Gaijin’s Awful Economy Changes

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It’s that time of the year again. The War Thunder community was presented with a choice: either the economic rewards for matches (research points and lions) could remain the same, or loss rewards could be increased to the detriment of win rewards. Any veteran War Thunder player will tell you that rewards need to be raised across the board, but that wouldn’t produce as much money for Gaijin. The community tore itself up fighting over which terrible option was the “correct” one, but the joke is on all of us because RP rewards were cut overall. Now everyone is earning less regardless of how much you win. But hey, at least some repair costs aren’t as bad as before, right?

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  1. Feel like there were some things I could’ve said better, like clarifying my position on the actual vote itself. Personally, I don’t really mind making less on wins, but I was never much into grinding tech trees anyway. While the new repair cost system is working wonders for ground RB, it appears it’s much less kind to air RB players. I’m hoping they can stabilize that situation in the future. The main thing is that the reduction to the base RP multiplier isn’t doing anyone any favors, it’s just making a bad situation even worse.

    • Yeah the ground rb is much more playable and so are superprops but jets suffer

    • @Katster Wait for the incoming spam of Su-22M3 and farm them to spade the FGs.

    • @Mozues Olympian Don’t buy XM-1 – it serves no purpose at the 10 or 10.3.
      Better invest your money in the AV-8A and use squad points on YAH-64.
      This makes a really good 10.3. lineup.

    • Earth Federation Space Force

      that’s what happens when there’s no race at all
      still believe in pure capitalism?

    • @Alvin Kwok same. Not much skill but at least used to make something. Now I get nothing for battles with 6-7 frags and couple of assists. I feel like I used to get more back then when I was doing literally nothing expect driving pointlessly in the enemy direction.

  2. War Thunder is such a toxic game Idk how it has players at this point

  3. gotta agree with you. i know this may sound like a “git gud” issue but seriously? gaijing just wants people to pay for premium, i’ve been playing for only a few months but i dont get why i would need a certain amount of tanks to get to the next tier (im only in tier 3 on the m4 in china but its still ridiculous)

  4. Looks like I’m never completing any tech tree, I’m dog shit at this game but still enjoy it. I wanna get to top tier but welp, never gonna happen.

  5. At this pace I don’t think I’ll ever see top tier.
    I’m a Ground RB main and I’ve been playing for around 2 years, only to have US, USSR, Germany & Britain at 6.0
    And that’s with using Premium most of the time. The grind is absolutely ridiculous… Wish Gaijin had a competition that wasn’t WoT cuz honestly, they don’t really compare.
    We need an indie dev team to get on their ass and make a game that can put them to shame, it’s been too damn long!

  6. 0:04 What IFV is that?

  7. game so bad that they can keep alive a pay to win arcade experience that relies on an HP system because you can actually make progression in that game

  8. “People would be done in a few weeks.” Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve been playing this game since 2012 and only just got to the end of my russian tree and 4.0 in 2 others.

    I don’t even have any money to buy all my aircraft lol

  9. Since when did enjoyability not equate to profit? If I enjoyed the game more I’d actually be more inclined to spend the fucking money on it.

  10. Reason I stoped playing is very slow grind, this is reason not to come back again

  11. They have a small very dedicated fanbase they get the majority of $$$ from.
    So they farm them, and they are pushing it, because they know the fanbase won’t leave.

  12. Fun? gaijin never heard of it

  13. I have some heavy doubts that the community votes for this.. I bet they had it all preset and just looked for an easy way to to justify.. Statistics can easily be fixed so why shouldnt it be here the same.

  14. Gajin lost the Ukraine cold war 😉

  15. yup fk this game and its creator im deleting it.

  16. Been playing top tier for a long time… only reason I stick around is because I have alot of money and time in this game I really hate how there going about everything in there game because I do enjoy it but with all these changes it’s destroying there game not making it any better the br system is broken ww2 vehicles should not fight vehicles with atgms and apfsds getting uptierd is how they make you frustrated so you can just spend money to get something to compete with I played this game for a lonnng time…. I really hope they will fix it one day

  17. I will admit that i am one of these “whales”. I’ve poured many thousands of dollars into War Thunder since i started playing 9 years ago and have a bunch of friends who play too, given how gaijin is progressing recently (as stated in this video, two steps forward, one step back) i’m actually ceasing any money flow into the game until the snail gets it’s stuff together to put it in a PG way. Gaijin has been moneygrubbing so much in the past few years in particular that it’s turning me and my friends off the game. All we can do is discuss and see, gaijin’s making it’s bed. Hope it’s prepared to lie in it

  18. I think gaijin sees players leaving the game (like me) and assume it’s because we got to high tier and didn’t “have anything left to do”.

