of what it’s like for the “average” player to play WarThunder. The vast majority of players do not get KDs of 2+.

  8. i think on every heavy tank there should be heavy armour

  9. You should make a video on the Cobra King

  10. Such a long barrel to have the accuracy of a sturmpanzer.

  11. 8:08 “why is gaijin so bad at balancing its own gay men?”

    Sometimes even I wonder why spookston

  12. lmao, “What are you, you creature. Oh. You’re…. French” had me dying.

  13. do you like the dogshit performance of full caliber AP but without the auto loader (only reason to play french 7.7 btw) then buy this!

  14. Barron Helmut Schnitzelnazi

    1:18 This happens to me, too. Something about the turret ring shots that produce zero spalling. I’ve done that to quite a few different vehicles from using solid shots like APDS, AP and APFSDS

  15. day 42 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  16. I feel like 7.7 America is a tad under gunned what does everyone else think

  17. Spookston when the enemy doesnt immediately evaporate just by looking at them:

  18. While you’re at it, give the m103 a try. It is truly a sufferer


    i loved the peter caine clip hes funny as fuck

  20. Even at like a 1100 meter distance does centurion has enough penetration to just go straight through the side of the turret because it has like 150 something millimeters of armor

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