    No, I left because of updates like this.
    I love the game-play, I hate the grind, and I hate seeing newer players getting shafted with more grind, even if I got everything unlocked already. Just breeds toxicity among players and distrust with the company.

  19. “…so that the players have something to do between our major updates.”
    Aka make progression slower on purpose so that not everyone completes tech trees and get bored after player top be vehicles and stop playing the game entirely while we don’t develop any new and exciting content to make the game more enjoyable with variety.”

  20. Meanwhile, WG started experimenting in WoTB with the removal of repair costs and cost of shells (except premium ones, which have better pen) while increasing rewards for performing well and lowering silver coefficient just to avoid inflating the economy too much.

  21. I wish Gaijin would just trust their community to give them money because they did good things. I recently just got into Deep Rock Galactic when it came out for free with PS+, and man when I learned how awesome that game is and how much the devs care about it and the community, I bought a bunch of cosmetic packs because Coffee Stain and Ghost Ship deserve that cash. They made a great game and give away free content all the time so they deserve that extra cash. If other developers did the same, they would easily see the same love.

  22. They expect us to have absolutely no life and play the game 12 hours a day.

  23. Playing on 9.7 10.0 is pain, 6-7k sl for every tank repair, playing without premium is always –

  24. I already left war thunder and went back to wot because of the god awful grind and they nerfed rp even more xd good job

  25. I stopped playing bc of the shitty economy change

  26. They always wanted someone to suffer when someone gets a bonus.

  27. I cant even grind out my german jets now because they gave the mig15bis a 16k repair cost spaded

  28. “We don’t want players to progress too quickly.”
    Meanwhile: I have 12k hours and i have used premium acc 99.9% of my time. A fair bit of premium vehicle use and/or talismans and i STILL don’t have all the vehicles.

    Gaijin. You’re telling me 12k hours is not enough time spent in the game to complete a collection? You actively want to make it *worse* ?

    The funny thing is that *many* years ago Gaijin actively made the grind better as more vehicles were added. This has completely changed as not only do we not get the RP grind adjusted. They keep adding a majority of toptier vehicles with 400k RP requirements.

  29. Why is the tiger II (10.5cm) 17k to repair? Everything else at its BR is half the price

  30. The community voted for it. Its their own fault.
    I stay with DCS and Tarkov

  31. Don’t want people to level up quickly? I’ve had my account for years, non-premium mostly. And to this day, I am still stuck at Germany teir 4 or 5 whAtever has tiger E, panther and nashorn.

    A couple of months ago, I wanted to get back in the game. I got premium and in a week or two managed to unlock 1 or 2 next tier tanks. But I never will use them, because they’re too expensive, the crew training is expensive, getting RP takes soooo long.

    like honestly I wanna play the game, and use BMPs. But it takes so long to use them that you get bored to death before you even come close.

    So yeah making a game take longer, doesn’t make it better

  32. Prbly about three years of playing, never spent any money on the game and I have one nation at a 5.7BR, I can’t get any higher because I can’t save up anymore silver lions while covering repair cost (which is really stupid that I need to pay to repair a virtual tank in a game) and the cost for the next tank in line runs I think 140-150k plus the additional 32k I think to retrain a crew, then I have another nation that is at a 4.7BR and can’t move forward because of the same problem, (all without spending anything on other vehicles like planes and ships) so yea needles to say I got bored and uninstalled it months ago, can’t progress so why play at all

  33. Surfer of the Synthwaves

    Oh sht the fruit furry complaining again.

  34. Staying with Gaijin is like being in a relationship with a narcissistic psychopath.

  35. I have a friend who makes a very comfortabile living playing games. He tried playing this game with me, since it looked fun to him. He plays games like Rust, Hell let loose and Tarkov and the realism is what drew him in and the combined arms (tanks and planes) like from Planetside 2. He enjoyed the game alot, but stopped playing it at arround 3.0 british (he grinded it to SARC 6pdr and beaufighter) once he realised the research cost more than doubles every tier. Which wasn’t an issue untill his free 7 day premium expired and his RP got slashed in half. He just stopped playing. Realistically, he could afford to buy every premium in a tech tree every month and still have more than 2x his country’s average wage left over, but he wouldn’t even consider buying premium. Why? Because even with all that it would take too long to get to the vehicles he was interested in playing (like the cheiftan and lancaster)

    Let that sink in: Someone who’s job it is to play games full time finds the game too grindy even if he spent literally as much money on the game he could. What chance do normies like us with a life stand to get anywhere?

    Edit: oh yea, I fogot to mention, he said if the game was a paid title and he could get everything by spending 60 pounds on it, he’d do it in a heartbeat since it’s his kind of game

  36. warthunder is a really cool ww2 aviation pvp simulator, not much else

  37. This is why I stopped playing.
    I still enjoy the game but I don’t want to keep feeding gaijins greed

  38. wtf are they saying you could get all vehicles in a few week if they boost RP ??? I have been playing for years mostly with premium and i only maxed 3 ground tree… wtf gayjin

  39. I dont get the argument, that it is bad if some vehicles are researched withing weeks. Sure a complete tech tree shouldnt be researched in 2-3 weeks.
    Sure some wants the latest / highest BR tanks. My goal is to find my “fun” tanks and play with them. I really enjoy the Pz 3 J and M and with them i research the Leopard. sure i will take a long time researching it, but i have fun.

    It is positive that you can research with earlier tanks, not like WoT, and a con to get a lot less RP.

  40. increasing the amount of rewards for a lose is retarded. most players who have a high lose count will not make any more money/RP by losing. when you lose in Air RB while dying instantly without doing something, you get 10-200 RP. getting some percent more to that is nothing. if you win you will get around 2000+ to 10000+ RP or even more. adding just 10% to that is the equivalent of the percentage what you would earn extra of 10 losses. having one game with a win will make you more rewards than when you lost 5 games.

    TL;DR: mathematically, if you get less for a lose and more for a win, statistically you will do more SL/RP if you even have a winrate of 20%. because if you lose, you either did no kills or just 1 kill.

    the best players will be affected the least by this retarded vote because they are mostly the guys doing 5-10 kills in a lost game and having something out of it.
    the good thing is that when players understand that, maybe they gonna fight harder if they get the feeling of losing instead of leaving a game instantly. but overall noone profits out of this vote when bevhavior of the playerbase doesnt change.
    you want to profit out of it? spam your vehicles even if you lose

  41. I stopped playing this game for a reason

  42. after my premium expires that I got from sale im considering stopping playing for good

  43. As long as I can keep vibe checking commies in my m10 I’ll be satisfied

  44. Should be same just for playing!

  45. >we don’t think our game is fun enough to retain players
    >so we made the game incredibly tedious to progress through to retain players

    fucking gaijin man

  46. “adjusting time for people to be entertained between content updates” wtf are you talking about gaijin? im playing since 2016 and i havent been top tier since then, i was once, with american jets, but once you started releasing dozens of top tiers that cost millions to research and buy im 100% left behind, there is no way anybody complains about “lack of content”, not even those who have everything researched, its just a way hide their greed, they dont want you to enjoy their content, they just want you to buy eagles

    edit: all than in 1700 hours by the way, got to first generation jets in 1700 hours…….

  47. I kept talking abut this the last time they reduced the rewards. The last time the y reduced it, was from a point that i believed was a decent point. A good win could net 15-20k RP and 150k+ Lions on a free account, THAT was what i believed was a good pace, a good balance between spending some time on a vehicle before progression, but not slow enough that said progression would take a month, even for a casual player. THAT was the point they should have left it, and i also believe that for the losers, they should implement a feature where the number one placing player, or squad, would receive normal rewards without any bonuses nor penalties for win or loss, so they still got somewhat rewarded for trying their best to pull the win back.

    LO AND FUCKING BEHOLD though, Gaijin keeps giving us all the finger and telling us to go fuck ourselves, reducing the overall rewards even more. At what point do we all just collectively tell them to go fuck themselves and just leave if things dont get better? you might think its just funny, but this type of shit has gone on for so man years that i cant just laugh it off. Harder grind, is driving more and more players away. when the fuck are they going to realize that.

  48. Its like they actually think everyone Is at top tier…. “something to do between updates” yeah Ive been trying to get Leopard 1 for like Last 4 updates

  49. We just got gajined

  50. It’s not fun, why bother.
    Progression is fukken slow even with premium. The core concept is very fun, but everything surrounding it is a flaming dumpster.

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